Are You An Extremist?

So apparently now “Due Process” is an extremist view according to the Connecticut Democratic Party.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League, just like their allies in the national and state Republican Parties, is fighting to make sure terrorists have access to deadly weapons. This is beyond extreme. To try to use the Second Amendment to claim that Congress cannot regulate terrorists’ ability to do harm to our citizens with firearms is just plain wrong.

And yet Republicans in the Senate last night – spurred on by the extremest views of the NRA and CCDL – blocked a bill that would have blocked people suspected of terrorism from obtaining weapons.

So “innocent until proven guilty,” which has been the law of the land since the beginnings of this country, is now an extremist view.

CCDL is a nonpartisan organization. Many of our members are registered Democrats. As an organization we have endorsed many progun Democrats, and have even honored a Democrat as our “Legislator Of The Year“. We know this political rhetoric is coming from the leadership, not well-informed rank-and-file members.

Does anyone else actually believe in revoking rights guaranteed by the state and federal constitutions and written into law, without any hearing? Without any chance to defend yourself? Without any due process?
Because that’s exactly what this is about.

The surprising thing is many of these same people were opposing this very same watch list not long ago. Saying it unfairly targets Muslims, pointing out there is no oversight, mentioning how petty people have used it to punish people they don’t like (like the MD police office dept that submitted 50+ people from a democrat protest). They’ve pointed out ridiculous mistakes that went unnoticed, such as babies, senators, and the entire Ford Motor Company.

They’ve pointed out how easy it is for innocent people to mistakenly be added to these watch lists, and they’ve rightly pointed out that it’s hard to find out why you’ve been placed on these secret lists, and even harder to get off them, even if you were placed there in error. They admit the list is ineffective, and riddled with errors.
They’ve even gone to court, calling the list illegal and unconstitutional!

So for years, the terror watch list has been flawed, riddled with errors, and even called illegal and unconstitutional by the ACLU. This is not a list of known terrorists at all, and real terrorists certainly should not be allowed to freely walk the streets.

And now our President, our Governor, our Legislators, and the CT Democrat Party are calling for the rights of law-abiding citizens to be trampled upon without any due process at all based upon these same lists? The spokesperson for the CTDems goes so far as to call CCDL and it’s members extremists who are trying to aid terrorists? Because we expect our elected officials to follow the laws we elected them to protect?

If due process is an extremist point of view, I’m happily an extremist. What about you?

Now what?

5 thoughts on “Are You An Extremist?

  1. If, in the eyes of these misinformed “leaders”, I’m an extremist then so be it. I’m happy to be one. And I’ll continue to be one, and do everything I can to prove their ignorance.

  2. Our answer must be fact based and filled common sense. It must point out the reason why anti-gun advocates are pushing this and at the same time propose strong and effective anti-terrorist answers here in the US. I believe owning and using firearms to defend ourselves is obvious especially since all permit holders have taken safety courses and actively shoot and many are vets and police.

  3. Very well written Chris, one thing that you might also want to remember, is that people that have yet to enter this country by legal means, will not have those constitutionally protected rights until they are accepted into the country. So that brings even more credibility to hardening the criteria or delaying entry to the United States until properly vetted, any or all immigrants or visitors. Preventing access by delaying issuance of a visa is not discrimination, it is a common sense approach to slowing the movement of people until we know just exactly who and what they are.

    • I agree with you, Art. Anything less would be reckless and irresponsible on the part of our national leaders.

  4. Any arbitrary list that violates our rights, I would oppose. If that makes me an extremist then hell yes, I’m an extremist.

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