Call Your US Senators Now!

We just received this from our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

NSSF has learned that anti-gun U.S. Senators are expected to bring up a vote at ANY MINUTE this afternoon on the previously defeated Manchin-Toomey “universal background check” amendment as well as an amendment expanding the prohibited persons list to anyone unknowingly placed on a secret, error-prone government list, the so called “terrorist watch list.”

Call your senators at 202-224-3121 as soon as you can and urge them to vote NO on both amendments.

7 thoughts on “Call Your US Senators Now!

  1. I called — And both offices had an attitude of oh…ok–I could feel their eyes rolling through the phone (Libtards in training)- and i know their personnel are not going to fwd my requests.

    • Yeah, calling does not really work anymore, nor does emails or letters. Only thousands of people protesting outside their office demanding they do not vote no is much better than calling a secretary and hoping they relay your message.

      We need to start holding traitors accountable when they vote to remove or regulate Constitutional freedom.

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