Decision in Shew v. Malloy

So, we finally got a ruling in Shew v. Malloy, and it isn’t good.
As we’ve said all along, this was not unexpected, given that the Second Circuit Court covers CT and NY. As a matter of fact, they issued an identical ruling for the lawsuit against NY’s (un)SAFE Act.
This is only the beginning, not the end. The Heller case took 6yrs to work its way though the system; we’re only 2yrs in. CCDL President Scott Wilson is in communication with our attorney David Thompson and we’ll have more to say as soon as we and our lawyers can digest and analyze the decision. For now, you can download the decision here: Shew v Malloy 207-1 opinion (pdf)

UPDATE: See comments from CCDL president Scott Wilson here.

7 thoughts on “Decision in Shew v. Malloy

  1. It’s time to eliminate lifetime positions in the court system. There should be term limits for all who supposedly serve the public. I for one am sick and tired fighting for what is a given right by my God and written in to the constitution. This judge is a prime example of not following the constitution. I guess his oath of office means nothing.

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