Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium

The 2015 NRA-ILA “Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium” will be held on Saturday, October 24, at The Hartford Club in Hartford, Connecticut.

Focusing on recent Second Amendment developments in our nation’s courts and legislatures, speakers will discuss and debate a variety of topics among multiple panels.  The symposium will feature leading Second Amendment scholars and attorneys (including CCDL’s general counsel Craig Fishbein, lead attorney in our federal lawsuit David Thompson, and CCDL supporter and 2A attorney Rachel Baird) discussing topics ranging from the history of the Second Amendment, current litigation in Connecticut, and emerging trends from across the nation.  Throughout, attendees will be exposed to insights regarding the nuts and bolts of legal practice in both defending and advancing gun owners’ civil rights. 

This event promises to present a thought-provoking discussion of one of the most relevant and important freedoms in the Bill of Rights.  Each registrant will receive written materials from the proceedings, including all panelist presentations and supporting documentation. For guests who are attorneys, this year’s event may once again meet state requirements for continuing legal education. The event, including all materials, food and beverage, is complimentary for all attendees.  

Saturday, October 24, 2015
The Hartford Club
46 Prospect St.
Hartford, CT  06103
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Registration and continental breakfast from 9 – 9:30 AM
*Parking will be free at the adjacent lot to The Hartford Club

For additional information, please contact Suzanne Anglewicz at

One thought on “Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium

  1. Its pretty simple: all gun control laws violate our rights. All do. Period. Its simple. How do you defend yourself against laws that touch upon this right?

    Filing a lawsuit? Well, some would say that just by filing a suit you acknowledge that the gov’t has jurisdiction over such issues. Now, when the court rules against you…does that change your viewpoint that your rights are still being violated? Likely not. So why bother?

    How do you address these unlawful statues then? Its simple: you disobey and ignore them … indeed even regarding other laws this is an acceptable way of addressing them, by disobeying them.

    Might you go to prison? Sure. Many people have been imprisoned over illegal gov’t laws and acts. You will be oppressed. Your rights will be violated. So, you either give tribute to the gov’t by following laws you think are wrong because you don’t want to go to prison or you don’t follow them and run that risk.

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