Hartford Home Invasion

This is a guest post by CCDL president Scott Wilson

CCDL President Scott Wilson speaks out about Hartford home invasion (09/05):

On a Saturday evening in Hartford on September 5th, three violent criminals set their sights on a person whom they believed to be easy prey. Instead of ending up with a helpless victim for their choosing, two of these “alleged” criminals ended up at the hospital shot and bleeding with very serious wounds. Thankfully the intended victim only sustained minor injuries as a result of his ordeal. But certainly this experience will be life changing enough for him and his family.

Was another “Cheshire Style” home invasion preempted by the hands of a person who was lawfully armed? We may never know the answer to this for certain, but I would argue that the chances for such an outcome were enhanced given the knowledge that a multitude of armed intruders came prepared with weapons and zip ties.

Instead of news reports of mercilessly murdered victims who helplessly pleaded for their lives, a different and much more fortunate outcome replaced what could have easily been horrific news headlines that echoed across the country. Positive outcomes like this one do not sell as many newspapers, or gain as many website clicks; but they should considering what might have happened.

There is an eerie silence from Connecticut based gun control activists at the moment. Either because they do not want to admit the truth, or because they do not want people to know the truth. Maybe both.

Guns in the hands of people who wish to protect themselves can make a difference. This is why we should have the choice to protect our families the way we feel best. There were no police on hand to rush in and save the day. Just one man looking out for his family’s best interest.

Scott Wilson
CCDL President

12 thoughts on “Hartford Home Invasion

  1. Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance is the only answer to gun control. I have been PROUDLY in total non-compliance in Kommiecticut since 1994.

  2. I was wondering that myself but it was in the home, or so we are told and a hi cap mg is allowed in the home. Was it declared? That is the question. Was he really 3 times more accurate under pressure than trained police officers? 50% hit rate with a 10 round mag. If it was an undeclared mag, what do they do? Charge the victim of a home invasion with a felony with mandatory jail time. Why did these guys come from Lawrence Mass to wait for this guy. The investigation continues, I bet it does. you know there are some in high places looking for a way to get him.

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