Project ChildSafe

Recently we posted about how some antigun groups were opposed to Project ChildSafe and their mission to distribute free gun safety kits and trigger locks. How you can claim to not be antigun and for gun safety while opposing actual working gun safety programs such as Project ChildSafe or the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program makes no sense to me. But then, gun control is not really about facts or common sense, is it?

CCDL firmly believes in responsible gun ownership over arbitrary and unconstitutional laws and regulations. This includes using good judgement (not mandatory storage laws) to keep guns out of the hands of unauthorized people.

We are proud to announce that CCDL is now a supporter organization for Project ChildSafe’s campaign to promote voluntary safe handling and storage of firearms. You can join us in committing to firearm safety & responsibility and sign their “Own it? Respect it. Secure it.” pledge today:

Visit the Project ChildSafe website for other ways you can get involved.

Poker Run Update and Route

REMINDER: The CCDL 2nd Amendment Poker Run is this Saturday, September 26, 2015! The weather forecast right now is for 72° and SUNNY FOR SATURDAY!!! Can it get ANY better than that?


Both motorcycles and cars are welcome to participate in the run, and EVERYONE is welcome to attend the after-party whether you ride or not. Registration is at Woodbridge Firearms, 28 Selden St, Woodbridge from 9:30-10:30. Cost is $20/bike/driver and $15 per passenger. Cost includes the after party at the Cadillac Ranch.

If you just want to join us at the party after, it’s $15 per person pay at the door. The after-party starts around 11:30am, and runs until 4pm or later.

We’ll have special CCDL Poker Run shirts and bandanas for sale at both the start and the finish. Quantities are limited, when they are gone, that’s it. ALL profits from this event go to the Litigation Fund which is being used to fight unconstitutional gun laws here in Connecticut.

Stops include Bozzuto’s Trucking, City Limits Cafe, Yankee Harley Davidson, and ends with a party at the Cadillac Ranch. The recommended route is below, we will also have sheets with the route and maps when you register.

At each stop you will draw a poker card from a deck. Best poker hands at the end of the run will win prizes.

Whether you ride or not, be sure to join us at Cadillac Ranch located at 45 Jude Ln in Southington for the HUGE after-party. A great mix of classic and southern fried rock will be provided by the Screamin’ Eagle Band.

Sponsors include: Haymond Law, Connecticut Cruise News, Cadillac Ranch, C&D Arms Supply, Yankee Harley Davidson, The Outpost Guns & Ammo, Connecticut Sporting Arms, Ceglarz Motor Repair and Sales, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Woodbridge Firearms.

To save time on the day of the ride, you may fill out and print the registration form in advance and bring it with you. Registration Form (pdf)

If you are on Facebook, you can RSVP on the event page there. If you still need more info: please email:

Our previous year’s ride was a GIANT success. Let’s continue to make this the biggest annual poker run in the state!

(click images for full size)

2015 Poker Run Route Directions

Poker run 2015 Map#1

Poker Run 2015 Map #2

Press Release – CCDL 3rd Annual Poker Run

For Immediate Release:

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass-roots gun rights group) announces the 3rd Annual 2nd Amendment Poker Run.

CCDL 2nd Amendment Poker Run: THIS SATURDAY! Sept. 26th!! On-site same day registration runs from 9:30-10:30AM at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post, located at 28 Selden St, Woodbridge. The ride ends at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington with an after-party at the finish.

CCDL had over 400 participants last year and we are expecting an even bigger crowd this year. Prizes, music from the Screamin’ Eagle Band, great food, and more! The ‘All-American Angels‘ will be on hand supporting our veterans and the 2nd Amendment.
A list of main sponsors for this event includes:

Haymond Law
National Shooting Sports Foundation
C&D Arms Supply
Yankee Harley Davidson
CT Cruise News
Outpost Guns and Ammo
Charter Arms
Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post

Cost is $20 per bike or car/$15 per passenger. All net proceeds goes to help fight for 2nd Amendment rights here in CT.

From CCDL President Scott Wilson:
“This is an opportunity for gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters in general to actively help us fund our litigation (Shew v Malloy) against the state of Connecticut’s outrageous gun control laws.”

“The 2013 law, passed by the Connecticut legislature and then signed in to law by Governor Malloy was an unconstitutional overreach. We will continue to challenge this law in federal court along with our fellow plaintiffs. We look forward to seeing everyone at this event on Saturday the 26th.”

About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 19.000 members across the state.

Thanks to this large supportive base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture at the Capitol, and well-recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit

Press Contact:
Scott Wilson

CCDL President on Armed American Radio

On September 16, 2015, CCDL President Scott Wilson was once again a guest on the syndicated Armed American Radio (AAR) show.
The show is hosted by Mark Walters and is carried on hundreds of radio stations across the nation (though none here in Connecticut).
AAR is broadcast live every Sunday from 8-11pm eastern time, and Monday-Friday from 4-5pm. Even though none of our local stations carry the show, many of the stations that do carry it also simulcast on the internet.

Scott was on the show to talk about the recent Hartford home invasion that was stopped by a legally armed citizen. Following Scott Wilson’s appearance, Walters also talked to Dr John Lott. As many remember, Dr Lott was the keynote speaker at one of our rallies a few years ago. You’ll want to listen to the entire hour.
Listen to the interview below, or download it here: Armed American Radio 09-16-2015 Scott Wilson-John Lott.mp3


“Gun Safety” Groups Oppose Free Trigger Lock Program

According to an article in the Newtown Patch:

The Department of Justice awarded Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation a grant for its free gun lock program, but the move has upset at least two other groups.

The DOJ awarded a two-year $2.4 million grant for NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program to encourage responsible firearm storage. The Newtown Action Alliance and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence launched a petition to cancel the grant.

Yes, you read that right. Two supposed “gun safety” groups (Including one based here in CT) are opposing the use of taxpayer money to fund an actual and effective gun safety program. Why the heck would they do such a thing? Because despite the claims by these groups that they support safe, lawful gun ownership, the truth is the only form of “gun safety” they approve of are gun bans. I guess their mantra of “if it saves just one life it’s worth it!” only applies to gun bans as well. According to the NSSF, Project ChildSafe has already distributed more than 37 million free firearm safety kits through its law enforcement partners across the country, including almost 50 locations here in Connecticut. That’s potentially at least 37 million lives saved. How can they oppose such a program and still claim they support gun safety?

Remember this next time they try to tell you they aren’t anti-gun, they just support gun safety and responsible gun ownership.

Hartford Home Invasion

This is a guest post by CCDL president Scott Wilson

CCDL President Scott Wilson speaks out about Hartford home invasion (09/05):

On a Saturday evening in Hartford on September 5th, three violent criminals set their sights on a person whom they believed to be easy prey. Instead of ending up with a helpless victim for their choosing, two of these “alleged” criminals ended up at the hospital shot and bleeding with very serious wounds. Thankfully the intended victim only sustained minor injuries as a result of his ordeal. But certainly this experience will be life changing enough for him and his family.

Was another “Cheshire Style” home invasion preempted by the hands of a person who was lawfully armed? We may never know the answer to this for certain, but I would argue that the chances for such an outcome were enhanced given the knowledge that a multitude of armed intruders came prepared with weapons and zip ties.

Instead of news reports of mercilessly murdered victims who helplessly pleaded for their lives, a different and much more fortunate outcome replaced what could have easily been horrific news headlines that echoed across the country. Positive outcomes like this one do not sell as many newspapers, or gain as many website clicks; but they should considering what might have happened.

There is an eerie silence from Connecticut based gun control activists at the moment. Either because they do not want to admit the truth, or because they do not want people to know the truth. Maybe both.

Guns in the hands of people who wish to protect themselves can make a difference. This is why we should have the choice to protect our families the way we feel best. There were no police on hand to rush in and save the day. Just one man looking out for his family’s best interest.

Scott Wilson
CCDL President

Meeting Reminder

CCDL holds its monthly general membership meeting at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Middletown, CT. Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
All CCDL members are welcome and encouraged to attend. We have a request from the property owners to please do not park on the grass when attending the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

  • Updates (if any) on our lawsuit against the State of Connecticut – Shew v. Malloy
  • Volunteers for 3rd CCDL Poker Run – help needed
  • CCDL Family Picnic updates/volunteers needed
  • New Project: #IamCCDL underway. What it is, how you can help, etc
  • Discussion on CCDL activism to support a new shooting facility

We sell CCDL merchandise at the meeting, buy it there and save on shipping.
We also sell limited edition items that are not available in our online store. Right now we have patches, pins, and magnets (perfect to put on your car, gun safe, or refrigerator). We also sell the car decals in assorted colors besides white.

Food Drive
CCDL collects canned goods/non-perishables at all our meetings to be donated to local charities. The holiday season may be over, but people still need to eat. Please bring non perishables to the meeting. If everyone that attends brought at least one canned good we would be helping to feed MANY!

Middletown Elks
44 Maynard St
Middletown, CT 06457
September 8, 2015 7:00pm-9:00pm
Please park in the event lot to the left of the building (looking at it from Maynard St) and enter the upstairs banquet hall at the front of the building. please do not park on the grass!!

View Larger Map

Sporting Clays Fundraiser

On October 11, 2015 the Guilford Sportsman’s Association will be hosting a sporting clays fun shoot to raise money for the CCDL Litigation Fund.
It starts at 9:00am, and if you’ve never shot sporting clays before, it’s a whole lot of fun, and this would be a great time to try it out. Sporting clays is like playing golf only with shotguns (and no beer!). More info about it can be found at the National Sporting Clays Association website.

NOTE: This is not a CCDL organized event, and we will not be selling merchandise there. Any questions about the event please contact Dave Bicknell from the Guilford Sportsman’s Association at (203)500-4169 or via Facebook.

The Guilford Sportsman’s Association is located at:
501 Hart Road
Guilford, CT 06437

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Annual 2nd Amendment Poker Run

On Saturday September 26, 2015 CCDL will again be hosting a poker run to raise money for our Litigation Fund.
Once again the ride will start at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post and end at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington, where we’ll have a HUGE after-party.
Both motorcycles and cars are welcome to participate in the run, and EVERYONE is welcome to attend the after-party whether you ride or not.

The run begins at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post located at 28 Selden St. in Woodbridge. Registration is from 9:30-10:30am and the cost will be $20 per rider or driver and $15 per passenger and includes the after-party.
At Woodbridge Firearms you will be given directions to various locations.
At each location you will pick a playing card from a deck.
The route will be the same as last year, and you can expect to drive about 50-75 miles total, and it will finish at the Cadillac Ranch located at 45 Jude Ln, Southington.
Prizes will be awarded at the end for the top five poker hands.

If you just want to attend the party and not participate in the poker run, admission will be $15 per person payable at the door. Admission includes food and entertainment. Drinks are extra.

We’ll have special 2015 CCDL Poker Run shirts and bandanas for sale at both the start and the finish. Quantities are limited, when they are gone, that’s it.

All net proceeds go to the CCDL Litigation Fund to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and overturn Connecticut’s anti-gun laws.

Sponsors include: Haymond Law, Connecticut Cruise News, Cadillac Ranch, C&D Arms Supply, Yankee Harley Davidson, The Outpost Guns & Ammo, Connecticut Sporting Arms, Ceglarz Motor Repair and Sales, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Woodbridge Firearms.

To save time on the day of the ride, you may fill out and print the registration form in advance and bring it with you. Registration Form (pdf)

For more info: please email:

Last year’s ride was the largest poker run in the state! Let’s make it an even greater success this year.

2015 Poker Run Shirt – front

It’s Almost Time For A Picnic!

Just a few weeks away!
On Saturday, September 19th CCDL will once again host our Annual Family Picnic at Boothe Memorial Park – 5800 Main Street on Putney, Stratford, CT.

We’ll supply the burgers, hotdogs, soft drinks (no alcohol allowed in the park) and condiments. You can bring the family, the chips, dip, or whatever side dish (and a utensil to serve it) you’re most famous for making, and some lawnchairs or a blanket to sit on. (Helpful hint: write your name on a piece of masking tape and attach it to your bowls/spoons/etc so you are sure to get them back)

This is a FREE event for CCDL members and their families. Bring some cash, we’ll have our usual merchandise for sale as well as a special shirt just for this event. We’ll also be raffling off lots of prizes. (The more raffle items the better, if you would like to donate something to the raffle, that would be great! contact Chris Duffy and let him know. It doesn’t have to be gun-related or expensive, anything legal that other people might like.)

So come to Boothe Memorial Park and enjoy the day with other CCDL members. Bring blankets, chairs, and your family. Come have a good time, relax, and celebrate our right to keep and bear arms. Come and get to know us, and learn more about what CCDL does to protect your rights as a gun owner in the state of Connecticut.

As I said, this a family picnic. There will be horseshoes, frisbees and wiffle balls, and all sorts of games for kids young and old. There is no alcohol allowed in the park, but pets on a leash and lawful carry of firearms are permitted. Please use an appropriate holster, and keep it holstered.

When: September 19, 2015 from 11am until 4pm.
Where: Boothe Memorial Park
5774 Main St. Putney
Stratford, CT 06614

Note: Please do not park on the grass or in a handicap spot (unless you have the placard). If the parking lot is full (it’s a little small), you can park nearby on Putney Chapel Way (see the map below), and walk into the park from there. It’s actually almost as close as the parking lot, and you won’t have to walk up and down the hill.

(Click map for larger version)

(Click map for larger version)

Take exit 53; at end of ramp take a right; bear right (almost immediately) at next
intersection onto Main St. Putney; follow ¼ mile and Boothe Park will be on your

Take exit 53; at end of ramp take a left; bear right at next intersection onto Main
St. Putney; follow ¼ mile and Boothe Park will be on your left.

Take exit 33 and follow signs to RT 110; stay on RT 110 (East Main St.) one mile
to traffic light at intersection of East Main St. and Main St.; take right onto Main
St. (still RT 110); take 3rd left by bearing onto Main St. Putney (pond on left);
follow for approx. ½ mile and Boothe Park will be on your right.

Take exit 38 to Merritt Parkway RT 15S and follow directions above from RT