No News Yet On Lawsuit

Every day we’re getting people asking about the status of our lawsuit against CT’s unconstitutional gun laws; Shew v. Malloy. Unfortunately things usually happen slowly in the court system, and we are still waiting on a decision on our appeal that was heard in the 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals back on December 9, 2014. While rulings generally come down around 6 months later, there is no hard and fast time-frame, and all we can do is play the waiting game.

Rest assured, any major updates in the case will be posted here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well. We’ll also send out an update to all CCDL members via email. Make sure you are getting our member update emails (generally once or twice a month) and they aren’t going to your spam folder. If you aren’t yet a member, what are you waiting for? Membership is easy and FREE! Join now at

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Meanwhile, our legal team is still hard at work following other cases and notifying the court of recent favorable decisions they should consider. They’re also prepping for the next step. Even if the court returns a decision favorable to us, you can be certain Governor Malloy and Attorney General Jepsen will appeal it. Of course we will do the same if the decision goes against the state and/or federal Constitution. All this still costs us money. We appreciate all the contributions that have allowed the case to move this far, but the longer this takes the more it costs. Any and all donations to our Litigation Fund will help us take this all the way to the Supreme Court, if need be. Donate here.