Lucky Gunner – Final Results

For the last few months we’ve been asking you to vote for CCDL in a poll. If you somehow missed that, go back and read these posts first.

Well, the voting is over, and the results are in. CCDL came in 3rd, with 7.5% of the vote. That’s awesome, considering there were about 80 organizations up for consideration. That list included national giants like the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). As a matter of fact, we got the most votes of any state-level organization, and beat out several national ones.

Hopefully Lucky Gunner Ammo will be able to collect the funds owed them; we’re sure the antis will try any way possible to get out of it.
When and if we get a check, it will go right into our Litigation Fund, which being used in the fight to overturn our state’s unconstitutional gun bans. Even though the voting is over, you can still donate to the fund yourself. While we’re off to a great start (thank you!), we project we’ll still need at least another million dollars to take our fight to the Supreme Court. Donate Here.

Full results can be found here