Last Day To Vote For CCDL

Back in June, we told you about a very simple way to raise money for CCDL’s Litigation Fund. Lucky Gunner Ammunition won a lawsuit brought against them by the Brady Campaign and other antigunners. The antis have to pay Lucky Gunner’s legal fees, which Lucky Gunner has decided to donate to various run rights organizations, such as CCDL. They are having a poll to determine how to allocate the funds; the more votes an organization gets, the greater amount of money the organization will receive. As of yesterday CCDL was in 3rd place with 8,148 votes. Voting ends at 9pm tonight! Surely a group like CCDL with over 18,000 members and almost 25,000 followers on Facebook can get more than 8,148 votes!
Voting takes seconds. You don’t have to sign up for anything, or give them any personal info. just click this link and vote for Connecticut Citizens Defense League. It’s that simple, and your vote could mean hundreds of extra dollars for CCDL that will be used in our fight to overturn Connecticut’s unconstitutional gun laws.
Be sure to vote before 9pm tonight!

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  1. Chris: My neighbor across the street is a member also but he does not have a cell phone or a computer or tablet. Some of our older members might be in the same boat.

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