Brady vs. Lucky Gunner

Recently, the Brady Bunch tried to sue Lucky Gunner Ammo and several other online retailers for lawfully selling items that were later used in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. The judge in that case rightfully dismissed it, and ordered the Brady Campaign to reimburse the defendant’s legal fees.

Lucky Gunner has graciously offered to donate their share of the settlement (when they get it) to various gun rights groups such as CCDL. They will determine how much each group gets by the number of votes each group gets in a poll on their website. These are all deserving groups, but we ask that you please go and vote for CCDL. As a 100% donation driven non-profit organization (501c4), even a small share would help us to continue to our fight to protect and restore YOUR rights here in Connecticut.

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Of course you can also still donate directly to our Litigation Fund, where every penny donated goes directly to the costs of Shew V Malloy; the federal court case hoping to overturn Connecticut’s unconstitutional antigun laws.

26 thoughts on “Brady vs. Lucky Gunner

  1. Hope CCDL gets funds for the law suit against Malloy. I voted. Hope it helps. This judge has my respect and my trust. Wish there were more like him.

  2. I voted. Right now we aren’t even showing in the votes. Come on people, go there and vote.

  3. Voted. Still showing 19%. That puts us in 2nd place. Keep it up!! We can do this!!!

  4. Use your TOR browser and vote as many times as you like ! Just close it and re-open. Yeah, it cheating but we gotta do something about VA ! LOL

    • Geeze. Are sound like a Dan Malloy supporter. Did you vote for Dan Malloy? (Just kidding) Vote more than once? Wonder if VA is doing that.

  5. Come on people! with over 17,000 members we should be doing much better than this!

  6. I tried to vote again but got a message that said that it was sorry but they would only accept one submission per voter. Their words not mine. Anyone else experience this?

  7. Third time today I attempted to vote. No cell phone. Rebooted desk computer again. Still would not accept my vote. Frustrating! Stephanie had a similar problem. Wonder why.

  8. Amazed that CCDL is only topped at this point by the NRA, both over 5300 votes. I voted for you but when I tried to vote a second time on my second computer, I got a message that it would only accept one vote per person. Not sure how it knew I was the same person — I do have a Lucky Gunner account, but wasn’t logged in either time.

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