SB650 – Quick Update

CCDL’s Legislative Coordinator Ray Bevis spent all day and night in Hartford yesterday following the closing days of the 2015 legislative session (Thank you Ray!). Here’s a quick update he sent in after finally getting home early this morning:

The bill SB650 was called in the senate last night. An amendment was called, debated, voted on and the amendment passed. Then another amendment was called by Senator Joe Markley. While Senator Markley was summarizing his amendment, Senator Duff who is the majority Leader and is his job to set the daily agenda / calendar interrupted Senator Markley to temporarily pass on the bill and move onto another bill.
This is just a passed temporarily on the agenda. It is not a passing of the bill. The bill is still on the senate agenda but passed by temporarily. They can come back to it but with a deadline so close we think that is unlikely to happen. But IF this bill was to be called again in this session it would still need to be called in the senate and senator Markley would continue with his summation of his amendment.

9 thoughts on “SB650 – Quick Update

  1. Thank you Ray Bevis for all your efforts to watch over the process and keep the rest of us informed!

  2. Sorry, and Chris for the Blog to actually get the information out. Thanks guys!

  3. What was the amendment that passed? Don’t think it might be a last minute trick to make the bill worse. Is there a volunteer for a filibuster? Is there any other must do bills?

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