CALL Your Legislators Today!

CALL your legislators today! The CT General Assembly will be voting on a bill that will seize firearms, ammunition, permits, and certificates from lawful gun owners without evidence, without witnesses, without a police report, and without a chance to be heard. This bill is called S.B. 650 – AN ACT CONCERNING TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDERS.

Last year in Connecticut 45% of these temporary restraining orders were found to be false after the judge was able to hear from both sides. Temporary restraining orders are based solely on the accuser’s word. No evidence is required.

Tell your legislators to protect the ability for the victims to defend themselves. Tell your legislator not to support a bill that will disarm someone without the constitutional right to be heard first. This bill will give abusers, stalkers, and rapists a way to disarm their victims.

To find your legislators and their contact info, go to:
Your immediate action is needed! Make sure your voice gets heard, call your legislator today.