Two Years

Two years ago today we filed a lawsuit, Shew v. Malloy, against Connecticut’s new (at the time) unconstitutional gun control law, Public Act 13-3. You can read the press release from that day here. We’re still waiting for the latest ruling in that case, which hopefully will be issued any day now. We just want to thank everyone who’s helped get us this far. You’ve helped us retain some of the best Second Amendment lawyers in the country to help fight this thing. And fight we will. All the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, to restore your rights and bring Connecticut back in line with its constitution and the majority of the country.
Thanks for your donations, and thanks for standing with us.
Carry on!

4 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. While victory is this case may be denied for us at this juncture, my philosophy has always been, “Tis better to have fought and lost, Than never to have fought at all” (Arthur Hugh Clough)
    Thank you CCDL for all that you do; may all of you have a happy Memorial Day and please take the time to remember our fallen heroes who fought and died for our country to preserve our freedoms.

    • Please, The State takes our tax money to pass, enforce and defend these laws. We use our money to fight them in a court system created to defend the government position. At least this isn’t in State Court where the judges depend on the Governor and Legislature to get and keep their jobs along with their generous retirement which by the way is our money too. And so it is Memorial Day. What freedoms have been preserved? They are disappearing just about as fast as can be. They fought for the right of the American Government to impose its will on us instead of some other society that could never accomplish its goal any way. Imagine the difficulties of invading and taking a continent………..We don’t have to. A foot hold in South Vietnam is as tenuous as a foot hold in South Florida. Perhaps Uncle Sam puts up a new Boogie Man to distract us from the real enemy. Why do they not want to win a war anyway. Let the slings and arrows begin.

  2. I’ve actually told judges I don’t care what they rule because I don’t vote for them … aoxomoxo makes this point or describes that line of thinking very clearly to be correct thinking. Also, any laws relating to guns and our RKBA and any court decisions are irrelevant to our rights — do you need permission–can gov’t officials even vote on a right? Not me .. I have these rights already, I don’t care how our legislature or courts want to vote on my rights .. such votes are void from the get-go.

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