Action Alert: Please Contact Your Legislators – Your Input Is Critical

Immediate Action is Needed on the Following Bills:
Governor’s Bill 6848
Senate Bill 650
Emails, phone calls and/or personal visits can go along way to defeating these pieces of proposed legislation. We need you to tell your elected officials to oppose both of these bills. Both bills have passed out of the Judiciary Committee as Joint Favorable and could be voted on very soon!

These bills violate due process of law, a right which is protected under the 14th amendment of the US Constitution and also Article 1 Sec 7 of the Connecticut State Constitution. If either of these laws are passed, Connecticut citizens who have even a Temporary Restraining Order (ex parte) filed against them will not have an opportunity to be heard by a judge before firearms, ammunition, and their permits are seized.

For more information on these bills and calls for action by CCDL pertaining to these bills, please look here: CCDL Blog – 2015 legislative session

You may find and contact your legislators here: Find Your Legislators

8 thoughts on “Action Alert: Please Contact Your Legislators – Your Input Is Critical

  1. They’ll pass this crap legislation, then when some poor person who is a gun owner and is being stalked, the stalker will get a restraining order to make sure the victim can’t protect them selves.

    Then where will they be? Don’t any of these legislators ever think before passing this horribly useless legislation.

    Oh that’s right it’s not really set up for its proposed use anyway. It’s just incremental steps to gun confiscation. Now it makes more sense.

  2. While I think we can count on the Republicans (?), I sent an e-mail, to every Democrat opposing passage of these two bills. We should start to about additional lawsuits. Are we having a session at the capital this year?. If so, we need 25,000 people to attend.Our chant should be “Impeach malloy”. And we should get as many permit holders as possible, CCDL or not to get involved.

  3. (Breitbart) – On April 10, Breitbart News had the opportunity to talk with GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson about guns and gun rights, and he told us that the Second Amendment keeps the government from dominating the people.

    Carson talked about the importance of the Second Amendment:

    The Second Amendment is incredibly important for a couple of reasons. Number one, our Founders felt that our nation, if ever invaded by outside forces, would be much stronger if the people could help repel those forces. Number two, and perhaps even more importantly, is if the government–our own government–ever became tyrannical, and wanted to dominate the people, the Second Amendment guarantees the people the means whereby to defend themselves.
    FAX BLAST SPECIAL: Don’t Let The Government Take Your Guns! Protect Your Second Amendment Rights!

    At our country’s founding, James Madison described “the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation.” We mentioned this to Carson and asked him if it is still an advantage for Americans to be armed.

    Carson responded:

    This question was probably answered best by Thomas Hobbes, the English philosopher who, in talking about tyranny, said that the Americans would probably never suffer from tyranny of the government because their citizens are armed. This was hundreds of years ago, and we’ve maintained that tradition, and we’ve maintained our freedom.
    We also asked Carson how he responds to people who react to high profile crimes by pushing more gun laws or more gun control, and this is what he said:

    My response to such people is that they can push all the gun controls they want, but the criminals aren’t going to pay any attention to it. Only the law-abiding citizens pay attention to gun control laws. All you’re doing by pushing gun control is putting the law-abiding citizen at a disadvantage, as Thomas Jefferson said.
    Lastly, we asked Carson about arguments for and against certain types of firearms, particularly as those arguments hinge on legislative efforts to do away with semiautomatics or certain semiautomatics.

    Carson responded by saying that, after the trauma he saw practicing medicine, he was himself unsure of the value of having semiautomatics in crowded cities. But after further consideration and “looking at the history,” he realized there was no logic or virtue in opposing one type of firearm over another.

    This is what Carson told us:

    The real purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow citizens to be able to protect themselves against an overly aggressive government. In order to do that, they need to have any kind of weapon that they may have, legally. And that includes semiautomatic weapons.

    So, if the source that is trying to dominate you has those weapons, but you don’t have them–if all you have are pea-shooters–then your defense of yourself is not going to be very effective.

    • You mean this Ben Carson?
      Asked by Beck for his thoughts on the Second Amendment, Carson gave the popular pro-gun argument: “There’s a reason for the Second Amendment; people do have the right to have weapons.”

      But when asked whether people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons,” the doctor replied: “It depends on where you live.”

      “I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it,” Carson elaborated.

      However, if you live “out in the country somewhere by yourself” and want to own a semi-automatic weapon, he added, “I’ve no problem with that.”

      • L ets hope he has found religion. He had the opinion of someone who has never owned firearms. However he realized that position didn’t sit well with those that would be his supporters. Hopefully he means it. I would vote for him if he is the nominee but the big election is not the place for amateurs. You make a beginner mistake and they jump all over you for it. You become a moron or a monster all the time forgiving anything the liberal has ever done.

  4. I’m preparing testimony …. will they have another public hearing? I will file my testimony anyway to the clerks email address anyway….. and the main page of the GA website now hides the committee’s contact info … .. call and find out where to file testimony (may have changed) via email

    • No, they will not have another Public Hearing, if you still will to submit/email a public testimony on a specific bill for the record, be sure your email clearly states what bill # you are addressing and it can be emailed to:
      Contacting the committee members after they voted is kinda a moot point. But their contact info is still available at just click on the committee membership icon and a drop menu should appear with each members website and click on their name to email them.
      At this stage of a raised bill out of a committee, it is time to contact your senator and representative, they need to hear from the people that hold a vote over their head. A large percentage of legislators will only take emails from their constituents at this point in time, a snail mail letter in a handwritten envelope is great, a phone call is better, a scheduled appointment to meet with them for a face to face is best.

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