March 11th Public Hearing

The Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 10:30 A.M. in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building (LOB).  Public speaker order will be determined by a lottery system.  Lottery numbers will be drawn from 8:30 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. in Room 2500 of the LOB.  Speakers arriving after the completion of the lottery will have their names placed at the end of the speaker list.  Please submit 50 copies of written testimony to Committee staff any day prior to the hearing but no later than 10:00 A.M. in Room 2500 of the LOB.  Written testimony submitted by a person(s) or organization(s) which exceeds five (5) single-sided pages per bill or resolution will only be posted on the Judiciary Committee’s website at the discretion of the Judiciary Committee Chairs. Testimony received after the designated time may not be distributed until after the hearing.  Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to  Testimony should clearly state testifier name and related Bills. The Committee requests that testimony be limited to matters related to the items on the Agenda.  The first hour of the hearing is reserved for Legislators, Constitutional Officers, State Agency Heads and Chief Elected Municipal Officials.  Speakers will be limited to three minutes of testimony.  The Committee encourages witnesses to submit a written statement and to condense oral testimony to a summary of that statement.  Unofficial sign-up sheets have no standing with the Committee.  All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information.  As such, it may be made available on the Judiciary Committee’s website and indexed by internet search engines.

Here are the 3 bills being heard that we are concerned with. CCDL opposes all three.

State Bill # Reason Summary Status
CT HB06848 Changed An Act Protecting Victims Of Domestic Violence. 2015-03-06
Public Hearing 03/11
CT HB06962 Changed An Act Concerning Firearm Safety. 2015-03-06
Public Hearing 03/11
CT SB00650 Changed An Act Concerning Temporary Restraining Orders. 2015-03-06
Public Hearing 03/11

You might want to review our earlier posts about how to compose your testimony, and how the process works. Testimony Tip Sheet.
Be sure to read the proposed bills carefully, and put forth accurate arguments in your testimony. If you need help, post a comment here, or if you are on Facebook, join the CCDL Group and we’ll help you tweak your testimony.

Directions to the Legislative Office Building (LOB) may be found here.

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  4. The state should keep its nose out of private domestic situations. Families are being destroyed because of too much government intervention into private family matters. This smacks of socialism and communism and is not what the USA and its ideals are about.

    Legal gun owners should not be singled and lose their legal rights to carry weapons because of domestic situations. All someone has to do is request a restraining order, no matter what the facts or reasons are and it is done.

    Any person for any subjective perceived reason, can request a restraining order against anyone, including politicians, government officials and any person. The official or politician, will have their private property (gun) confiscated, if a restraining order is requested against them. Does this make sense? NO.

    As for how guns are kept in the home. How can this be monitored and enforced, without invasive checking of premises by government authorities?
    There are privacy rights in US laws that protect US citizens from unlawful search. Are we to dismantle these privacy laws to enable a Communist Nazi like regime to invade our homes?

    Instead of constantly harping on the evil of guns and how to do away with second amendment rights, the legislature should direct its energies to cutting spending. They should stop increasing taxes on the working tax paying people and corporations in Connecticut, to pay for unbridled spending and welfare giveaways.

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