Gun Owners MUST Stand together

As many members might know, there is a large Fishing and Hunting Show held every year at the Convention Center in Hartford. Every year CCDL has a table there. Not to sell merchandise, not to solicit donations (though we’ll gladly accept donations toward the Litigation Fund there), but just to educate and raise awareness.

Now, this is a hunting a fishing show, not a “gun” show, so even though guns are often used for hunting, we sometimes encounter what some might call “anti-gun gun owners”. The members staffing the table had one at our booth today, and I think it illustrates perfectly how much work is still needed to educate our fellow gun owners. Because it’s not just the AR-15 and Glock owners that are having their rights trampled on, it’s ALL gun owners, even the hunters and sport shooters. There is no need to go into all the details, suffice to say this gentleman’s argument was along the lines of we don’t need AR-15s or standard capacity magazines. His Remington VersaMax 12g shotgun was all anyone should need.

Now, everyone has different opinions, and he’s certainly entitled to his. However, he’s not entitled to his own facts. One of those facts is that as we’ve warned about many times, a key point of the recommendations coming from Governor Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission is an outright ban (no grandfathering in of current owners) on the possession of any gun CAPABLE of being made to fire more than 10 rounds without reloading. While our friend’s Remington most likely only holds 3 shells plus one in the chamber, it’s CAPABLE, with a simple swap of the magazine tube, of holding 10 or more shells.

His “only gun I need” is about to go on the chopping block and he doesn’t even know it because he’s still got his head in the sand like an ostrich. I have to wonder when’s the last time he tried to buy a box of shells? Maybe he’s still working off that box of 25 from a few years ago, and doesn’t even realize yet he can’t buy more without a permit now. I’d like to think that if he knows and understands that Connecticut wants to make it harder for him to buy ammo, and even wants to take away his duck hunting gun that he will be signing up as a FREE CCDL member as soon as he gets home. I’d like to think he will stand side-by-side with the black rifle owners and the pistol shooters in Hartford when it comes time to testify against these unconstitutional attacks on our rights. I’d like to think that we got through to him.

Even if we didn’t, there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of gun owners just like him here in Connecticut. CCDL currently has over 17,000 members. Just think if every single member reached out to someone like our friend at the show and recruited them as a new member? We’d be over 30,000 strong for the next public hearing!

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  1. Just curious–did he seem convinced when he left you? This, it seems to me, is the kind of person we need to be patient and careful with so that he learns the facts without getting riled up. I’m sure you were very professional, just wondering if you think it worked 🙂 I’ve had a couple of similar conversations myself.

  2. 1…………..Does anyone know if a non grandfathered gun ban has ever been passed anywhere in the USA?___ Ever___2…………..Is there anything in the 2013 law that restricts you from buying ammunition when you are at the Kittery Trading Post in Maine and bringing it back.

    • 1. I think what you are hinting at is “mass” confiscation in the U.S. if there was NOT A grandfather clause. I’ve never heard of a “mass” confiscation in the U.S. but I say, try and bring it on.

      2. You CAN buy ammunition out of state and even online. The requirement still stands that you MUST show permit AND photo ID. As an example, “Name intentionally left out – so Malloy and his cronies can’t eff this up” WILL sell you ammo and magazines (10 round or less mags, or course) if you FAX them a copy of BOTH your DL and permit). After that, you can order ammo and mags whenever you want. Otherwise, your account is blocked from ordering such items. Of course, there are likely restrictions still in place on ordering things like uppers and lowers for AR’s.

      Unfortunately, there are idiotic companies that will NOT sell ammo or mags to CT residents period. An example, is CDNN. They lost my business since they are “cowards” for not implementing the same policy of getting one’s ID’s to place orders for mags and ammo.

      • If you are in a state that does not require a permit, they will never ask you for one to show them…………….A non grandfathering law ain Connecticut WILL spark a national rebellion.

    • Bill, the law does not prohibit one buying ammo in another state – CT cannot tell you what to do outside the state. LOL Nor of bring ammo back. Nor of you needing anything to buy ammo in this state.

  3. Bill, I don’t know–someone like Jonathan Hardy surely will–I’d say contact him via CCDL on FB. However, Even our wonderful Governor, Dannel, has said publicly that he would not support confiscating private property from law-abiding citizens. Of course, he’s hardly trustworthy, but it gives you an idea of how much of a sensitive issue a non-grandfathered ban would be, if even he claims he wouldn’t do it. At least until he thinks he can get away with it lol 🙂

  4. Dear Chris:

    Good logic in your thoughts. An idea that every CCDL member recruits at least one new member per quarter is a winner. 34,000, then 68,000 etc. In short order every gun owner, statewide as a goal. Massive political power covering the entire state. Perhaps a “KIT” could be made for printing and e-mail distribution in addition to what we already have as a way on the web. So members print it out and hand it out or e-mail to a contact. Many older people, who have ample time to devote to CCDL’s mission (and older people vote in substantially larger numbers than the young) are not necessary web and e-mail savvy. I know that sounds strange for the 21st century, but true.

    Imagine hundreds of thousands of votes in our favor. (we did effect the last election).

    Imagine the calling, writing, being present at the capital affect.

    Imagine the editorial writing power.

    Imagine the financial power to cause good legislation.


    I know we don’t have a membership fee, but visualize asking every member to throw in $10 per year and you have 100,000 members. You can fight the state at every turn

    • Sorry, but it’s NOT going to work no matter how many members CCDL has. Look at the NRA with a pathetic 5 million members out of 50-100 million gun owners? Yes, the NRA has made tremendous strides and has also had losses but I think here in CT this is a losing battle as it has been in ALL Democrat controlled states. The legislature and courts are anti-gun, PERIOD. Even if by some chance the current suit goes to the SCOTUS I seriously doubt they will rule in favor of AR’s and standard capacity mags. The last 2 “wins” were 5-4 and this is a more sensitive subject. If I were a lawyer, I would NOT be arguing that law-abiding citizens need AR’s and 30 round mags for sporting and self-defense. We have the right to be nearly or equally armed as our LEO’s and the military. That is the ultimate basis of the 2nd Amendment – the ONLY reason why it was created (to allow the citizens to take back the country and government when the government become tyrannical and/or corrupt). That is why “militia” and the “being necessary to the security of a free state” parts are there.

      Realize too that even with a win at the federal level the Dems will just stoop to dirty tactics like in Chicago when banning concealed carry was deemed unconstitutional. I mean really, look at the latest round of CT anti-gun bills and now that ridiculous SH report – purposefully withheld until AFTER the elections I would guess (and likely be correct). How many lawsuits can really be afforded??

      Realize too, that we have a-holes out there like Bloomberg that can out spend even the NRA. So when it comes to money, it can be a meaningless standard. As this article points out, too many gun owners are idiots, yes IDIOTS, and don’t understand or realize that ALL guns are on the liberal chopping block. Bolt action scoped rifles will soon be “sniper rifles” – so kiss your favorite deer slayer good bye.

      I think the fact that Malloy got a second term says it all. Yes, there were some seats gained by the GOP but not enough to stop the liberal anti-gun machine here in CT.

      Sorry, this is a lost cause and I have zero faith in CT or this country at this point when it comes to Democrats being in “control” to make meaningful legislative decisions. They are a bunch of socialist pigs.

      • They are what the 2nd Amendment mentions as ” domestic enemies” and need to be treated as such.

        All the lawsuit is going to do is drain the pocket books of those trying to fight Malloy this way, as he has access to more money to pay for gun hating, Scum bag, liberal, progressive, anti Constitutional attorneys who will fight for the disarming of Americans slowly but surely, to insure America is ready to be grafted into the NWO, right on schedule with Biblical prophecy.

      • It’s not hopeless but you need to stop thinking that you can convince the ruling elite of both parties. Those who get elected at the state level can be challenged at the local level by people who share our values. Patriots need to step up, be candidate, and run for office. And when they do, we need to work our ass off for them, give and raise money for them. If you want a change in how your government treats you, take it back from them. It is easier to take back the State Legislatures and Governorships and control the fed with States rights. The Second Amendment is not about hunting.

  5. I get it all the time, from people you would think should know better…..”nobody needs a [fill in the blank]” or “how many [blanks] does one person need?” Same thing, they hunt white tail with a bolt rifle, lever rifle, shotgun, or black powder and think that any type of firearm that they wouldn’t own, no one should own.

    EXCUSE ME!! I’d like to know who made them the arbiter of what I think I want or need! I don’t really give a crap if they don’t think they need it, or anyone else needs it, I have a problem when they want to use “the law” to try and prevent me from obtaining, possessing, or trying to confiscate said item(s).

    I am a proud NON-COMPLIANT CT PATRIOT!!!

    I no longer call myself a “law-abiding gun owner”. Those days are gone forever, and no matter what new bullcrap laws they pass, I will not follow them, and will continue carrying any place I chose, including all “GUN FREE KILL ZONES”.

    • I agree, just because some tyrant politicians pass anti Constitutional legislation and makes rules and regulations that create a gun free kill zone, and a protectionist mentality ( government will protect you) does not mean yo u have to obey, criminals don’t care , so, you must do what you feel is best to excersize self defense with the best tool you know of.

      I say, boycott any business, event or organization that imposes a “gun free” kill zone on you, and thus, would make you a criminal, if caught violating it, even though you are a law abiding, legal, Constitutional gun owner.

      This gun free zone BS has got to stop!!!!!

      Just boycott, and tell them WHY you are boycotting, and WHY, unless they repeal these tyrannical laws and burn those “gun free signs”………they will not receive one penny of your consumer money.

      I would home school before I ever sent my child to a public “gun free” indoctrination, sorry, education facility.

      Tolerance is acceptance
      Apathy leads to tyranny

      Connecticut freedom loving gun owners, it s time to really start pushing these liberty destroying traitor politicians back!!!!!

  6. I wanted to share this with you all, in case some folks may not have heard.

    Connecticut’s own resident traitor, Chris Murphy, alongside his fellow democRAT gun hating, liberal, progressive, pacifist, protectionists with their very clear disarmament agenda, just keeps pushing harder and harder with his goal to disarm Connecticut gun owners, and again, referring to the “high capacity” magazines as being a threat to the government.

    These politicians are not that incompetent or ignorant, they have an agenda!!! They are bullies, and their war on law abiding, legal gun owners disgusts me.

    Let’s also Please never forget that Lt. Vance promise that the police will enforce whatever laws are on the books.

    So, for all of you who registered your magazines with the state……..the state now knows what you have and how many (as far as what you disclosed) you have, and if further draconian, tyrannical legislation gets passed as law……well, that sets the stage for the possibility of very bad things happening.

    I don’t even live in CT anymore, but, this psuedo tyranny ticks me off to no end, and needs to be stopped!!!!!! It’s bad for Connecticut and its bad for America!!!!!!!

    You all are continually in my thoughts and prayers my fellow freedom loving Americans in CT.

    Live free or die
    Tolerance is acceptance
    Apathy leads to tyranny

    “The tree of liberty from time to time, needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “These are times that try men’s souls”
    Thomas Paine, 1776

  7. I’m confused….according BHO Islam is not the blame for the rise of the Islamic State saying people and not religion are responsible for violence and terrorism. If that be the case, then why is it the gun grabbers argue that guns kill people instead of people kill people?

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