Sandy Hook Commission

Dan Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission met today to finalize their recommendations for their final report due to be released within the next 4 weeks. The timing of the report is to allow the legislature to act upon its recommendations.

The commission has decided that they are going to recommend a full and total ban on all magazines capable of holding over ten rounds, AND a ban on any firearm capable of firing over 10 rounds. They will also be recommending NO grandfather clause. Essentially this will amount to a ban on virtually ALL magazine-fed firearms, since they are all capable of firing over 10 rounds. With no grandfather clause lawful citizens will have to either turn in guns and magazines that may be worth thousands of dollars each, likely with no compensation, or become criminals in the eyes of the state. Of course, the real criminals are not going to turn in their firearms and magazines. Only the law-abiding citizens will be deprived of their property, and deprived of an effective and constitutionally protected means of self-defense.

Lastly, the commission will be asking that their recommendations be implemented on a national basis, not just here in Connecticut.

CCDL will of course be waiting for the final report, and we will continue to alert our members of any pending gun legislation.

Remember, CCDL is already spearheading a federal challenge to Malloy’s unconstitutional gun laws. As a free to join, all volunteer non-profit organization, everything we do is with your help. We’re hoping to take our case all the way to the US Supreme Court, but that costs money. Lots of it. Please consider a donation to our litigation fund, to protect your rights and the rights of future generations. These laws are a cancer, and cancer spreads. As you read above, Malloy’s Sandy Hook Commission wants their gun bans to expand nationwide. Malloy and the antigunners have billionaires like Bloomburg and Soros to help get their way, we have you and the Constitution. Donate today!

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  1. So as I understand it, unless grandfathering is allowed, the options will be, (1) Surrender your legally purchased and owned firearms or move them out of state, (2) Ignore the edict if and when it comes, (3) Await confiscation and possible arrest.
    ……and lawful gun owners stood in those long registration lines making #3 easier to accomplish.

    • You are correct on everything except your last line. Since this state had a defacto gun registration for over 20yrs, they already had the only list they need for #3.

      • Right Chris I overlooked that and apparently, by design, so did they…. as you have repeatedly stated in the past, the gun grab efforts are far from over. We must stand strong and united against these clearly unconstitutional recommendations to our lawmakers.

        • I’ve never been in jail but I hear it’s not all that bad. You meet a lot of new people and learn a lot of new skills. Malloy will have to get Camp Malloy activated.

        • I think the issue all around is one of respect. It appears that few members of the CCDL respect Governor Malloy. As to whether Governor Malloy respects the CCDL, that depends on whether members think that gun violence is a problem to be solved or whether it is an unavoidable consequence of 2nd Amendment gun rights. I can see him respecting the first position but not the second.

          • I do not respect anyone in who takes an oath of office to defend the Constitution then tries to strip away rights.
            I agree the violence crimes committed with a gun are a problem. I also think no enforcing our laws, letting plea bargains take place, early release programs, not prosecuting gun crimes with full extent of the law, gangs running rampant in the streets fueled by drug activity. And to top it off the lack of jobs to keep idle hands busy.

            But you know to solve these problems is more complex than just punishing the law abiding citizens and passing new gun laws.
            Oh and the push by you anti’s for UBC is just a ruse for registration bottom line.

          • We are told over and over again that you can not blame all Muslims for the actions of a few perverting a religion. We are not allowed to round them up and deport them. This is America and the first Amendment guarantees their freedom of religion. Yet these exact same people fall all over themselves to see who can blame ALL gun owners the most for the actions of a few mentally ill individuals. To them the Second Amendment means nothing and the more they can punch holes in it the better……………..

          • In reply to Randall Slack, I would think the courts can sort out whether the laws that Gov Malloy signed are constitutional or not. However I think there is some common ground here in that the Governor addressed the problems of young offenders completely independent of any gun restrictions in the Longevity Project and has reduced the murder rate by half.
            For your other suggestions involving more prison, they are pretty much at the end of the road. The USA is already the worlds #1 jailer and there are five times as many prisoners in Connecticut as there were in the 1970’s. In the end it is self perpetuating since you have so many young men locked up and the rest thus encouraged to be “baby daddies” that another generation of boys grow up without a father’s discipline leading to a new supply of criminals.
            Also you are dealing with criminals, people who make bad and irrational choices by definition so more prison time does not deter.
            As regards jobs, violence kills them.
            The only other way left is to tackle the availability of weapons, to make crimes more difficult to commit, just like car theft is down because stealing a car is now more difficult
            Its seems the resistance to UBC is based on the fear of oppressive government. If you look around you will see that oppressive governments have been in steady retreat over the past 50 years because governments understand that to oppress and have a modern productive economy is impossible. You need to update your threat assessment . Mankind has plenty of new threats to take the place of this one.

      • There is significant difference between the de facto registration that the state had, and the newer assault weapon registration. The former is essentially a bill of sale kept on record by the state that you purchased a specific firearm on a specific date . Short of outright gestapo tactics, there is no way to prove a firearm you purchased say 10 years ago is still in your possession. The latter is an actual declaration that you are in possession of the registered item. Much easier to implement what they are aiming for.

        • No difference at all, Scott. Exactly the same. All the AW registration proves is you owned that gun or magazine on the day you mailed it in or stood in line.

          • No Scott is correct! say in 1996 I purchased said firearm, and two weeks later sold it to Joe Blow and did a simple bill of sale (to which I still have my copy of) …Remember we’re talking 1996- If Joe Blow did not register it.. so be it.. So whatever list the State had then is so botched it’s practically useless, not like the current registration which is now created current owners as the only party that can own the weapon (which is documented as IN POSSESSION OF) and thus cannot be sold or transferred to anyone except an out of state FFL holder. So now the current assault weapons list is a simple magnet of where they are so it is easier to collect on them… when they deem fit. If in the event what I was under the impression as a legal sale back in 1996 was totally wrong I apologize and perhaps I should have been mailed a memo on said policies!

          • Does an out of state purchaser have to have an FFL? If it is legal for an other state resident to buy an AR15, can not yousell it to them while you are in their state? Can CT dictate what you do while in an other state?

      • DPS-3 forms anyone? I would guess that they could look up and compare DSP-3 forms to the AW list and go to the homes of DPS-3 buyers and start asking questions why they did not register. And who registered their guns? No one I know.

    • We are slowly over time becoming another “Nazi Germany” and a few rich people who control the news media and who have bought politicians are making this happen. Next comes the death squads (aka law enforcement). No joke. Innocent people will die. Just like in Nazi Germany.

  2. On a NATIONAL basis?????? So they want to spread Connecticut’s brand of insanity all across the country?????? On whose authority?????????????? We know where the real mental health crisis is, it’s in Malloy’s little Sandie Hooker Commission!

      • The members of the Sandy Hook Commission are “Obsessive/Compulsive” and they should receive professional intervention. Since they would be mentally ill, their recommendations would be moot.

    • After WWI the good citizens of Germany experienced the same type of gun laws that we are currently experiencing. After all the guns were confiscated from civilians, only the police and military had guns. It was a short time later that the law makers of Germany decided to exterminate six million Jews. Since the Jews had no guns they could not resist. Maybe our government wants to do the same with us. The good citizens of Germany did not believe it could happen in their modern, well educated and sophisticated nation. Of course it will never happen here; right? Can you say Homeland Security? Can you say national crisis, real or fabricated?

      • I remember Adolf Hitler he’s in Hartford now aka Dan P Malloy putter together on how to use his storm trooper’s on us !!!!!
        does anybody know what the P stand for

    • The very wealthy “gun grabbers” such as Michael Bloomberg are behind this “insanity”. Not only was Adam Lanza “insane” but these “bought and paid for” politicians are also “insane”. We just have to expose them with the truth.

      • I though that Nut Case adam Lanza hade 4 – auto Pistol he used in the school shooting and the cops found the Bushmaster in the Trunk of the car after he kill himself Now how could that be ??
        Who B#ll S#*TING who ?????

        • Simple. You thought wrong.
          They found the Saiga 12 shotgun in the trunk, and some whacktjob tinfoil hat conspiracy nuts who think all black long guns with pistol grips are AR-15s keep spreading that lie.

  3. So sad that they are exploiting the Sandy Hook tragedy for political reasons, punishing and alienating other innocent citizens. I never had time to mourn as it turned political so fast against us, We The People. I hate to even hear the words Sandy Hook anymore due to the anti-Constitutional / un-American political overtones. The masses are not responsible for the actions of one. Malloy and associates need to realize that a determined crazed individual on a violent criminal suicide mission will violate any law regardless of the penalty. That’s why Malloy and other politicians have high capacity armed protection, for themselves and their families. We deserve the same right to protect and defend ourselves under our guaranteed 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights. Otherwise this free country will no longer be free, as it will turn into an US (average law abiding citizen) against THEM, the politicians and/or wealthy politically connected class.

    • Since the Sandy Hook Commission deems that a gun with more than ten bullets would be illegal and since police departments have to comply with the law, then all law enforcement in Connecticut should be required to destroy any weapon that hold more than ten bullets. After all, we must reduce “Police Violence” especially after Ferguson. The commission would be hypocritical to do anything less.

      • No, police will most certainly be exempt from any new ban, just like they are exempt from the current bans. Should they have to comply with the same laws as we do? Certainly! If they “need” AR-15s and 30 round magazines, so do we.

        • Police are given an exception to the 10 bullet or AR-15 law. We need to change that law so they operate under the same law as we do. Are the police better than we are? They are “public servants” and yet they are treated as “royalty”. Fair is fair. Our lives are just as valuable as police lives. It’s that simple. No exceptions.

          • Police work for “us”. Why do they get an “exception”. When does the employee earn more than the “boss” or the owner of the company? It’s an issue of “fairness” that all of us at CCDL and NRA should demand and not back down on and take no for an answer. Remember, those police may one day come after all our guns and with force.

  4. I re-registered my modern style firearms in this last government merry go round.
    I’m done with that now – Molon laba from here on I’m not giving up my 2nd amendment rights!

    • Hope you like “jail food”. Of course, you will have plenty of company. There will come a time when there will be a revolution in this country that will make the “Revolutionary War” against Britain seem like a sunday picnic. I hope I’m not around to see it. Maybe that’s what the gun grabbers want, gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and others.

      • If that’s truly what they want they would be foolish. Their blood would be flowing in the streets far more than ours. Screw it, come and take em. Im not going peacefully though, Im done being peaceful.

        • Maybe that’s what Malloy and his political machine want so they can establish a more powerful police force here in Connecticut. Look at who he appointed to head the state police.

  5. Don’t they still have a bunch of “felons” to arrest that didn’t register AR’s and high capacity mags last year? I am sick and tired about hearing about the Newtown parents who don’t have the common sense to see that the laws put on the books after the shooting have done nothing to make any school any safer. All they’ve done is penalize people that would never do that kind of thing anyway. Now they want it to be a National thing, maybe they are just delusional from hanging out with Obama and actually thinking they were something more than just pawns for his political agenda. It’s time for the majority to push back against not only the Sandy Hook puppets but the Gestapo Government in the former Constitution State.

    • The gun grabbers are like alcoholics or illegal drug users. They live in denial. It is a sickness that some professionals label as “Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder”. Just like Adam Lanza and his “Dance, Dance, Dance” and his violent computer games they cannot do or thing about anything else. Gun grabbers are “mentally ill”.

  6. The U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 prohibits states from passing ex post facto laws, which state that you cannot criminalize possession of what is currently legally owned. The federal gov’t is also prohibited from this in Article 1 Section 9. Our lawyers need to look into this.

    • The law makers of the State of Connecticut follow the law? I understand your point and agree with you but law makers here in Connecticut make their own law even if it does not follow Federal Law. Connecticut Law Makers and our Governor believe they are above the law.

    • It’s not ex post facto. Ex post facto would be you USED to own the gun, got rid of it, they pass a law, and then arrest you for what you OWNED when it was legal. We went through this in NY State.

      • We need to make a “citizens arrest” of these politicians who refuse to legally follow their oath of office, prosecute them and put them in jail. We need “to fight fire with fire”.

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  8. This commission took this long to come up with something that would NOT have stopped Sandy Hook’s tragedy?

    • Malloy and his Political Machine would, for the right price, let you have sex with their daughters regardless of age. That’s the kind of folks they are. You’d trust them with your daughters; right?

    • Scott Wilson: Why are we not as an organization demanding that “law enforcement” here in Connecticut be required to follow the same laws as we do? Why are we silent? We don’t have guns with more then ten bullets. So should the police. We’re not allowed to have “automatic weapons”. So should law enforcement here in Connecticut. Why aren’t we doing that and getting our own “word out”?

    • When law enforcement here in Connecticut begins to enforce some of these “illegal laws” and innocent people begin to die as a result of such “illegal enforcement” then the actual “shooting revolution” that Dan Malloy and company so eagerly want will begin. I would not be surprised if he was the first victim or law makers who so vigorously advocated for “gun grabber laws” or even gun grabber mayors or gun grabber chiefs of police. Perhaps that was the “gun grabber” plan all along. With more victims, martial law, temporary or permanent, becomes more likely. Seriously, think about it folks. It’s the “British” versus us all over again.

      Part of the “oath of office” requires that elected leaders protect against “enemies” both “foreign and domestic”. How can they “protect” if they are the “enemy”? We are heading for a “violent shooting revolution”. The “gun grabbers” will make it possible and will blame legal gun owners just like Hitler blamed the Jews. Read your history.

  9. Ya know I’ve been writing the jug heads in Hartford on the issues since the first firearms ban!

    On several issues I made phone calls as well as emails and letters ” To my emails and letters I received form letters that were never about what I wrote to them for !

    To my phone calls I got their aids ( some as soon as you mention firearms your dead in the water ) not once did I talk to the legislator I called to talk to , Blumenthal & Murphy are no different Their all lire’s and thieves yet they seem to get back in in office!

    Someone once told me the definition of politics is Poli: the greek word for many, Tics: Webster’s for blood sucking parasites !

    • Scott, Ackert and Guglielmo who represent the Coventry Area are gun friendly. Murphy and Bloomenthal are not and have given me the same treatment you experienced. They do not represent us. They need to be voted out of office. Unfortunately the news media supports these two jerks. Who is your state rep and state senator in Hartford?

      Next election we need to focus and work harder together to get these jokers out of office. Take just one at a time. Murphy and Bloomenthal it would not surprise me are “owned” by Michael Bloomberg. We need to keep non-Connecticut people the hell out of Connecticut business. It’s that simple.

      We need to find out what police chiefs here in Connecticut are on our side. Some police chiefs want all of us to have no guns. We need to become pro-active like the “gun grabbers” and demand that police surrender all their fire arms “to end Police Violence”.

      During the Watergate Investigation, Bernstein and Woodward were told “if you want to know the truth, follow the money”. That’s what we need to do. Expose these bastards for what they are including the chiefs of police and mayors. They are being “bought” by the likes of Michael Bloomberg. Corruption in Connecticut is alive and well. We just have to prove it.

      Remember, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany legally. He used the news media to convince Germans and the German Jews to surrender all their guns and he did it one small step at a time just the same as happening here in Connecticut. So, when it came time for six million Jews were to be exterminated, they did not have the means to fight back. We need to fight back or perish.

      When we fought the British and won only one third actively wanted the British out of this country. One third were pro British and one third didn’t “give a crap”. The “pro British” losers ended up in Canada and few in New Orleans.

      Like Ben Franklin said to the Founding Fathers, if “we don’t hang together, we will hang separately.”

  10. Politics as usual. A minority of emotionally charged people with no firearms background, telling the majority what to do and how to do it. I guess it’s going to be: Welcome to the criminal world with a lot of our states honest hard working citizens today, being deemed criminals by our own elected officials tomorrow. I’m fearful that it’s only a matter of time before the government flexes it’s muscles and armed standoffs begin to increase with people just wanting to be left alone, AKA FREE. A bad position for law enforcement caught in the middle of politics and a sad position for civilians. This country is is a downward spiral free fall.

    • Don’t be surprised to read in the news that public officials who demand gun control begin to get “executed”. I do not advocate this. It would not surprise me. When the “shooting confiscations and arrests begin” so will the “executions”. It will be the “middle east” here in Connecticut. The very folks responsible for our protection will in fact become our executioners and it’s in their minds perfectly legal.

  11. They could take away all our guns and it still wouldn’t stop crazy people from committing murder .It is extremely insulting to imply that honest , god fearing people cant be trusted with any type of firearm . You don’t need a gun to kill people .Fill in the blanks yourselves .
    Considering current events the government should be encouraging self defense .
    We all grieved for those murdered in Sandy Hook .Time to move on please .
    Its time for pushback against the sandy hook machine .

      • Good luck with that —
        funny how when you petition the powers that be to comment on a topic they don’t think you are worth talking to about all you get are crickets! Yet these are the same ” voted into office ” cronies that are supposed to LISTEN TO & Honorably be the voice FOR THE PEOPLE not some agenda to keep their job, and act like a good newbie trying to impress the higher ups by beating to whatever drum they’re playing!

  12. What ever happened to the premise of the Presumption of Innocence? If these new recommendations are pushed through as laws as before, those of us who are legal, safe, and responsible gun owners will be labeled as criminals with a stroke of a pen, and without due-justice… We will all be lumped into the criminally insane group without the benefit of a psych eval, and viewed as potential shooters with zero evidence – basically de-facto GUILTY…

    Now, thus next point I want to make will anger a lot of people, but to comment on forcing the Public Safety entities to comply with the same restrictions is insane. We all know these laws will do nothing to prevent the legit criminal from obtaining and arming themselves with high capacity automatic weapons, and do nothing to compel them not to use them – so, do we really want to ties the hands of those tasked with our protection and put them in a position where they are overmatched by the criminals? We would never ask that of our Armed Forces in-theater, that is to go into a firefight with revolvers when the enemy has AK47s…

    • The second paragraph is what the gun grabbers hope you will conclude. Remember, chiefs of police as well as city mayors want our guns. If they are forced to follow the same laws as we are required to follow maybe, just maybe their “zeal” to take away our legal guns will be reduced. Remember, no guts, no glory. You can hide and do what you are told. That’s what “tyrants” want. We are talking “tyranny” here by elected officials.

  13. You people sitting on this commission must be mentally ill! A number of families lost loved ones to a terrible tragedy and you just won’t let them have any peace, will you! A wound doesn’t heal when the scab is constantly being picked at! If you had any brains at all you’d be arming the teachers. You don’t stop crazed armed liberals from shooting up schools by taking away the ONLY MEANS of protection people have from such individuals. GET A CLUE!

  14. Thanks for the good news Scott ! Well, those folks who registered their “evil weapons” like CCDL recommended that they do so might be visited by their local LEOs soon. We’ll see. I say, let them pass everything that they want…lets get it over with.

  15. The committee’s demands sound so ridiculously broad and over-reaching that hopefully they will not be passed, at least as they relate to 10 rounds/magazine fed firearms. It’s basically the equivalent of making CD players in cars illegal and saying that any car that could possibly have a CD player installed is now illegal. It doesn’t even make sense. I would hope at some point a little common sense will prevail and hopefully even politicians are wary of pushing this much farther. Its unbelievable.

  16. My comment? I would en masse tell him to go to hell and dare him to come and get them. I am tired of ‘taking it on the chin.’ We need to challenge him and his tyrannically cowardly followers. We need to go on the offensive and stop ‘reacting’ to this asshole. We need to speak plainly and clearly. Stop pussy-footing. The State hates this guy. He is a liar and everyone knows it. My opinion.

  17. Where are your sources for the information stated in this article? Not to say that the sandy hook gungrabber….i mean, commission, doesn’t have these agendas in mind but i’ve looked all over and can’t find any info pertaining to banning “any firearm capable of firing over 10 rounds” and “no grandfather clause”. If this information wasn’t gathered from a credible source, then you shouldn’t be making claims. Don’t be like them and make up false claims (because we all know that an AR-15 is capable of firing 500 rounds per second…lol). Lets combat their B.S. claims with fact, not more false info!

    • Fred K. wrote:

      Where are your sources for the information stated in this article? Not to say that the sandy hook gungrabber….i mean, commission, doesn’t have these agendas in mind but i’ve looked all over and can’t find any info pertaining to banning “any firearm capable of firing over 10 rounds” and “no grandfather clause”. If this information wasn’t gathered from a credible source, then you shouldn’t be making claims. Don’t be like them and make up false claims (because we all know that an AR-15 is capable of firing 500 rounds per second…lol). Lets combat their B.S. claims with fact, not more false info!

      Fred, I’m actually a bit offended by the accusation that CCDL is spreading false claims, especially since we’ve called out others who claimed to be on our side for doing just such a thing. You apparently didn’t look very hard, because almost every media outlet has covered it, and if you like the entire almost 3hr meeting is online. I’ll give you a few examples:
      WTNH website:

      [the commission] is ready to recommend a total ban on the sale and possession of guns that can fire more than 10 rounds without reloading.

      “You don’t have to classify it as an assault weapon’ or and handgun or another category,” said Mayor Scott Jackson, D-Hamden, the commission chairman. “The commission felt that this was a more coherent way to set public policy.”

      “Many of the ways that legislation around firearms has been presented is around a model, a type, this clears all that away,” said Jackson.

      CT News Junkie:

      The commission’s ban differs from the law approved by the legislature. The 2013 law allowed residents who legally owned prohibited weapons before the law was passed to keep the guns so long as they registered them with the state. The commission’s proposal does not include such a “grandfather” provision.

      WTNH News video:

      There are plenty more, but you get the point.

      You’ll also notice most of the articles state the commission simply reaffirms the gun ban recommendations from it’s 2013 interim report. Your can read that report here:
      Start on page 6.

      In order to maintain the safety of places of assembly by ensuring that lawful, competent firearms owners are the only individuals able to lawfully possess certain types and quantities of ammunition, the Commission believes that the State of Connecticut should carefully consider the following items:
      4. Instituting a ban on the sale, possession, or use of any magazine or ammunition feeding device in excess of 10 rounds except for military and police use. The Commission recognizes that certain sporting events may at times seek to utilize higher capacity magazines, however the consensus of the Commission is that the spirit of sportsmanship can be maintained with lower capacity magazines.

      5. Instituting a ban on the possession or sale of all armor-piercing and incendiary bullets, regardless of caliber. The Commission also believes that a first-time offense should be classified as a Class D Felony under Connecticut General Statutes.

      6. Allowing the purchase of ammunition for registered firearms only.

      7. Evaluating best practices for determining the regulation or prohibition of the sale and purchase of ammunition via the internet.

      8. Evaluating the effectiveness of federal law in limiting the purchase of firearms via the internet to those who have passed the appropriate background screening.

      9. Limiting the amounts of ammunition that may be purchased at any given time.

      The Commission has found that the definition of “assault weapon” has allowed for cosmetic changes to military-style firearms that does not reduce their lethality but does allow them to be legally possessed. The Commission believes that, defining an “assault weapon” by form rather than function has been ineffective. It is the consensus of the Commission that gun violence is an issue that goes far beyond the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and the commonality of high-capacity
      firearms in violent crimes must be acknowledged. According to the 2011 Connecticut Uniform Crime Reporting Program, only two (2) of 94 firearm-related homicides in the state were committed with a rifle or a shotgun. It is the consensus of the Commission that firearm lethality is correlated to capacity, a correlation borne out not only in Sandy Hook Elementary School, but in other violent confrontations in and beyond Connecticut. Therefore, the Commission believes that the State of Connecticut should carefully consider:

      10. Prohibiting the possession, sale or transfer of any firearm capable of firing more than 10 rounds without reloading. This prohibition would extend to military-style firearms as well as handguns.

      Just in case you STILL need more convincing, here is the full meeting from Friday:

      • Oh, and the NRA just weighed in this evening with this post on facebook, but you heard it first from CCDL:
        A special commission set up by Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy after the Newtown shooting is ready to recommend a total ban on the sale and possession of guns capable of holding 10 rounds or more. Specifically, it would prohibit both the sale and possession of any firearm capable of holding 10 rounds of more without the provision to grandfather guns that are currently registered under Connecticut’s already strict Assault Weapon’s Ban. This would effect a defacto ban on many guns that escaped registration after owners changed cosmetic features of their firearms. Law enforcement and military would be exempt from this ban.

  18. Let me just say a couple things that have not come up. The state courts are all packed with judges that need the legislature’s approval to keep their jobs. They rules as instructed. SCOTUS is iffy on our present case but those recommendations are overly broad. They outlaw too much. Some of those morons may even know this. What has never been mentioned is the safety of conservative Justices. To make matters worse, I have 0 confidence in the Republican Senate to deny dipcrap another appointment. On the plus side, a democrat leader in the State House stated after the election that the gun vote cost the seats of several of his minions. Don’t let him and them forget that fact and a more outrageous bill will cost far more. Now lets face it, Connecticut has some of the stupidest voters in the country and therefore the most corrupt and arrogant officials. The gun grabbers are fond of saying “no one wants to take your guns, we just want universal background checks.” We know they are lying and we are ground zero. If we loose this battle in CT, that story is over in the rest of the country. They are coming for their guns and there will be hell to pay. Connecticut will spark a national war. Now a question. Has a non grandfathering ban ever been passed any where in the US?

  19. The most hypocritical part of this commission is how they have already stated that state gun manufacturers will not be affected by any new restrictions. So you can declare assault weapons, and that is however you choose to define them, as so inherently dangerous that no citizen has the right to own them. Yet you’re cool with the manufacturing of them. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it to.
    I believe the ONLY thing that would have any real effect on these politicians is for all the states firearm and ammo manufacturers to up and move. The threat of this did get their attention last time. But as we know, only a few smaller players actually went through with it. If this proposal does start to gain momentum the best thing that could happen would be for all state gun and ammo manufacturers to state in no uncertain terms “you pass this bill and we are out of here”

  20. I have said it over and over again, yet, apathy reigns supreme, and the government creates fear mongering, bully like propaganda tactics. Problem is now, is all your litigation is going to do is bankrupt those who are funding it, ( unless you are richer than Bloomberg, Soros and Malloy)

    Standing in registration lines, SURELY added fuel to the tyrannical fire!!!!

    The soap box and ballot boxes………how’s that working out for you????

    The ammo box is all that remains. However, if you all figured out of way to get United, and attempt to really uphold the 2nd Amendment, you would see organized militias per the 2nd.

    I was told once to not mention that word, because it can make people (government) nervous. So there you go, the gun haters in CT have won. They, along with the police (as well as federal government) have made you afraid to even mention ” a well regulated militia” in fear of being deemed a “terrorist” and succumbing to a no knock, no warrant raid by militarized police all in the name of “public safety” per the patriot act.

    Sadly, lieutenant Vance has made it very clear, that he and all his oath breaking Jack boots, will ” enforce the laws on the book”

    Disturbingly reminiscent of some other uniformed men in recent history when asked why they (disarmed) and led 6 million + Jews to death camps,…….. answered

    ” just following orders”

    You must all be insane, because you are doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results. Time to change your plan.

    Here’s what I know:
    1) if they keep limiting what types/capacity firearms you can own, confiscation will follow.
    2) Bullies will continue to push, stomp, and beat you till you fight back.
    3) firearms freedoms are a harbinger or gate if you will, although freedom is being taken at an alarming pace, history(and current events) teach us very clearly, that when the people are disarmed, government can and will do whatever the hell they want to to you and your family.

    Tolerance is acceptance

    Apathy leads to tyranny

    Live free or die

    “When the government fears the people, there Is Liberty, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny”

  21. Before we jump to any conclusions these are just recommendations correct? Wouldn’t they have to be put into a bill and voted on.

    These measures that the SHC came up seem very extreme but given this state and the Dems who run it I won’t be surprised if it gets through.

    If this is ever passed into law I have to agree with Paul Patriot.

    The time would come when we have to decide where we draw the line.

    • Correct, and that’s what the original blog post says. First the recommendations must be formalized (expected within the next 3 weeks), then put into a bill, sent to committee, public hearings, voted on, etc.

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