Bob Crook Update

As many of you know, Bob Crook (head of the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, which is also a plaintiff along with CCDL in in the lawsuit to overturn CT’s unconstitutional gun laws) suffered a minor stroke shortly after Christmas. He was rushed to Yale New Haven Hospital via ambulance. Bob has been rehabbing at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford since the 30th. He is expected to leave and be home with family on January 20th. The stroke left him with limited control of his left extremities, however his family believes he will make a full recovery. He is in wonderful spirits and looks forward to going back up to Hartford.
Meanwhile his son James Crook has taken over the reins of CCS. We wish James well, he’s got some mighty big shoes to fill; and we look forward seeing both he and his father in Hartford as they fight side by side with CCDL for YOUR rights.

2 thoughts on “Bob Crook Update

  1. I’ve known quite a few people who made full recoverys. The key is hard work and never giving up. So Bob should do well. He’s got the spirt needed. God bless were all behind you like you’ve been there working for us!

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