CCDL Responds To Republican Geniuses (Cafero, Weicker and Shays)

This is a guest post by CCDL president Scott Wilson.

As president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass-roots gun rights group), I’d like to respond to recent comments made by Chris Shays, Larry Cafero and Lowell Weicker.
(see “GOP could have avoided gun fight by picking McKinney over Foley” and “Cafero on Foley Loss: ‘He Was The Wrong Republican’“)

If these defacto election analysts are looking to place blame on anyone, they should look at how certain leaders in the GOP leadership treated gun owners during and after the gun bill hearings in 2013. They joined forces with the anti-gun leadership of the Democratic party and helped them ram through massive gun control.

It is Mr Cafero’s own fault that his notions of running for governor were derailed, and the reason McKinney failed in his bid as well. If John McKinney was such a great candidate, why didn’t he win the Republican convention or primary election?

People should start to realize that gun owners are not going to sit by and be led around by the nose by gun grabbing politicians. If this is the case, the GOP should be prepared to suffer more losses in future elections

Serious candidates need to learn how to articulate 2nd Amendment positions better, and how to counter anti-gun propaganda. These are our Constitutional Rights we are talking about, after all.

It’s easy for these failed politicians to play Monday morning quarterback, but I can guarantee that they or any other Republican who supports gun control will face the same outcome in future elections that we’ve witnessed this year.

Despite the top-tier loses, the Republican under-ticket did better this year than it has since 1994. Had the antigun McKinney been the GOP candidate, does anyone think groups such as CCDL and the NRA would have invested the same amount of time, energy and money into this election?

It is important to note that all but one Democrat incumbent who lost this election voted to support last year’s gun control law, and only one Republican incumbent to vote against it lost. Even Democrat House leader Brendan Sharkey admits the gun control bill clearly had an effect on recent Democrat losses.
(see “Republicans Now Hold Most Seats In Connecticut House Since 1994“)

Not all Republicans are gun owners, but it is a fact that most gun owners vote Republican. Political strategists that spew this type of hindsight rhetoric would be wise to keep that in mind.

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    • Overall with the state house and senate, the dems got clobbered in CT!! I was at Rep. Ritter’s polling place (was running for senate) letting people know of her involvement w/secret meetings ~ about 20 folks said that they changed their opinion based on me providing this information; about 5% of the people I spoke to and let me know after they voted (how many in total ? unknown ). Ritter called the cops on me too..”you can’t give out people information!”; cop said, yes he can. And the Dem running for her old seat was a jerk too ~ he lost because of a Grn party candidate taking 3% of the vote and letting the GOP guy win by 1%. But did you see the 2 GOP candidates that did not even vote (you can tell because ZERO votes were cast for them)…funny.

    • Do you think any gun owners voted for Malloy? We got beat again because the Republican candidate was a deadhead with no personality, period. It didn’t help that Visconti was still on the ballot and drained off over 1% of the pro-gun vote. But that wasn’t enough to win anyway. We simply lost. Our candidates must be beyond good. He or she must be GREAT to win in this left-wing state. They need to be able to sway the left to make them understand and support our position, while having the balls to tell the truth and hammer politicians like Malloy and exposing their corruption. Foley would be better cast on ‘The Walking Dead’ and I hope we never have to see him again.

  1. “hear, hear!” It is an abbreviation for “hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!” That’s very fitting for this previous post, because the CT turncoat republicans should be listening.

    No one lost this sweeping republican election cycle, but those Connecticut turn coat (moderate) republicans.

    It’s this moderate republican ie democrat in sheeps clothing model that puts this state so squarely in democrat territory. It’s pretty simple really, if your choice is democrats, or republicans who act like democrats why would anyone bother to vote republican?

    If your going to get the same thing from your republican leaders as the democrats why would you bother to come out and vote at all?

    You wouldn’t, and they don’t. The majority if America voted against the democrats this mid term election. Most voted into office were real republicans, those who will stand and fight.

    To the republican CT party, Foley looked like the easy candidate, take last elections results, add unhappy gun owners equals a win right? Wrong. Because the CT republicans and their poor tactics drove many of those previous voters to sell their houses and move out of state, losing many needed republican votes.

    Foley also, lacked strength and resolve to persuade those independent voters to come to the republican side. His message never came across to people, he gave them nothing new to vote for, no change he spelled out for the low information voter who only watches commercials and there are many of them.

    This was likely because he was a part of a splintered, watered down Republican Party in this state who thinks you need to hide your republican values or be a democrat clone to win.
    Next time, put up a strong republican candidate, someone who brings a real sense purpose to the people and see how it works out, at least if you lose you lost on core republican values, you stood up for something you believed in.

    Mc Kinney and Cafero, had no chance, in CT as republicans no one I know would vote for either of them.

  2. Just an excellent reply to these RINOS. CCDL made a difference and will continue to make a significant difference, The fight against the abrogation of our 2nd Amendment rights has just begun. YES, WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT. We made headway in this election both locally, state-wide and especially nationally. We will all do more in the future. Our court case is pending and will continue with full support of our members, the gun owners of Connecticut and ultimately more of the general population. Our membership continues to grow and will blossom into a major state movement. WE ARE A POWER TO THE PEOPLE FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH AND CONSIDERED, And politicians either Democratic or Republican would be very smart to consider that fact in their future plans. The administration in Hartford is bound to fail. Massive unfunded pension obligations, a pending $1b deficit that will only become worse thanks to Obamacare, weak employment #s, over regulation, running contrary to all national trends, beholding to state employee unions and the list goes on and on. So Republicans have a chance but RINOS are doomed. Shays, Cafero and Weicker are tired blood from the past and without influence, all who have lost and cannot resurrect their political careers. The trend is the vibrant and forceful members like we have in CCDL. On to ultimate victory!

  3. Chris Shays is not a conservative. On a scale of 1 to 10 he ranks about a 3. Weicker was a has been since 1974, when he became famous for poking Richard Nixon with a stick ( and Weicker gave CT the income tax…remember?). Cafero – turncoat.

  4. The general election and primary both show that gun rights advocates have very little impact on elections in Connecticut. This is very depressing. The primary turnout was incredibly low for the GOP. More people voted for Linda McMahon two years ago in the GOP primary than showed up in August 2014. Then with the general election, voter turnout dropped from 2010, but Foley lost by a larger margin. Much larger. Gun control had a minimal impact. I was hoping energy would remain from a year ago. Many people were angry about gun control. What happened to that energy? It didn’t help that the CCDL supported Foley. A man who talked out of both sides of his mouth on repealing the awful unconstitutional law. Need to turn the focus to two years from now and try to pick off a few more seats in the General Assembly. We should also blacklist Joe Visconti from everything.

    • I disagree that we had little impact. Did you actually read this post and the links? All but one of the (what is it, 10? 11?) seats in the CT state legislature that flipped from Democrat to Republican were people who voted for SB1160. Two others have been removed in special elections, and several others decided it was better not to run for re-election this year and face our wrath. Only one person who voted with us on SB1160 lost. That shows were were FAR more effective than the antis.

        • Working at the polling places would = impact how exactly?

          Influence comes in many forms, the ccdl had much impact on this election cycle, but also and more importantly, how many people will continue to promote certain ideals.
          This will impact, how the younger generation in Connecticut looks at politics in general. They saw a completely grass roots support campaign for all pro 2A candidates against oppression, for the people by the people, that hasnt happened in a long time in this country and once a spark like that is lit, Good luck putting it out!

    • I totally disagree with Rufus. When you have lemons, make lemonade. CCDL did an outstanding yeoman’s job of working the election. We made an impact and just look at gains in the House and Senate. More has to be accomplished, but we started and will not stop.

    • I’d hardly say the gun community made little impact. I know several long time democrats who switched to being republicans, because of the anti gunners and their rhetoric. The pro 2A Community did a lot, but they could have done more.

      The turn out for the primary didn’t mean much, I think everyone felt foley was a pre determined outcome. What the pro 2 A community has done is to shine a spotlight on the inconsistencies of both the Republican Party and the other side, it will take time, but interest in conservatism in Connecticut is growing daily. Pro 2A supporters and anti gun rhetoric spawned that. It planted the seeds of conservatism and many high school freshmen as well as younger children are republicans today and quite outspoken about it, which is very much in Contrast to what today’s college kids were 4 years ago. You WILL see a wave of conservatism in Connecticut over the next 4 years, after all Connecticut is 4 years behind the rest of the country in just about everything anyway :). The bad news is we have 4 more years of Malloy and Esty because people in CT are slow to catch on to what the rest of the country already knows.

      In the mean time try to stick together, promote other republicans, buy your goods from republicans, employ republicans and have republican party’s celebrating conservatism, because that’s what makes people want to be a part of something bigger.

    • While Foley did not run the best campaign I have seen; Visconti had little effect and was not a factor this time. I think if CCDL would have supported a Pro-2nd candidate like Visconti then next election the GOP might actually put up a pro-2nd candidate … looking at short term goals is not the best way for CCDL to approach things … CCDL should pick the best candidate using the bar of the goals of CCDL as the benchmark – supporting the 2nd amendment. Sure, CCDL may piss off some members ~ but not the ones that it purports to support. IMO

      • The state GOP will never support a Pro 2A candidate, be it Joe Visconti or anyone else. I said before the election that the party was already looking who to blame for their loss, if the margin was less than Joe got he would be the villain, if the margin was more we would blame the “blue state”.

  5. Finally some one is getting it… When it comes to election time we wait, complain about the candidates and its always the worst of 2 evils. not one candidate stands out positivlty that’s why we have so many negative campains in ct because there is so little positive about any candidate. everyone jumps on the 2nd amendment band wagon and away we go, just to end up disappointed that our candidate lost….What I would like to see is action now for the next election. we need to route out a viable republican who has a chance.. Foley as rich as he is, business smart, stout republican could not over come even the slightest of malloy screw-ups. and did not capitalize on changes during the debates.. what we need to represent us next is someone with a presence of intelligence, not the stuttering malloy, someone who can defend themselves without repeating the same old preplan answers..what we need to do is find someone either in republican or independent party and start to groom them for governorship or at least represent us intelligently..

  6. I’d like to speak at the next CT republican convention. Explain to the the party bosses the view from the cheap seats.

    Here’s how you win elections (and what not to select in a candidate).

    1. Issues. Put 5 ideas in front of the voters and claim the agenda.
    (such as…)
    – indexing public employee benefits.
    – Eliminate common core.
    – Make the death penalty more efficient.
    – Roll back entitlements (increase the welfare investigators 20X) – we respect your
    – Car taxes will be a flat $150 fee for cars newer than 10 years / $50 for older than 10 years.

    2. Every single republican candidate running for office – runs on the 5.

    3. Encourage grass roots candidates. Not the ones with the deepest pockets. As much as this state is full of bed wetting libs. – I think most of them would embrace some pragmatic ideas that are actionable.

    4. Make the dems look to be out of touch. Dick Blumenthal lives in a mansion too…

    5. Gun legislation should be about keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people and criminals – not out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

    6. Keep it simple. The state pension is about 45% funded. If this was a private company it would be in receivership with those numbers…

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  8. I have proof of the secret meetings (emails, etc) … if anyone of the CCDL leadership wishes to file a complaint at the FOI commission then I would be happy to provide them with these records…one of them (or several) can file a secret meeting complaint(s) 30 days after discovering the meeting(s). The commission may void the outcome of such illegal meetings. So, anyone at the CCDL willing? It costs nothing. You will find the meetings of Miner, Cafero, etc. with the other brainiacs who made PA13-3 a reality.
    Art 3, sec 16 of our constitution? All debates to be public……

  9. The CT Republican Party elite still as of this election has not learn that more and more grass root liberty voters will ignore who the party endorses if they are not for our rights. The CCDL and pro 2ndA had strength in CT of which the Republican Party ignored. In NH the party brought in Brown from Mass. and Havenstein from Maryland and the liberty/freedom Republicans walked away to vote in over 15 self declared Free Staters reps even after an almost a million dollar anti-Free Stater media, pamphleting and voter contacting attempt to remove the existing 11 who were already in office.

  10. They say 25% of CT voters are or have a State employee in the family. You are down quite a bit against the democrat coalition of the Bribed, Stupid and the Parasites. Were enough seats lost to give them something to think about. FOR NOW you have to brainstorm on ways to enforce the thought that further action on their part, their seat could be next.

        • Yeah, I’m sure theres lot’s of people who voted against the goose that lays the golden egg. Lol. I see the state budget abuse all the time, the money that flows from the different dearents of state gov is Un believable, never mind the mindset of “don’t work too hard you’ll make the rest of us look bad. ” on the part of employees.
          I had a Freind work at the state who couldn’t read enough magazines to waste enough time things moved so slowly. If he worked he got reprimanded.

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  12. Utility Rate Hikes Approved? What is going on?

    Thanks solely to Dan Malloy.

    The premise for raising the utility rates was due to increased costs for natural gas. What are they (utilities / public utilities review board) talking about? Natural gas prices are lower than they have been in decades and they are continuing to drop as more gas from new / improved drilling techniques come on line. These utilities are not making their “guaranteed profit” due to their inefficiency, drop in revenues as customers (business / people) leave the state due to high taxes and poor planning to accommodate “green energy’ initiatives. Due to the utility’s ineptness and the “rubber stamp” review board – citizens are having their pockets picked for an average of $400/year. NOTICE this rate hike was timed to be announced after the election, as it was Governor Malloy who appointed this board.

    Starts to make you think CCDL is a strong grassroots organization, and perhaps we can recruit more people interested in issues beyond (including) the 2nd Amendment (our primary mission) to include the 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendments.

    • I agree that the timing of this, like just about everything else in the Malloy administration is suspicious.

      As for the other issues, they are there and there are groups actively working to fight them as well. What we really need is more cooperation between groups as allies.
      It does not matter if an event is about Taxes, Family Values, Common Core, or the Constitution, if all the groups would at the very least agree to cross promote each others events with whatever disclaimer they want, we could better mobilize our boots on the ground.

      This would allow a group like the CCDL to remain focused on the task at hand but also allow those of us who are CCDL members and agree more than we disagree on a wide range of issues help each other fight the real enemy.

      • That’s always been a problem with conservatives, they don’t stick together. We need to promote other conservatives, work together and try to achieve a common goal. Less bickering about the smaller differences between us. If your in a position to help a fellow conservative in any way, do it even in the smallest ways. That cohesiveness can make the difference. It can help keep conservatives thinking of leaving here to vote in the next election cycle as well as help to convert others.

        If you’ve got a hobby invite conservatives to join you to enjoy it. If you’ve got a business employ conservatives etc. it starts there and snow balls.

        Let’s promote conservatism from the ground up.

        • Donttell me colnsevatives didn’t show up again. They are responsible for the damagedone when they take their ball and go home.

          • I for one was not talking about who did or did not show up. However I have seen the liberals time and time again work together among different but allied groups up to and including busing in people for rallies and events.

            Then we have an event, say a 2A rally, and you ask for a local pro-life or anti-common core group to e-mail their members and they say no because it is not “their issue”.

            However when we actually meet and talk with each other we find that as individuals will agree on 7-8 out of 10 issues and would not be offended by such notifications.

            I am not looking to blame anyone for what did or did not happen before, just try and suggest a way that we can work together in the future.

          • CCDL is a fantastic organization with massive growth just in a few years to 16,000+ members. Our Executive Committee is second to none. The members are real, sincere, organized and committed. With that force and ability, recruiting like minded thinkers is a natural. My main mission is protect the 2nd Amendment. As a shooter for 55 years, NRA Member, NAGR member, former part of an FFL, I have my eyes on that side of the game. But to accomplish any mission, you need cohorts, partners, associates, supporters and getting like minded conservatives to join in the grassroots effort seems logical to me. . .

  13. Here we go again-It really is time for a Recall Amendment to the State Constitution-CCDL should spearhead the program.

    HARTFORD – Gov. Malloy is leaving open the possibility of extending taxes that are set to expire, including a 20 percent surcharge on corporation tax.

    Top Republican lawmakers are charging Malloy is hedging on his campaign promise not to raise taxes again after he signed record tax increases in 2011. The governor’s office is disputing the political accusation.

    How long do we contend with this administration and their lies?

    Want more business to leave Ct, just keep Malloy in office.

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