This Is It

Today is the day. The day gun owners and freedom lovers finally get to vote to recall those who voted to take away your rights back in April 2013. Today is our recall election.

Polls in Connecticut are open from 6am until 8pm. If you haven’t voted in a few years, or just aren’t sure where to vote, you can look that up here. The 2 numbers following your state polling location are your state House and Senate district numbers. Check the list of CCDL endorsed candidates to see if you have a solid pro-gun candidate in your district. If not, check the NRA grades here and go with the best grade. Make sure you wear your CCDL clothing to the polls, and remember your gun permit is acceptable ID at the polls. We want everyone to know CCDL votes!

If you are not registered to vote, Connecticut allows same day voter registration, but not at the polls. Detailed information on how to do so can be found here.

If you have a few hours of free time, your CCDL endorsed candidates can still use you help with waving signs and talking to undecided last minute voters. Contact their campaign or just bring/make a sign and jump in! Remember to stay 100ft from the polls, the line should be marked.

That’s about it folks, by this time tomorrow we’ll either start down the path toward freedom, or head for the darkest days for gun owners in Connecticut history. Every vote matters!

4 thoughts on “This Is It

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  2. I was at Rep. Ritter’s polling place (now running for state senate) asking her about secret meetings in respect to the gun task force that produced PA13-3 at 6 am. Her response? To call the police ! Police came observed me and found no violation of any law, just a citizen and the first amendment in harmony. I stayed most of the day informing citizens of violations of Ct. Const. Art 3, Sec 16 and our open meeting laws … secret meetings is not compatible in a free society, as was agreed upon by most voters I spoke to. Many told me that they voted against Ritter due to the open meeting law violation that I had records shown to them by me.

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