How We Did

Here’s our 2014 endorsed candidates list. As the election results come in (or until I fall asleep!), I’ll update the candidates green for win or red for lost.
If you want to see how your town voted, you can check the SOTS website here.

Governor Tom Foley
Lt. Governor Heather Somers
Atty.General Kie Westby
Sec.Of State Peter Lumaj

US House 1 Matthew Corey
US House 2 Daniel Reale
US House 2 Lori Hopkins-Cavanaugh
US House 3 James Brown
US House 5 Mark Greenberg

CT Senate 2 Theresa Tillett
CT Senate 7 John A. Kissel
CT Senate 8 Kevin D. Witkos
CT Senate 13 Len Suzio
CT Senate 15 Karl D. Shehu
CT Senate 16 Joe Markley
CT Senate 17 Phillip Tripp
CT Senate 18 Andrew M. Maynard
CT Senate 19 Steven Everett
CT Senate 19 Catherine A. ‘Cathy’ Osten
CT Senate 29 John French
CT Senate 30 Clark J. Chapin
CT Senate 32 Robert J. ‘Rob’ Kane
CT Senate 33 Art Linares
CT Senate 35 Anthony ‘Tony’ Guglielmo

CT House 2 Dan Carter
CT House 8 Timothy J. ‘Tim’ Ackert
CT House 9 Richard Lion
CT House 12 Rusty Meek
CT House 15 James McGovern
CT House 17 Timothy B. LeGeyt
CT House 19 Mark Zydanowycz
CT House 22 Kathy Pugliese
CT House 23 Devin Carney
CT House 26 Peter Ceglarz
CT House 33 Linda Synkowicz
CT House 34 Melissa H. Ziobron
CT House 35 Jesse MacLachlan
CT House 36 Bobby Siegrist
CT House 37 Ed Jutila
CT House 39 Andrew Lockwood
CT House 41 Aundré Bumgardner
CT House 42 Mike France
CT House 44 Jonathan Cesolini
CT House 47 Doug Dubitsky
CT House 48 Linda A. Orange
CT House 50 Mike Alberts
CT House 51 Daniel S. Rovero
CT House 52 Kurt Vail
CT House 53 Sam Belsito
CT House 55 Gayle Mulligan
CT House 57 Christopher Davis
CT House 58 Tom Kienzler
CT House 59 Rob Kwasnicki
CT House 60 Peggy Sayers
CT House 61 Tami Zawistowski
CT House 62 Bill Simanski
CT House 63 Jay M. Case
CT House 64 Brian Ohler
CT House 66 Craig A. Miner
CT House 67 Cecilia Buck-Taylor
CT House 68 Eric Berthel
CT House 70 Rosa C. Rebimbas
CT House 71 Anthony J. D’Amelio
CT House 72 Ruben Rodriquez
CT House 74 Selim G. Noujaim
CT House 76 John E. Piscopo
CT House 77 Cara Pavalock
CT House 78 Whit Betts
CT House 80 Robert C. ‘Rob’ Sampson
CT House 82 Emil ‘Buddy’ Altobello Jr.
CT House 82 Joshua Broekstra
CT House 83 Pablo Soto
CT House 85 Frank Apuzzo
CT House 86 Vincent J. ‘Vin’ Candelora
CT House 89 Lezlye Zupkus
CT House 100 Angel R. Fernandez
CT House 103 Alfred C. ‘Al’ Adinolfi
CT House 105 Robert Willis
CT House 107 David A. Scribner
CT House 113 Jason Perillo
CT House 116 Louis P. ‘Lou’ Esposito Jr.
CT House 117 Charles Ferraro
CT House 119 Pam Staneski
CT House 120 Laura R. Hoydick
CT House 123 David ‘Dave’ Rutigliano
CT House 131 David K. Labriola
CT House 138 Janice R. ‘Jan’ Giegler
CT House 139 Kevin Ryan
CT House 144 Michael L. ‘Mike’ Molgano

15 thoughts on “How We Did

  1. Here it comes: 20 – 20 hindsight – NOT! How did Tom Foley get as far as he did in life? Is he a successful businessman? Then why couldn’t he run ONE single successful campaign? Could he not see how bad his campaign was? Could he not see how lame their outreach was? Malloy beat his brains out in the only place it counts, in the Public Eye. Malloy out-commercial-ed Foley, he out-mailed him, he out-Media-ed him, he out lawn-signed him. In my town, it was “Tom who?” Check the town-by-town numbers, see how many towns the Fooley campaign didn’t even bother with. I’m sick today. Are we such fools in CT or do we live amongst so many fools to do this to ourselves twice!? And as Second Amendment defenders, we failed miserably. I’d love to know how many NRA / CCDL members sat this one out. And speaking of the NRA, where were they? Where was their support? Nowhere I could see. Thanks NRA, can’t wait for the next phone call asking me for money! CCDL, we have a fight ahead, the fight of our lives. Therefore my NRA money now goes to CCDL (and I hope many CT NRA members do the same, where were they when we needed them? How many CT NRA members got “Urgent Messages” from NRA about the COLORADO election???) And we also got OUR collective butts kicked by the constant anti-gun messages of the Malloy campaign. And now they have momentum. Yes, this WAS a referendum on the 2A in CT, and the Antis won. I’m venting, I know, but I also have know for months that the Foley campaign was an incompetent disaster. I prayed that I was going to be wrong, I looked forward to admitting I was wrong, but sadly, for all of us, I was right. Hang down you head Tom Foley, hang down your head and cry, hang down your head for the Second amendement, poor boy it’s gonna die.

    • I couldn’t agree more, the only thing you left out was the joe Visconti factor, and the fact that they kept him on the ballot. Couple that with the polls staying open in hartford and it all adds up to the fix was in!

      • I think the margin was bigger than the Visconti vote. 1% still voted Visconti. I am embarrassed by CT voters. One lady on facebook didn’t like him because at 60 his wife was too young. That being said, showing class and not bashing your opponent never pays off. You have to kick your opponent until he is down then kick him harder until he is just a grease spot on the pavement.

      • I heard that the late openings in Hartford yielded a whopping 5 voters coming in late…so overall, the Hartford stuff actually hurt Malloy.

        • the news reported 600, Where did you hear 5 from malloys camp 🙂
          Doesn’t really matter the intent likely was to bring in Voters who wouldn’t vote early.

          Assuming it was only 5 extra votes, How does 5 extra votes hurt Malloy? If it would hurt Malloy exactly why would Obama call into a radio station to ask voters to return to the polls that had delays. Source LA times.

      • He never withdrew officially (and yes, if he would have they would have scratched his name off the ballots). I think you can withdraw the day before the election…when this happens, election judges and workers scratch his name off each and every ballot.

        • I saw Merrill say “I don’t know what we could do-the ballots are printed” — who would vote for her? She has zero clue .. absolutely ZERO

    • They say 25% of the CT population is either a State employee or has one in the family. That is the statistic behind my line, “you are either a state or town employee or you are a slave to one.” These elections are bought.

      • I’m a State Employee and there were 5/5 voters in my house that voted the Republican party line. Many state employees do not listen or care about what their union wants!!! This was foley’s campaign to lose. How the Fu%$ did he lose by a larger margin than in 2010???

        • Did he or any of his workers come to your door? No one came to mine. How did he lose? He did not run a good campaign….that’s why. You and I have no control over Foley’s people.

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