CCDL Wisely Endorsed Tom Foley for Governor

This is a guest post by CCDL’s president, Scott Wilson.

Connecticut gun owners need to vote carefully on November 4th.

The CCDL Executive Board thoroughly vetted Tom Foley and the other candidates for this upcoming election. Tom has a good understanding of what the capabilities are with respect to the governor’s office. An unaffiliated candidate named Joe Visconti does not.

The majority of CCDL’s 16,000 members and other informed 2nd Amendment supporters are not buying into Visconti’s pledge of repealing Connecticut’s 2013 gun law. A sitting Governor CANNOT repeal a law, as Visconti has suggested.

The Governor can only sign a repeal bill “if” one is presented to them from the legislature. However, given the current make up of a majority of anti-gun politicians in Hartford, it is highly unlikely that a repeal bill would be presented in the upcoming session. This logic is an aside to the fact that Visconti cannot win at this stage of the game, nor could he ever, given his lack of financing and low polling numbers. All he can accomplish by people voting for him is helping Malloy win a second term.

Allowing Governor Malloy another four-year term either through inaction (not voting) or unwise action (voting for a spoiler such as Joe Visconti) would have dire consequences for Connecticut gun owners. There are MANY pieces of anti-gun legislation lying in wait to be introduced, should Malloy win a second term. The following is a list of restrictions that will be considered by the legislature, should Malloy get re-elected. These current proposals could likely impact ALL Connecticut gun owners.

  1. Registration of ALL FIREARMS on a regular basis, such as registering your car or truck. They are also reportedly considering a ‘magazine permit’, similar to a pistol permit.
  2. Limits to the amount and type of ammo you can purchase. Ammo purchases would also be limited to the caliber of firearms registered in your name.
  3. Mandate that all ammo be stamped with a traceable serial number i.e. Bullet “micro-stamping, significantly increasing the cost and availability of ammunition.
  4. Mandate that firearms imprint a unique serial number on cases when fired, i.e. ballistic imprinting. California already passed this and the result is that firearms manufacturers have refused to sell any new models of guns in CA.
  5. Limit the purchase of firearms to one gun per month.
  6. Gun Permits would be renewable EVERY YEAR with a $70 (or higher) fee. Increased permit eligibility requirements.
  7. Mandated “Smart-gun” technology, increasing the cost of firearms by as much as 500%.
  8. Eliminate the power and authority of the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners and Appeals.
  9. The State would abolish the current list of banned ‘assault guns’ and reintroduce a new list of ‘allowable’ firearms you can own and purchase. If it’s not on the list…you can’t EVER own it!
  10. Additional taxes and fees for all firearms, ammo, accessories, etc. making it more difficult for those with limited income to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Tom Foley will make sure that the rights of gun owners are not damaged further. He will help fix the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners by appointing fair-minded individuals. This is something that would fall well within his purview. He can and will remove Michael Lawlor (Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning) from his position. Both of these measures can be implemented starting from day one in a Foley administration.

CCDL, along with other plaintiffs, is actively in the midst of a constitutional challenge to this gun law via the Federal courts. We are headed to an appeal this December at the 2nd Circuit, and the aggrieved party of that decision, (us or the state) will be filing for Certiorari with the Supreme Court immediately after an opinion is rendered from the 2nd Circuit.

Lastly, I know (as do many others) that a candidate for governor in this state cannot win on guns alone. However a motivated base of 2A supporters, who show up to vote on Election Day, can potentially make a huge difference in a narrow election. This is exactly what we are facing. Please vote wisely with your choice for governor.


Scott Wilson Sr.
President- CCDL,Inc.

CCDL Mission Statement:
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut. We are especially dedicated to protecting the unalienable right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, for the defense of both self and state, through public enlightenment and legislative action.

We welcome anyone who believes that the defense of our constitutional rights is critical to the longevity of our freedom and to the success of this nation, and in particular that the rights to
self- defense and to keep and bear the arms to actualize that defense, are fundamental and undeniable.

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6 thoughts on “CCDL Wisely Endorsed Tom Foley for Governor

  1. We knew this was coming and woe to those who sit this election out and/or vote for Visconti. If you value your rights, you and your family members safety, your quality of life, and the economic future of this once great State you’ll send this carpetbagging, pettifogger, Obama clone and his cronies to the showers.

  2. An extremely well thought out justification of why we all need to support and vote for Tom Foley and the entire Republican ticket. It does not matter if you are a Democrat, A Republican or Independent, but if you value your 2nd Amendment rights, the only choice available is Tom Foley. The Malloy administration has been a general disaster for our state, constitutionally, economically and on every front. Less jobs, less disposable income, higher taxes, more regulation, mismanagement and the list goes on and on. IT IS REALLY TIME FOR A CHANGE. .

  3. I believe Visconti should be shunned for the disservice he is doing to the gun owners of CT. He must be on an ego trip over being a candidate for Governor. How can he possibly believe he can win. I use to think he was a good guy and wanted to do a service. I no longer do. I also question his qualification to be on the ballot. You know the Sec. State was going to do everything in her power to get him on the ballot. That and keep Pelto off. She is the one that imposed the paper ballots on the state and underprovided them to Bridgeport. The winning total was crossed only after all those missing votes were “found”. Countless democrats around the country squeaked into office when ballots were found late at night in dem run precincts. This is election fraud they are perfecting and they will do this here again. If the vote is close, Malloy wins. You probably need 2% to make up for fraud.

  4. I only wish the Foley Campaign would step things up a bit. I have received anti-Foley, anti-gun direct mailers at a rate of 5 – 1 against Foley. If that is any indicator, I fear the result. I picked up Foley signs for my neighborhood today and signed up to make calls for the NRA. All I can ask is that others consider doing the same. This is probably the most important election of OUR lives until 2016, but by then it may be too late for CT.

    We have to win our state back!

    We have to win our Second Amendment Rights back!

    We have to win America back!

    Good luck Tom.

  5. As a former resident of NH, the “Live Free or Die” State, I will always support those persons who protect the 2nd Amendment. From what I have heard and seen, Tom Foley will be my choice. He has been positive in this nasty campaign and I have respect for people who are positive and show ability to solve problems.

  6. I once supported Visconti based on principle; but it didn’t take long to realize he doesn’t have a chance. I give him credit for trying. My vote will be going to Foley. Those gun owners planning to vote for Visconti on principle really have to take Scott’s words to heart. And, dem’s that want to keep their guns will just have to suck it up and vote for a republican just once and send a message to your party.

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