Oral Arguments – December 9th

As we told you a few weeks ago our appeal against CT’s unconstitutional gun laws is finally on the docket. Well, now we have a date.

On Tuesday December 9th, 2014 arguments will be heard in Shew v Malloy in Courtroom 1703 of the Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse located at 40 Foley Square in New York City. The hearings start at 1pm, but there are 4 cases ahead of ours, including the NY challenge to their (un)SAFE Act. Spectator seating is limited, so if you want to sit in the courtroom you will need to get there early. Also, please remember this is a federal court proceeding, not a rally. Please dress and act accordingly if you are going to attended.

We’ll update again as we get closer to the date.

Connecticut’s Recall

Election Day- November 4th 

Get Out the Gun Vote

If Dan Malloy is re-elected gun owners can expect more restrictive measures to become law! Time is running out, and this election is crucial for gun owners. Please find some time to help this week.

1) Help your CCDL Endorsed candidates
2) Help at the Polls. Take the day off if possible and wave signs at the polling stations
3) There is still time to knock on doors, write opinion letters to the media, or make phone calls. Please participate in this process and tell your family, friends and neighbors about election day consequences.
4) Vote!  Please make sure that you vote for the candidate that will protect your 2nd Amendment right!

Phone Banking All Week with our friends at the NRA:
Contact Rebecca Michlin: 860-538-1435

  • Monday, October 27th 6-8pm for NRA endorsed Henri Martin at Riverside Investment Services (136 Riverside Avenue)
  • Tuesday, October 28th 6-8pm for NRA endorsed Brian Ohler & Jay Case at the Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association
  • Wednesday, October 29th for NRA endorsed Lezlye Zupkus at Signatures in Waterbury
  • Thursday, October 30th for NRA endorsed Eric Berthel at Thomaston Savings Bank, Watertown -565 Main St, Watertown, CT 06795
  • Friday, October 31st for NRA endorsed Doug Dubitsky 5:30-7:30 at Fin, Fur, Feather Club
  • Saturday, November 1 for NRA endorsed candidates Chris Davis, Rob Kwasnicki, Kurt Vail at 123 South Main Street, East Windsor (bring a chair)
  • Saturday, November 1 for NRA endorsed candidate Art Linares 5-7pm at 242 Toby Hill Road, Westbrook
  • Sunday, November 2 for NRA endorsed candidate Aundre Bumgardner from 5-7 at the old EL ‘N’ GEE club on 86 Golden Street in New London
  • Monday, November 3 from 4-8 at the old El ‘N’ GEE Club in New London as a last day headquarters

Each person needs to bring a phone with them. The program is easy, they dial into a number, enter a pin, and the system automatically dials the numbers for them.  What appears on the person’s caller id says NRA and has the NRA’s main line so everyone’s personal information is safe.

Phone Banking for the CCDL Endorsed ticket of Foley/Somers contact these Field Offices: 

Southington HQ, 860-593-8093 – 26 N Main St (2nd Floor), Southington (Right by the Town Green) Madison HQ,  203-675-7488 1343 Boston Post Road, Madison (Near Lenny & Joe’s)

Vernon HQ, 203-577-8053 – 435 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon (In the Shoppes @ 30)

Norwich HQ, 860-705-3775 – 505 New London Turnpike (2nd Floor), Norwich (Same office as 2010)

New London HQ, 860-705-3775 – 88 Howard St (2nd Floor), New London (Same building as Neon Chicken)

Trumbull HQ, 860-670-7448 – 5893 Main St, Trumbull (Behind the Gas Station, Corner of Church Hill Rd and Main St)

CCDL Wisely Endorsed Tom Foley for Governor

This is a guest post by CCDL’s president, Scott Wilson.

Connecticut gun owners need to vote carefully on November 4th.

The CCDL Executive Board thoroughly vetted Tom Foley and the other candidates for this upcoming election. Tom has a good understanding of what the capabilities are with respect to the governor’s office. An unaffiliated candidate named Joe Visconti does not.

The majority of CCDL’s 16,000 members and other informed 2nd Amendment supporters are not buying into Visconti’s pledge of repealing Connecticut’s 2013 gun law. A sitting Governor CANNOT repeal a law, as Visconti has suggested.

The Governor can only sign a repeal bill “if” one is presented to them from the legislature. However, given the current make up of a majority of anti-gun politicians in Hartford, it is highly unlikely that a repeal bill would be presented in the upcoming session. This logic is an aside to the fact that Visconti cannot win at this stage of the game, nor could he ever, given his lack of financing and low polling numbers. All he can accomplish by people voting for him is helping Malloy win a second term.

Allowing Governor Malloy another four-year term either through inaction (not voting) or unwise action (voting for a spoiler such as Joe Visconti) would have dire consequences for Connecticut gun owners. There are MANY pieces of anti-gun legislation lying in wait to be introduced, should Malloy win a second term. The following is a list of restrictions that will be considered by the legislature, should Malloy get re-elected. These current proposals could likely impact ALL Connecticut gun owners.

  1. Registration of ALL FIREARMS on a regular basis, such as registering your car or truck. They are also reportedly considering a ‘magazine permit’, similar to a pistol permit.
  2. Limits to the amount and type of ammo you can purchase. Ammo purchases would also be limited to the caliber of firearms registered in your name.
  3. Mandate that all ammo be stamped with a traceable serial number i.e. Bullet “micro-stamping, significantly increasing the cost and availability of ammunition.
  4. Mandate that firearms imprint a unique serial number on cases when fired, i.e. ballistic imprinting. California already passed this and the result is that firearms manufacturers have refused to sell any new models of guns in CA.
  5. Limit the purchase of firearms to one gun per month.
  6. Gun Permits would be renewable EVERY YEAR with a $70 (or higher) fee. Increased permit eligibility requirements.
  7. Mandated “Smart-gun” technology, increasing the cost of firearms by as much as 500%.
  8. Eliminate the power and authority of the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners and Appeals.
  9. The State would abolish the current list of banned ‘assault guns’ and reintroduce a new list of ‘allowable’ firearms you can own and purchase. If it’s not on the list…you can’t EVER own it!
  10. Additional taxes and fees for all firearms, ammo, accessories, etc. making it more difficult for those with limited income to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Tom Foley will make sure that the rights of gun owners are not damaged further. He will help fix the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners by appointing fair-minded individuals. This is something that would fall well within his purview. He can and will remove Michael Lawlor (Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning) from his position. Both of these measures can be implemented starting from day one in a Foley administration.

CCDL, along with other plaintiffs, is actively in the midst of a constitutional challenge to this gun law via the Federal courts. We are headed to an appeal this December at the 2nd Circuit, and the aggrieved party of that decision, (us or the state) will be filing for Certiorari with the Supreme Court immediately after an opinion is rendered from the 2nd Circuit.

Lastly, I know (as do many others) that a candidate for governor in this state cannot win on guns alone. However a motivated base of 2A supporters, who show up to vote on Election Day, can potentially make a huge difference in a narrow election. This is exactly what we are facing. Please vote wisely with your choice for governor.


Scott Wilson Sr.
President- CCDL,Inc.

CCDL Mission Statement:
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut. We are especially dedicated to protecting the unalienable right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, for the defense of both self and state, through public enlightenment and legislative action.

We welcome anyone who believes that the defense of our constitutional rights is critical to the longevity of our freedom and to the success of this nation, and in particular that the rights to
self- defense and to keep and bear the arms to actualize that defense, are fundamental and undeniable.

To join CCDL or learn more about CCDL endorsed candidates, Please visit: www.ccdl.us

Press Conference Invitation

Date: 10/27/2014
Time: 9:30am
Location: Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford – North Side Capitol Steps (map)

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League invites our members and supporters to a press conference to welcome 2nd Amendment activists Timothy Knight from Colorado, and Sean Maloney from Ohio.

Both of these individuals are coming to Connecticut to help trigger the 2nd Amendment vote in the run up to the election on November 4th.

Timothy Knight was the founder of the Infamous Colorado Recall elections in 2013 in which sitting legislators were removed from office for their anti-gun votes and positions in the Colorado State Legislature.

Sean Maloney is an attorney, 2nd Amendment Activist and Leader of the Buckeye Firearms Association.

CCDL is proud that they are coming to Connecticut to offer their support with their 2 day visit (October 27th and October 28th).

Both Timothy and Sean will have an itinerary that includes guest radio spots, visits to firearms retailers and visits with gatherings of 2nd Amendment supporters in certain locations. Both of their efforts are widely acknowledged nationwide.

Itinerary details will be available Monday at the press conference. Brief bios are posted below and more information can be found about both their efforts on the web.

Press Contact:
Scott Wilson

Timothy Knight
Is the founder & architect of the 2013 Colorado recalls that sent gun-grabbing Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron packing and forced a third to resign. He teamed up with six other political novices, strangers to each other before but who made 137 years of Colorado history by recalling those two senators. They even beat a combined Obama-Clinton political machine backed by Bloomberg’s capital trying to stop them from accomplishing the impossible. And they did it twice in one day. What started as a spark in Colorado has become a brushfire of liberty and an inspiration to ordinary citizens across this great country. Timothy is an example that you CAN make a difference despite what may seem overwhelming odds.

Sean Maloney
Sean is a defense attorney and member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers who practices in all areas of firearm-related law, including 2nd Amendment rights, criminal defense, federal and state restoration of gun rights, and federal NICS appeals. He has appeared as an expert witness in a variety of civil lawsuits related to firearms. In addition, he is Chairman of the Butler County Friends of NRA Committee, a multi-discipline Certified NRA Instructor, NRA Golden Eagle Benefactor Life Member, NRA-ILA Election Volunteer Coordinator, NRA Board of Directors Grassroots Committee member, and Leader with the award-winning Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio. Counsels Ohio School Boards and assists them in implementing armed teachers and administrators after attending active killer training to keep our children safe. As a Volunteer fought MAIG head on in Colorado and won recall elections! Besides Ohio, traveled to Colorado, Virginia, and now Connecticut to work on NRA endorsed campaigns.

About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to nearly 16,000.

Thanks to this large support base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture of the capitol, well recognized by all committees that regularly see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit www.CCDL.us

Are You Registered To Vote?

Today is the last day to register to vote online or by mail in time to cast a ballot on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4. People may register online or by mail if postmarked by Tuesday, Oct. 21. To register online, visit www.voterregistration.ct.gov

If you are not sure if you are registered already, or don’t know where to vote, you can check that here.

All registrars of voters’ offices in Connecticut will hold a statewide in-person voter registration session on Tuesday, Oct. 28, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You may also register on election day, but not at the polls.
Contact your local registrar of voters or your town hall for more info on these sessions.

More information can also be found on the Secretary Of The State’s website at www.sots.ct.gov

CCDL can’t stress enough just how important this election is to gun owners. You, and everyone you know MUST get out on November 4th and vote for the CCDL-endorsed candidates. Polls will be open that day from 6am until 8pm. If you don’t know where you are supposed to vote, you can look it up here.

Pre Debate Rally Tomorrow!

The next big gubernatorial debate happens this Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Garde Arts Center in New London.
Governor Dannel Malloy will have both the unions and the gun grabbers rallying in his support before the debate. We really need CCDL members to show up and support CCDL’s endorsed candidate for governor, Tom Foley.

We would like you to show up at the Garde no later than 5pm wearing your CCDL gear or carrying CCDL signs if you have them. We need to show that the gun vote matters! If you get there early, look for CCDL/Foley people over at Tony D’s Restaurant around the corner on Huntington St.

Tickets to get into the debate will be available at the rally on a first come basis. If you are sure you can attend the rally, and would also like to see the debate, you can RSVP and reserve tickets by contacting Matt Joiner by phone at (860)705-3775 or emailing him at matthewbjoiner@gmail.com. Reserved tickets will be picked up at the rally. Please be respectful, and keep in mind that the supporters of other candidates will be trying to goad us into doing something to make gun owners look bad.

The Garde Arts Center is located at 325 State St, New London. Directions and parking info may be found here.
The rally will start at 5pm, and the debates will start at 7pm. All debate ticket holders must be in their seats by 6:50 p.m. or you will not get in.

October Monthly Meeting

CCDL holds its monthly general membership meeting at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Middletown, CT. Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 14, 2014.
All CCDL members are welcome and encouraged to attend. We have a request from the property owners to please do not park on the grass when attending the meeting.

Meeting Agenda
Oral Arguments for Shew v. Malloy slated for Early December!
Litigation Counsel for the NRA will be updating the CCDL membership at this meeting. The courts are moving faster than we expected. We anticipate the court will begin hearing oral arguments the week of December 8th, 2014. However it’s not set in stone yet and the date may still change. When we get the exact date the membership will be fully informed.

We’ll also be discussing a high-profile local court case, and it’s implications for CCDL members and how they can help.

This is our last meeting before Election Day. Elections are on November 4th and if Dan Malloy is re-elected gun owners can expect more restrictive measures to become law! There is still time to get involved. Check out the list of CCDL-endorsed candidates and find one you like and volunteer a few hours of your time. In 2010 Dan Malloy won by only 6,000 votes. If every CCDL member gets a few more people to vote for our candidates, we’ll be on our way to preventing even worse gun restrictions next year. We’ll have a few more candidates at the meeting talking about their views, and you will hear how important, easy and FUN it is to get involved. This may be one of the most important elections in our lives. If you value your right to keep and bear arms, you must get involved.

We sell CCDL merchandise at the meeting, buy it there and save on shipping.

Poker Run Shirts & Bandanas
If you didn’t get to buy these cool shirts and bandanas at the Poker Run last month, we still have some left. They will be for sale at the meeting.

I Vote 2A Shirts
Let people know how you plan to vote in the November elections with these “I VOTE 2A” CCDL shirts. I think we only have a few of these left.

Patches and Pins
We still have some of our latest limited run items; CCDL patches and pins. These $5 each and are meetings-only items, not for sale on the website.

Back by popular demand – magnets!
The return of the CCDL logo magnets. These are about the same size as our regular decals, but printed on a flexible magnetic material and are perfect for people who don’t want to permanently attach a vinyl decal to their vehicle. Priced at $5 each and sold at the meeting only.

Food Drive
CCDL collects canned goods/non-perishables at all our meetings to be donated to local charities. The holiday season is over, but people still need help year round. Please give what you can for those that need our help.

Middletown Elks
44 Maynard St
Middletown, CT 06457
October 14, 2014 7:00pm-9:00pm
Please park in the event lot to the left of the building (looking at it from Maynard St) and enter the upstairs banquet hall at the front of the building. please do not park on the grass!!

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Crime, Guns and Race: A discussion on today’s civil rights issues

CCDL is one of the sponsors of this event. There will be some great speakers there. Please attend if you can.

Hartford, CT October 1, 2014
It’s about time we had that talk. Crime, Guns and Race: A public discussion with NRA Board Member Ken Blackwell, Prof. Nicholas Johnson, author of “Negroes and the Gun”, Garland Hunt, Governor Appointee to Georgia State Pardon and Paroles and many other speakers.

October 11th from 9am – 12pm at the Mark Twain Museum in Hartford, CT (directions)

Regina V Roundtree, founder of CT Black Republicans and Conservatives (CBRAC) and President of the new CT chapter of The Frederick Douglass Foundation (CTFDF), announced today that Ken Blackwell, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association, Prof Nicholas Johnson, author of Negroes and the Gun along with Garland Hunt, Dean Nelson, Sonnie Johnson and Wayne Dupree will be panelists at a public forum in Hartford at the Mark Twain Museum.

“CBRAC was started for the purpose of building bridges and creating space for honest dialog and action to strengthen urban communities. Rarely has an opportunity presented itself in the urban community in which those who support the second amendment have had the opportunity publicly to paint a different picture than that occasionally presented by the media,” said Regina Roundtree, “The mis-impression is that people who live in areas with consistent high gun violence and high crime rates cannot or should not exercise their right to protect themselves.”

The forum will consist of two panels. The first panel, moderated by Ms. Roundtree, will discuss the intersections of criminal justice, race, second amendment rights and the history of guns in the black community. The second panel, moderated by Richard Ivory of HipHopRepublican.com, will discuss the use of social media and messaging in politics, as well as black conservatism. Both panels will be open to questions and answers from the public.

When asked about CCDL’s participation at the upcoming event, Scott Wilson replied, “The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is proud to take part in this event. It is the long term mission of our organization to advocate for 2nd Amendment rights for all individuals.”

The Federalist Society is a co-host for the morning forum. Peter Bowman, Esq., President of The Federalist Society, Connecticut Chapter), said “Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City have brought to the forefront issues of Guns, Race and Crime. Given the constitutional implications, recent Court rulings and environment in Connecticut about guns after Sandy Hook, we expect this forum will flesh out these issues in a
very intellectual manner,”

Further Information and tickets for both events can be found at www.ctfdf.org or www.ctbrac.org. All are welcome.

Both events are open to the press. Bios for the speakers can be found here www.ctfdf.org/speakers
For opportunities to interview the speakers, contact CBRAC Pres., Regina Roundtree at
cogent.consultant@gmail.com or 860-593-8483.

There will also be a cocktail reception/fundraiser later that evening in West Hartford where you will get to mingle with the guest speakers from the morning forum. This is not a CCDL event, but the money raised by this event will go toward an advertising push in the urban neighborhood papers just before the elections on Nov 4th. The audience that reads these papers are off the radar for large campaigns. For more info on the cocktail reception go here.

Help A Brother Out

I know money is tight, especially here in Connecticut. I know it also seems like everyone has their hand out; the government, political campaigns, and yes, CCDL. Well, here goes the hand again.

Scott Lazurek is a CCDL member who was arrested and his permit to carry a firearm revoked for exercising his rights. He was in the right, all charges were dismissed and the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners (BFPE) reinstated his permit after over a year delay because of case backlogs.

A few weeks ago the State Attorney General’s Office made the unprecedented decision to take both Mr. Lazurek and the BFPE to court in an attempt to overturn the Board’s decision and again revoke Mr. Lazurek permit. A copy of the summons can be downloaded here: Lazurek-Appeal (pdf)
It’s important to note here that Mr. Lazurek works in a profession that requires him to carry a firearm. The State’s actions are not just impacting his right to bear arms; it’s taking away his income.

CCDL is not involved in this case, but it’s importance to the rights of all gun owners in Connecticut should be obvious. Scott Lazurek needs all the help possible fighting to keep his right to carry a firearm, and by extension his profession. To that end a donation page has been set up to help defray his legal expenses. Please go to http://www.gofundme.com/f7dhi4 and donate whatever you can. After you donate, be sure to share this page with anyone and everyone you know who supports the state and federal constitution. Thank you.