Press Release On CT Primary Election

For Immediate Release-

Groton, CT- August 13th, 2014
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass-roots 2nd Amendment rights group) publishes the following press release —

CCDL President Scott Wilson Credits 2nd Amendment Supporters for Gubernatorial Primary Victory.

From Scott Wilson:

“Gun owners and Constitutional rights supporters had a hand in this primary election, and we will continue to work toward removing Governor Malloy from Office in November”.

“Our first step has been to help Senator John McKinney depart from politics as an elected official. We now have a candidate that is far better positioned to beat Malloy at the next level. Mr. Foley did not specifically seek out our help, but it is certainly our obligation to send Governor Malloy back to private life”.

“While this upcoming general election is about a lot more than just the interests of 2nd Amendment supporters, we know with certainty that we can make a big difference. The hope of CCDL is that more gun owners across the state will become involved in the upcoming general election effort ahead of this November”.

“For today, we are thankful that gun owners showed up and voted to protect our rights”.


Press Contact: Scott Wilson (CCDL President) Email:

About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in February 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate for second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to more than 14,000 members. Thanks to this large supportive base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture of the Capitol, and well-recognized by committees that oversee firearms related bills.

CCDL is also actively involved at the state Board of Firearms Permit Examiners. As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted with regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information regarding CCDL, please visit Welcome to the CCDL

23 thoughts on “Press Release On CT Primary Election

  1. One thing that seriously troubles me was that the turnout in yesterdays voting was that is was disturbingly LIGHT. Apparently few folks could be bothered to come out and pick the next Republican gubernatorial candidate. I hope this isn’t an indicator of what will happen in November!

    • Not every ccdl member is a GOP member … some are libertarians who vote to support the 2nd amendment wholeheartedly … Foley already said that he would not push for a repeal of PA13-3 … if he is not willing to push for this I have doubts about what he would do with anti legislation. Would he support mental health evals for gun owners to prevent crazies from possessing guns?

      • Who is Foley (or for that matter, Visconti) supposed to push for repeal?
        The very same people who passed it in the first place?
        How ya think that will work out?
        Unless/until you replace at least 43 anti-gun legislators with pro-gun ones (while not losing any current pro2a seats), repeal can and won’t happen.
        Any candidate or his supporters who claim otherwise are not being truthful and are just pandering for your vote.
        Foley has consistently said if we change the makeup of the House and Senate enough to get a repeal, he would sign it.

    • I may have posted a reply that seems not to be a reply to the OP..sorry OP … turnout in primaries always stinks … have faith that Malloy will be killed in NOV !

    • I agree with Mr. Best. I voted in Stamford at noon in a usually very busy district, and I was the only voter in the hall. There was only one sign in front of the place. For a second I thought I was there on the wrong day!

      I kind of expected to see at least a handful of fired up 2nd Amendment voters?

      We have to do better than this folks …


      I still own and enjoy shooting all my BesTuned air rifles as tuned by the aforementioned Mr. Best. Hope you are well sir.

      • Hi Larry..long time no see! I’m ok and looking forward to retirementsoon. Good to see you’re still active in the sport.

  2. Foley IS NOT THE BEST CANDIDATE…The 2nd supporters want Joe Visconti. Do some research. You need to support him & get the info out there. He is going to be on the ballot for Nov!!

    • If Visconti is on the ballot in November Malloy will win. There will be a split vote and both Repubs lose. Same way Clinton won when Ross Perot ran on the 3rd party.

      • The Perot comparison is spot on. The Rep. Party in CT is already at a disadvantage. Splitting the vote will virtually insure Malloy stays..and I think the Dems know it. Ideally I do support Joe V., but I’m certain he’ll fall short. Malloy only beat Foley by 6500 votes last time. We only need the same folks plus 7000 pissed Dems and independents to beat Malloy this time.

    • The main reason that I support Foley is NOT because he is the best guy on 2A, but because he is not anti-gun AND has a reasonable chance of beating Malloy. Sorry, but I can’t say the same for Joe. I supported Joe both financially and by spreading the word early on, but now that the primary is over he can only hurt our chances of taking the governorship away from the Democrats.

  3. First off, Joe Visconti is not an official candidate yet. Secondly, there is absolutely no way he can win Betty… And lastly, the idea was to defeat McKinney last night. Did Joe Visconti enter into a primary and do that? No he did not.

    • That is right Scott, Joe Visconti did not compete in the primary, People supporting him did not get him there, Tom Foley did get there, and he won the nomination from the Republican party, that is a “check”, the battle ahead is only 12 weeks away period.. As you beng who you are and have been should encourage “We” the People, to commit to Ousting Danny P Malloy…….. with a capital “Malloyism”, if you don’t like it, Leave

  4. Unfortunately Joe just doesn’t have a chance to win…and every vote that goes to him is one less that goes towards getting Malloy the hell outta there!! If he had a chance, I would vote for him! But the main goal is to get Malloy out, and unfortunately we are again forced to choose between the lesser of two evils…we need to vote Foley

  5. Fox CT news political analysts still have their head in the sand, last night they were saying Foley will have to annoy some pro 2a people to win the soccer mom votes.

    Said he needed to side with anti gunners, Basically.

    Don’t these people get that we made the difference? We made this happen and we will make it happen again in NOV!
    Half those soccer Moms are driving around w CCDL decals on their Range Rovers these days.
    Heck, I saw a CCDL decal on a Prius the other day!!!

    Carry on!

  6. I do believe there are probably more than 7000 dems pissed off at Malloy but Foley has to reach them to get them to vote for him or just stay home.

  7. I truly believe we need to take a stronger stand for Nov. With 15k members and at least two people per house hold (average), hundreds of gun clubs, gun stores, 100,000’s of hunters and CCP holders, we should carry the day. I am sorry Penny did not win but Somers has a strong NRA rating. So now is the time to start to really campaign and get people registered and get people to vote. I do not think we were strong enough on support and getting out the vote.Look at the vote total and realize not that many CCDL members voted. So this is the short-term message, vote the 2nd A candidate. The law suit is one thing but not the only thing and its resolution is a long ways away.. Get a Republican Senate and get a Republican Gov. and we have a chance to also fight from the legislature point of view. We are at the point of Stand and Fight in this election. Malloy, Wyman and the Demos must go and go now. So support those who support us, campaign against those who oppose us and get people excited and voting for our cause. We are fast coming to a point in this country where the solution is revolution unless we get the right candidates into place.

    • I agree … ccdl should be holding drills in front of the capitol bldg showing the state that people are preparing to defend themselves. Anyone in office today should have been talking about how business is done at the capitol – behind closed doors in violation of our constitution (Art 3, sec. 16)..instead its business as usual. Why should anyone feel that they need to follow laws that were made in violation of the processes required by law?

  8. I really think we will crush Malloy, in NOV, the spread was not that big last time.
    I personally have activated several previous non voters and helped show them that their lifestyle and goals are clearly republican. They all voted in the primary! These were people who never voted before in their lives.
    Didn’t even know the difference between a Dem or Rep.

    These are the votes that WILL make up the difference in NOV. Dems are great at car pooling, bussing whatever it takes to get their people to the voting booth.

    We need to be just as good at activating those who think and act republican.

    I have friends who live a clear republican or libertarian lifestyle,including being permit holders that continue to vote democrat , because Mom and Dad voted Dem. these are also people we need to educate and turn. We need to show them this is not their parents democrat party and that these democrats do not represent those lifestyle or goals.

  9. We need to also support Lori Hopkins Cavanaugh in the 2nd District for Congress against Rep. Joe Courtney.

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