2014 Legislator Of The Year

The CCDL Executive Board has selected someone for CCDL’s annual “Legislator of the Year” award. This award is to recognize legislators who have shown unwavering support for our 2nd Amendment rights during the past legislative session.

The first person to receive this award was State Rep Rob Sampson (District 80) in 2012. Last year we recognized State Rep Steve Mikutel from the 45th district.

This year, the Board has chosen State Senator Joe Markley (16th Senate district) to receive this award. CCDL President Scott Wilson had this to say about our choice:

“The Connecticut Citizens Defense League Executive Board is proud to have selected Senator Joe Markley to be the organization’s named “Legislator of the Year”. Though there was little activity during the legislative session pertaining to firearms issues, Senator Markley has been looking ahead into this election cycle with an eye towards protecting our rights. This year is crucial for the future of 2nd Amendment rights in Connecticut”.

As those of you who can attend our monthly meetings may already know, Joe attends many meetings himself and has been instrumental in helping CCDL members become more involved in the process of electing Pro2A legislators, as well as retaining those already in office.

Joe will receive his award at our August 12th monthly meeting in Middletown. We invite all CCDL members to attend and thank Senator Markley for helping us restore our rights here in Connecticut. Thank you, Joe!

3 thoughts on “2014 Legislator Of The Year

  1. We could not have picked a more deserving and better man for the award than Joe. I’ve known him for 25 years and he is a big rock that continues to be a significant part of the foundation of our efforts to protect and defend the 2nd. Great choice for us. Congratulations, Joe..

  2. Thank you, Joe, for all that you do to protect our rights. I can think of no other legislator in the Connecticut General Assembly who is as committed, effective and tireless an advocate for the protections of our freedom established in the U.S. Constitution and CT Constitution. You are a rare find and special gift to the people of Connecticut. God bless you. – Martha Dean

  3. If people are waiting for government officials to graciously acknowledge and respect our rights then they are living in a dream world. Its nice he is on our side but everybody should be.

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