Legislators Endorsing McKinney

Note: This is a guest post by CCDL President Scott Wilson.

During the gun control debates and subsequent vote over Senate Bill 1160 in 2013, a number of pro 2A legislators from both parties stood by gun rights supporters. In contrast, there were those that failed to support our 2nd Amendment rights. This latter group we have essentially written off as a lost cause.

It is now 2014, and some of those staunch and supportive state legislators who stood by us and voted to defend our constitutional rights last year are now endorsing State Senator John McKinney for Governor. These endorsements seem to put gun rights supporters in a dilemma. How can we rationalize supporting a legislator who votes our way one day, and then harms our cause the next day? One gets the feeling that it is back to business as usual in Hartford.

I will state my feelings directly without mincing any words.
There is no dilemma.
There is no accepting of legislators who endorse a candidate for governor that helped write the most damaging gun law in the history of our state. There is no accepting rationalization to support a John McKinney for Governor campaign. We should hold our legislators to consistent principles that do not waver, and these elected officials should have considered this before endorsing John McKinney.

Some of these legislators are retiring, so there is really no loss of skin for their actions, but others are running for re-election. Those that are running again certainly deserve to hear how we feel about their support for John McKinney.

CCDL and coalition partners that are teamed up in the ‘Shew v. Malloy’ lawsuit have so far exhausted tremendous time, effort and resources attempting to undo the damage that has been created from the passage of SB1160. Now our supposedly pro 2A legislators endorse John McKinney? Too much work has gone into this to let the possibility of another anti-gun candidate become the governor of Connecticut. In my mind, there is no justification of any kind that qualifies Senator McKinney for higher office. Those legislators who have endorsed him should realize this quite plainly.

Considering the resolve that these particular legislators have shown by standing up for the 2nd Amendment both last year and in prior years, we feel we have been let down tremendously by them on the back-end. I for one do not care how good people think John McKinney is in the legislature. When we needed him the most, he sold us out for a populist position and hurt Connecticut gun owners incalculably.

These pro 2A legislators that have publicly endorsed Senator McKinney may be wise to carefully consider their allegiance to him for two reasons:

  1. The mission is to defeat Dannel Malloy in November. There is no way that enough of the state’s 500,000+ gun owners will hold their noses and vote against their rights for McKinney to win.
  2. There is a tremendous risk that these incumbents will lose support from their gun owning constituents.

Either way, being the president of CCDL, I feel duty bound to point out those that seek to help elect John McKinney to higher office. Hence the need for this commentary.

Scott Wilson
President- CCDL, Inc.

CT State Senators that have endorsed John McKinney for Governor

CT State Reps that have endorsed John McKinney

29 thoughts on “Legislators Endorsing McKinney

  1. Well put as usual Scott. Since the passage of the law, I have been praying for something that will unify ALL CT gun owners to vote appropriately. ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. If we don’t take a unified stand in this election, we are done. I have also felt that if this law is not overturned, if CT gun owners do not show our resolve, we will see this law “blueprinted” and spread across the country. CT IS the Crossroads of Second Amendment liberty. If we don’t win here, we will lose every where.

  2. Well, sadly one of those legislators is in my area and I was going to be working on his campaign. I will have to tell him that I can no longer help him out. It is sad because he is generally a good guy. I even told him I was going to reach out to CCDL for him, now I don’t need to as I can guess what the response would be.

    One other name on the list is someone that I don’t know personally but have had some indirect contact with and his wavering and waffling does not surprise me. He tried to rally support for a recent candidate but refused to answer any questions about where that candidate stood on a number of issues. He just wanted blind support without knowing who I would be supporting.

  3. I just left a voice message for Robert Kane questioning the backing. I also left a message for Dave Labriola even though he’s not on the list yet. The politicians are sticking together. They will scratch each others back with a smile. WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND MAKE NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER!! HUZZZZZZZZZZAH!!!!

  4. Excellent statement Scott. This is extremely disheartening news. I am particularly disappointed in Sean Williams. It is surprising that they are doing this before there is even a convention vote, much less wisely waiting until the Primary, since there will be a primary. senseless to risk themselves for him when this issue is so prominent among interested voters this year.

  5. We, (all firearms owners) have unite for “common cause”. A group divided-(“I’m strictly a Hunter….Bench rest…Black powder,etc….So, the legislation on AR’s doesn’t affect me-school of thought.) will not succeed. These Anti-gun legislators are incrementalists-one Draconian gun law after another….until we have LOST our Constitutional right to bear arms. I’ve met some gun owners who couldn’t care less about the AR restrictions. They’re shotgun enthusiasts who go for skeet & birds and they feel unaffected. Nobody outlawed that, YET. Sometimes the apathy is frustrating when trying to convince certain gun owners about political choices that may affect the future. With these people I think the problem has to literally “Bite them in the ass”before they’re willing to take the action needed to return Connecticut to a pro 2A state. Politically punish, (with extreme prejudice) those who had a hand in creating these anti-American gun laws by voting for and assisting those who FULLY support the 2A cause.

  6. My senator, Rob Kane, disappointed me with his endorsement. I wish that he had done this BEFORE my wife and I sent in our checks supporting a candidate whom I believed to be firm in his 2A commitment. Alas, Rob seems to have lost his grip on our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I’d like my money back.

  7. I sense the fourth box being dusted off. Should have been done long ago.

  8. We need to make it clear to these legislators – any action, even indirect, that harms our rights needs to have a clear “negative consequence”. We all need to have a laser focus on making 2A a “third rail topic”. It doesn’t matter what they did in the past; you touch our rights, you’re done.

  9. Okay, so let me ask this of everyone. Who is worse if it comes down to McKinney versus Malloy in the actual election? We all know Malloy WILL push the anti-gun agenda even further. After all, it was HIS final signature that put SB1160 into law. I have seen over and over his smug responses to SB1160 and its unconstitutionality. He is also a Democrat and it seems to me it is in their nature as a party to push the anti-gun agenda NO MATTER WHAT. So again, what happens if it comes down to McKinney versus Malloy? I just don’t know if I could vote for Malloy because he really is “bad news” and I cannot stand by and watch, no let him win by just sitting it out during the election. He (Malloy) CANNOT have my vote and he needs to be punished even more and be voted out. I don’t think I could EVER vote for a Democrat anyway, especially after all that has recently happened in the blue states and with the current administration – no matter what they “promise”. I just do NOT trust that party at all when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. I can also tell that Malloy is NOT done with CT and gun control – mark my words. Will CT slowly become the next NJ under Malloy, likely yes. Face it, the SCOTUS just blew off a very important NJ case and my guess is that permitting will be on the chopping block soon enough in CT, the Dems are waiting patiently for the 2015 legislative session.

    I do realize the intent is to “spank” McKinney for how he voted but another 4 years of Malloy, really? Is that the best way to go in the end? Isn’t it best to ensure Malloy is “spanked” right out of office first? If not, I am not sure I can take another barrage of anti-gun bills as was seen in 2013 with Malloy still in office. I am sure we’ll see the same barrage from the start in 2015 with dozens of insane bills some that would sure get passed.

    I guess the question is which of the two is the lesser of two evils??

  10. I just contacted my representative Rob Kane. (that I was shocked to see on that list) I suggest everyone who’s representative endorses Mckinney let them know of your disapproval and why as well.

  11. Mckinney does not deserve our vote “gb”. It is not a matter of the lesser of two evils, it is a matter of no evils.

  12. We are in a tough position here. Nobody reading this wants Malloy in for another term, but it still can happen. This state is democratically strong because we attract those who benefit most from a liberal state. Those same people do NOT want to give up their benefits..and there are a lot of them.
    Even if all registered republicans voted for McKinney, the sheer number of votes to defeat Malloy just isnt there. Add a third party pro 2A candidate and the conservative side gets split even further. We cannot afford to simply preach to the choir. We need to make converts of some Dems and independents if this is going to work..and we cannot afford to wait..the hard work must start now.

    • The latest poll shows that Foley is again tied with Malloy. I hope the GOP has the good sense to nominate him. He is the only one that can win. GOP, I say it again. I have never voted for a democrat but if you nominate McKinney, I WILL VOTE FOR MALLOY. McKinney will not be Governor. I don’t care how much damage Malloy does to Connecticut.

      • Oh Bill, Bill, Bill, you’ll vote for the man who signed into law the destruction of the Second Amendment in CT? Please say it ain’t so! Write in Scott Wilson’s name before you do that! We definitely don’t need any “incidental” votes for Malloy; such will only be tacit support for his actions against CT Gun Owners–which you are, yes?

        • I vote for Malloy over McKinney…………If the Republican doesn’t win, Malloy will. Case closed. No write in or third party has a chance. If Malloy wins by 50 votes or 50,000 it doesn’t matter. If Malloy looses by 1000 votes they will just recount and create enough votes to win. The most important thing is to make sure McKinney is finished and the GOP knows he cant win. They have to know to nominate him GUARENTEES A MALLOY WIN. Don’t do it GOP, you have been warned. Its not just me but friends and relatives too…………

  13. Already left my 2 cents with Senator Kane, he has assured me that he’ll be in touch with a full response via phone call.

    Rob Kane was pretty outspoken with his opposition to SB1160, speaking at length the night of the vote. Representatives ready and willing to speak out on behalf of gun owners should not be discarded hastily.

    Make sure your opposition is known, however. Regardless of his otherwise respectable voting record, McKinney failed the SB 1160 litmus test, and should face those consequences.

  14. Here is the problem, While Malloy signed the bill McKinney Authored part of it and ushered the rest in. Neither one of them deserves less blame than the other.

    So how do we make sure that this choice does not come down to Malloy vs. McKinney? Well we start calling our RTC’s and our Delegates and urging them to vote against McKinney. While Folley has the traction is some parts of the state, Visconti has it in others. Dean has not really campaigned much. However any of the three of them would be better choices. The3re will probably be a primary battle, and in the post convention days at least one petition drive. So we need to mobilize to get the right candidate on the ballot.

  15. I recently took my father in law shooting. He’s never held a gun before. I explained the overstep of SB1160 because my purchase of ammunition for him was a Class D Felony. We need everyone to be aware of the overstep of this law. It’s not all about the AR15. Fathers can’t teach sons or daughters how to shoot without technically breaking a law. Find people who have never seen a gun before and have the conversation with them. Explain how it affects you (you could easily become a felon) and ultimately will affect our next generations. Show examples of how it could lock you up (a productive, non-violent member of society with a family). Explain how shootings in New Haven and Hartford continue after SB1160. There has been no changes in criminal behavior, yet every gun owner in the state is afraid to leave the house because governor Malloy and his sheep are clueless.

    Our government is slowly spinning out of control and in the next 5-20 years will cause huge revolutions by the people. People laugh at the tyrannical government part of the 2nd amendment, but we will see issues in our lifetime where this is a reality. The Constitution is literally hanging by a thread right now and our lawmakers can’t be trusted. They don’t look longterm and have tunnel vision.

    Guns are something that pass down from generation to generation. This government has put me in a situation that if my father or brother pass, I will not be able to inherit some of their more valuable firearms. The law is a pile of BS and my kids aren’t safer from it.

  16. To those who say they would vote for Malloy over McKinley – are you fugf**k nuts?!?! This isn’t Australia – there’s not legal requirement to vote.

  17. http://www.cga.ct.gov/olm/guides/guide/Guide.pdf

    CT publishes almost all their names, addresses, and most telephone numbers in the GA”s legislative guides that they publish every year. Shoot them a letter or call and let them know that they are not friends to a free society and that they can not expect any support from you and will advise others to do the same.

    • Mike, did you actually READ the post????

      WE are NOT endorsing McKinney. Never ever going to happen.

  18. Thankfully Republicans had the sense to nominate Tom Foley for Governor. However Boughton and McKinney won an automatic primary. Well McKinney was added to split Foley’s opposition. No, Foley does not want McKinney for governor!!! It is good strategy because he is in a better position in a 3 way race than a 2 way. Joe Visconti received less than 5% but wishes to petition onto the primary ballot. I know Joe V is a good guy and would make a great Governor but if you get less than the percentage necessary to win a primary in a vote of all Republicans, you are not going to win a general election. A contentious primary is why Foley lost last time and why we don’t have a good hearted successful businessman in the White House instead of what we suffer from today. We will probably have The New USSR by the time his term is up. Lets unite behind Tom Foley and kick Malloy’s ass back to the rock he slithered out from under.

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