Friday Special Election – East Granby, Suffield, Windsor

On Friday April 11, 2014 there will be a special election in the 61st Assembly District to fill the House seat that had been held by Rep. Elaine O’Brien (D) before her recent death. O’Brien voted yes last year to take away your gun rights. The 61st District is made up of East Granby, Suffield, and parts of Windsor.

The only pro-gun candidate in this election is Tami Zawistowski. Tami has publicly stated that if she had been in office, she would not have voted for the recent anti-gun bill. Tami ran for this same seat in 2012, and lost by less then 500 votes, so we have a really good chance to flip a House seat from anti-gun to pro-gun. And that’s what we MUST do. As long as the anti’s have a majority in the House and Senate, they are going to keep chipping away at your right to keep and bear arms until it’s gone completely.

To learn more about Tami and her views on other issues, visit her website at
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If you are not sure where to go to vote, you may look it up here.

2 thoughts on “Friday Special Election – East Granby, Suffield, Windsor

  1. Congratulations to Tami for her big win. I see Labriola taking credit on behalf of RINOs. For what it’s worth, I’ve already asked my reps (both Republican and both who voted against PA13-3) to convey to Labriola that these special elections aren’t being won by his RINO efforts, but by citizens outraged at the legislature pissing on their rights.

    To that end, I’m concerned about the gubernatorial race. Visconti, Dean, and Foley each have their own merits and drawbacks (whether they are strong advocates of rights but less able to win a state election or have come very close to winning the governor’s office but are less open about their advocacy for the 2A). I see NYSRPA is already backing a candidate for the upcoming NY governor’s race. My concern is that we wait too long as a group to throw our full support behind one of the above candidates. At what point do we, collectively, choose one and run with them? Viewing the comments on some CCDL blog posts, I see three entrenched camps of supporters. When do we become one? Divided we fall, again.

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