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Of course we really hope you are here in Hartford right now for the big rally, but for those who just can’t make it, we are going to attempt to broadcast it live right here. We’ve never tried this before, so I apologize in advance if it doesn’t work. It was kind of a last minute idea, and by the time you read this, we’ll already be at the rally. If it works, you should be able to watch the rally below. If it doesn’t work, we’ll still have it all up on our YouTube channel as soon as possible. And since you couldn’t make it, you can still help out by making a donation to our Litigation Fund, which goes toward fighting this unconstitutional and ineffective law in federal court.

Video streaming by Ustream

If the above isn’t working, try this link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/connecticut-citizens-defense-league

UPDATE: Stay tuned, we’re working hard to edit all the video and photos from yesterday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the video’s as soon as they’re posted.

28 thoughts on “Rally Live Streaming

  1. I left that Communist state two years ago and never looked back. To hell with our home-grown hitlers and stalins. These people have a lust for power, and they will do ANYTHING for it.

  2. Would be great id someone could move the camera to pan the crowd, to get the feel of the event.

  3. The audio is overmodulated. Can’t understand a word that’s being said. Also, I know you put this together at the last minute but could someone pan the camera to the crowd once in a while?

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  5. I was there. Many people attending. Since Malloy pushed this bill through I have never felt so disenfranchised as a US citizen. I am a moderate leaning both ways depending on the topic but I am 100% behind the 2nd amendment. I voted for Malloy the last time, I am supporting his opponent this time. Oh do I feel betrayed.

  6. Awesome Rally Guys.

    I really wanted to be there but with sudden serious foot complications I was not able to attend. Really enjoyed the live feed.

  7. SO Very HAppy to see So many Connecticut gun and firearm fans! I would have been a D.A. enthusiast, if I could have been there

  8. I was there and was so pleased to see such a great turn-out. Groups from all over the Country came to assist us in Connecticut. Thanks Brothers and Sisters for your compassion! 2nd Amendment lives on! CARRY ON!

  9. Sorry we couldnt pan the camera or even answer questions. Camera was in a fixed position, and was actually unmanned.
    Don’t worry though, we’ll have video up on our youtube channel ASAP.

  10. Thanks CCDL for all your patriotic hard work and dedication, organizing, supporting and bringing attention to Connecticut’s outright attack on the Constitutional Rights of all of our citizens. The silent majority has been awaken as a result, just in time in an election year to make a difference. The only ones going away will be any current elected official that has voted to betray the majority, chipping away at our rights. .

  11. Thank CCDL ! thank everyone who came. Next time we need the “arm chair” patriots to attend. There were about 1500- 2000 people in attendance this was an estimate.I don’t know exactly the real # Anyone else Know ?

    • The Capitol Police are officially saying over 3000. We think it was higher. We’ll have an aerial photo posted soon and people can decide for themselves.

      • WTNH reported “Hundreds” and “large” crowd in another FB post. I really wish someone officially representing CCDL and other organizations would address this liberal bias with ALL of the press and make it widely known that these good folks of the late Fourth Estate are being called out on it. Commenters on these articles in social “media” are great but trolls create diversion and distraction. Because of these alleged “news” outlets, public perception is distorted and people remain apathetic, uneducated or believe their views via deception are accurate. Please consider a formal response. I could not be there but my deeply felt gratitude to all who will stand for the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

          • LOL yep – and yet one MORE reason he has got to go! Although, what they practice in any case is yellow journalism at best.

          • Mainstream media promote Communism and sodomy. They are the scum of the earth, just as are most politicians.

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