First Anti-Gun Bill Of The Session

Well, despite assurances from just about everyone in the State Legislature from the Governor on down that there would be no gun-control bills this session, it looks like we have one only 2 weeks in.

to make it a crime to carry a firearm or other deadly weapon on the property of the Veterans’ Home or other Department of Veterans’ Affairs property.


Remember this is only a raised bill. It will go to a committee that will decide if it should move forward or not. If you would like to contact the members of the committee, here is their contact info. If you happen to live in a committee member’s district, make sure you tell them that when you contact them. Remember to be polite when you voice your concerns.

Veterans’ Affairs Committee

18 thoughts on “First Anti-Gun Bill Of The Session

  1. As a veteran, I’m once again amazed that they feel perfectly comfortable giving me a gun, cannon, missile, what have you when I am deployed to protect their sorry behinds, but feel I can’t be trusted to carry a gun or a pocket knife on US soil.

    • You should express remorse for your service. I am proud to say that I have successfully convinced my nephew and now 3 of his friends to not join the military. Why would they defend a country that would deny their right to defend themselves. In the final analysis, the U.S. government is only asking (in my day, forcing, and may again through conscription) one to defend their right to oppress the citizens over that of a foreign entity.

  2. You na├»ve people have been lied to again!!! You really believe politicians when they “assure” you that they will not trample any further on your liberty?????????? This, along with the people who lined up to register their lawfully purchased weapons and mags, and the advice to always be “polite” when contacting those who want to destroy your freedoms…….. indicates to me that there is no hope for CT, and CT is lost.

    You can appeal all you want, write letters and emails all you want and yell and shout at your gun rallies at the capital all you want, all the while, the “bullies” are laughing and in shock at how apathetic the free people have become.

    We have a Bill Of Rights that is the envy of the world, and yet we are too afraid, too comfortable to actually fight for our freedoms.

    If the oppressed people in Venezuela were given the 2nd Amendment and the sheer number of firearms that we enjoy, there would be no more oppression, as they would chase the police, military and politicians right out of the nation.

    I think what bothers me more than the blatant, arrogant attack on freedom in CT by traitor politicians, is the amount of apathy amongst the so called “patriots” and freedom lovers.

    • Time to get on the phones, and in the committee hearings and start harassing and bullying them back. Make it more comfortable for them to do nothing. That is how human nature works.

        • Why so secretive? If it’s so great, and so effective, here’s you chance to share it with thousands of willing students.

      • A little hint: if we keep doing the same things and expect different results, well, that describes either a fool or insane, maybe both. Only a fool who trusts in the system that is severely broken, corrupt, and an enemy to liberty, and believes that politicians who could give two sh##s about you liberty, would believe that doing the same things and obeying freedom destroying, anti-Constitutional laws, will actually change things.

  3. Connecticut Constitution, Article 1, Section 15:
    “Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.”
    They swore an oath to uphold it. Let’s dump these oath breakers in November.

    • Take it a step further, go to these committee hearings, and demand that they place armed guards at all gun free zones, and require each gun free zone to provide a gun check, where gun owners may lock their sidearm and spare magazines into a locker, to which the possess the only key. Much like a locker at the bus terminal.

      In this way, those who are armed to protect themselves against a stalker are never subject to having to disarm to go about their affairs.

  4. I think that raised bills and committee bills should be abolished … you never know who (other than the chairs that let them in) produced it … and finding out is a big hassle

  5. In my letter to the “reps” I reminded them that the murders committed in 3 major cities in CT are on the FBI’s top ten list in the NATION for violent crimes. Far more than 26 people are murdered in those cities annually. Where is the task force curing that threat to public safety? Where is the E-cert measures to prevent those murders and violent crimes? Why are they allowing early release of violent offenders? I guess those issues are not as exciting.

    Instead, they’d like to kick off the Legislative session disarming Veteran that served our country and their families. Brilliant!
    If there is ever a crime on a Veteran property, the police will be there in about an hour and half or less.

  6. Never ever believe what these politicians say. You know the old saying, “How can you tell when a politician is lying? When his mouth is moving.

  7. No question this is a bad bill, but can anyone explain why we even need a state law to regulate activity on VA property? Isn’t the VA federal? Don’t they usually claim that they don’t have to follow state law? It seems to me that this bill would be useless and unenforceable, and thus in addition to being unconstitutional is a waste of time.

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