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NOTE: This is a guest post by CCDL’s Fundraising Coordinator, Bob Ferguson.

We had a great CCDL meeting last night with 600+ in attendance. Tom Foley was there to speak to the membership and give his views on PA 13-3 and how the result would have been far different had he been governor. Brian Stapleton, our lead attorney was also there and he gave an excellent presentation on where our case stands, particularly in relation to recent the Federal decision on the NY S.A.F.E. Act. We also introduced ALL of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Here are the highlights.

Foley gave a good speech that addressed the new gun laws and his views on the 2nd Amendment. He also focused on the many other reasons that he wants to become Governor, including the poor economic mess that our state is in. His remarks made it clear that he IS a gun owner and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment but he is also not a one-issue candidate. There was a brief Q&A session and Foley was asked if he would “repeal SB-1160.” his answer was: “If the legislature was so inclined — the chances of that happening this year is probably the definition of zero — if I were governor and the legislature put in front of me legislation that would reduce the burden on law-abiding gun owners, I would sign it,” I have read comments on other forums that this was a “weak” answer, which in my opinion is not the case. He simply stated that a Governor can’t repeal a law on his own. That has to come from the legislature. However, he said he would sign a repeal if we are able to change the legislature and they put one on his desk.

Brian Stapleton, the lead attorney in the case brought out several positive points about the SAFE act decision that were not widely reported by the media. Brian is also on the legal team for the NY case. Although the decision in the NY case isn’t binding to our case, he was very optimistic going in to the oral arguments on Jan 30th. They key positive in the NY decision was that the Magazine limitation was ruled unconstitutional and found to be “arbitrary” and in fact placed a burden on citizens’ rights to self-defense. That is almost verbatim to our argument in CT. The NY judge also invalidated the prohibition on semi-auto “copies” of fully automatic firearms. One of the most important decisions in the NY case was that the judge found that ALL the firearms in question were “in common use for lawful purposes” which IS the litmus test that the US Supreme Court applied in Heller. NY state and the State of CT have both argued that NONE of the semi-auto rifles or magazines they banned were prevalent in common use or represented a significant market share. This ruling gives us a FAR better case when this moves toward the 2nd Circuit court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. The judge in our case is Alfred Covello who was appointed by George H.W. Bush in 1992. Regardless, whichever side looses in this round will clearly appeal the decision so it’s still a long fight.

In addition to the key speakers, Jonathan Hardy and Beth Drysdale gave an excellent presentation on how to testify at the legislature. There is little doubt that the gun-grabbers will be back for more this session and we can’t give in…not an inch. Last time they listened to NAA, MDA and CAGV. Now, they know that gun owners are a force to be reckoned with.

We also got to meet ALL the plaintiffs in the lawsuit face to face. These are some very courageous people to come forward and put their name on a lawsuit that will follow them for the rest of their lives. They deserve out gratitude. All-in-all, it was one of the best and largest CCDL meetings that I have attended.

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  1. Thanks I will continue to contribute each month. If found in our favor and the state appeals can we than buy and carry band items pending appeal outcome?

    • The short answer to your question is maybe.

      Judges sometimes restrict enforcement of their own rulings, to give the courts time to sort out the appeals.

  2. Thanks for the recap. Sorry I was not able to amke the meeting.

    I did not find Tom Foley’s answer to be weak, but he has had other weaker answers before. I just hope that he was not pandering to the audience. One question I will be asking him is if he will actively campaign with/for candidates who voted in favor of CT’s anti-2nd amendment law. That will really show where he stands. I am glad that he made it clear he was not a one issue candidate, because having dealt with a few of them, they can be frightening people politically.

    As for us being a force to be reckoned with, well the attendance by CCDL and other allied groups last year in Hartford showed that we were and the liberals still paid us no mind, while doing the bidding of a few smaller and often less vocal groups. I hope this year is different.

  3. It was a great meeting. Glad I was there. Feeling optimistic for January 30th. We need to make these gun grabbing Liberals feel the err of their ways even more so…

  4. I wish I could have got in to the meeting! I looked for a parking space but couldn’t find one! (Unless I parked 3/4 mi. away.) I had to work late so it’s my own fault for not getting there EARLY.(A lesson learned for February’s meeting) I’m hopeful for a positive outcome @ the “hearing”. We need to REPEAL this injustice done upon the law abiding firearms owner. I cannot think of a firearm in more “Common Use” than the AR-15.(as far as rifles are concerned. ) There is a movement in this country, bent on denying the common man/woman their constitutional right to bear arms. This “movement” has many faces.(the Brady center,Mayor’s against gun violence-of which Hartford’s mayor does belong…the media in general,violence policy center, former Miramax CEO winestien & Hollywood’s elite….Meryl Streep being among them.) I’m sure people such as movie mogul Winestien, actress Streep,CNN blowhard Pierce Morgan and their ilk DON’T employ ARMED bodyguards….(right?) They simply drive THEMSELVES to: work,meetings w/world leaders,personal errands,etc… and they ALL live in MODEST neighborhoods w/minimal security precautions? And they want YOU to know…THEY don’t own guns. They’d like YOU to not own guns…(but, their highly trained BODYGUARDS do carry FIREARMS. So they can quickly “neutralize” ANY threat to their well healed lives.)

  5. On a side note…I tried to order a new replacement item (Ergo Large Frame Grip) from and here was their response:

    Assault weapon parts – Until the new Connecticut law is clarified, no assault weapon parts will be shipped to CT.

    If they’re doing this to us, who’s going to be next to screw us over?

    • Can’t blame them right? The draconian legislation is preventing this hesitation of companies in conducting business here that may involve “illegal” items, as so deemed by the Constitution hating liberals that were voted into and continue to be voted into office. A lot of companies are just checking CT off on their list of states to avoid, along with the former state of NY.

      Why would they risk it, when the south and southwest/northwest is saying, ” we have no problems with your “assault” products here”

    • Same thing for me; I needed a lower parts kit for a CT registered AR, and they said they can’t sell assault weapons parts. Other dealers didn’t have the issue. I believe Palmetto is looking at the language that bans items that can convert a non-AW into an AW. I can’t necessarily blame them, but yet another way that this law is leaving such confusion.

      • I have a related problem. I have a Curio & Relic FFL. I have been buying ammo for years over the internet and the new unconstitutional law “allows” me to continue that. I have had to plead with suppliers to accept my license and some still won’t because they are confused by the 100+ page law.. How is that not a violation of interstate commerce? Sad Joke! We need to work really hard to remove from office all that voted for this disaster.

      • JoeBob, Midway, Brownells, Del-Ton, DPMS, Amazon, and Ebay don’t seem to have that problem either…right now.
        BTW, Palmetto will still ship ammo to CT as long as you have a valid DL and PP on file with them.

  6. It amazes me that folks want Foley to make a statement that will be used against him on a subject that has no possibility of happening……….This will be a much tougher year to enact gun legislation. Its an election year and the shock and horror of Newtown is fading…………..I hope there are meetings going on analyzing which legislators are most vulnerable and in desperate need of a new career path. Meyer should be high on the list. Kick his carpet bagging ass out of the senate and back to NY where it belongs…………….Finally, we must prevent this idea of exempting hunting ammunition from the permit requirement. It is nothing but a divide and conquer scheme conjured up because of greater than expected flack from hunters. Its the perfect opportunity to for them to open a new gun bill, load it with other BS, then claim there is something for everybody in it.

    • We need to be very active politically. I joined my town’s RTC, got elected to ZBA in November and am going to attend all the State and local meetings I can to change things back to how they should be.

      Let’s fight these SOB’s! Help campaign, vote, demand that your gun owning friends get involved. We should have 10,000 people at rallies not 1000 or so. Also the public hearings were well attended last year but again it was a mere fraction of gun owners in CT. I belong to a club with 500 members I think less than a dozen got involved. First our guns of choice next semi auto skeet guns, 22’s, etc.

  7. I have pasted a link revealing the ignorance and agenda of many in the film industry, get ready to fight hard for your freedoms people, the anti-gun crowd are enemies in the truest sense, enemies of liberty. There NEEDS to be 10,000 gun owners at the upcoming rally. Tell your apathetic friends who are hunters, and don’t think all this fuss over “assault” weapons and magazine capacity, to get off their a## and do whatever it takes to be at the rally.

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