Lots of people are asking about all the various new forms that they need to fill out and submit, so here they are in one place. All are in pdf format.

Firearms Record Request

Assault Weapon Registration

Assault Weapon Sworn Affidavit

Large Capacity Magazine Declaration (with affidavit)

Ammunition Certificate Application (can not be mailed in; must be submitted in person at DESPP, Middletown, CT)

Pistol Permit/Eligibility Certificate Application

4 thoughts on “Forms

  1. Yesterday I called the state police about the “Long Gun Eligibility” certificates. They said that the NRA basic rifle or CE/FS course is required for the certificate. No other courses are acceptable (such as NRA basic shotgun).

  2. This stuff is good to have. Thanks……Maybe (Fairfield County) should be removed from the affidavit though. Should that be the county I live in or the county the Notary is in?

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  4. Has anybody yet asserted a Fifth Amendment right NOT TO disclose ANYTHING to the State? (when it comes to alleged ‘assault’ weapons or magazines) Or is the general consensus to swear-out the forms, and thereby “incriminate” ones self?

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