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OK, here are the pumpkins I got for the contest a few weeks ago. Not as many as I had hoped for.
First up is the original. I understand there is a new and improved version of this, but I haven’t seen it yet.

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I also got one other entry which really isn’t a carved pumpkin, but I said I would include it, so here ya go.

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The Right To Carry in State Forests and Parks

Help Return The Right To Carry in State Forests and Parks in Connecticut

Governor Malloy is asking for a wide variety of input from the public on current regulations that affect Connecticut citizens in numerous ways.
It is currently a violation of state regulations to carry a firearm for personal protection in state parks and state forests. Pistol Permit holders go through training, background checks and pay a lot of money to obtain these permits. Since the Governor is asking for change recommendations, please take this opportunity by using the instructions below.
  • Fill out your Name, Email Address and Town.
  • field Regulations Agency drop-down, Select “Energy and Environmental Protection, Dept of”
  • field Regulation Subject Matter: enter handguns in State Forests/Parks
  • field Regulation Section Number: Enter 23-4-1(c) and 26-66-2
  • In the Comments enter the following text:
Please modify the State Agencies Regulations to allow individuals with valid Permits to Carry Pistols and Revolvers to carry a handgun for self defense while in CT State Parks and Forests. Specifically:– Remove the prohibition on the ‘carrying of firearms’ in Section 23-4-1(c) of the Connecticut Agencies Regulations
– Add an exemption to 26-66-2 to allow the carrying of pistols and revolvers (including handguns using center-fire ammunition) for the purposes of self defense.
Finally Click Submit
Thank you for taking the time to make a difference!

Gun For Sale – Fundraiser

Scott Hoffman of Hoffman’s Gun Center in Newington, now has for sale a truly one of a kind gun. He has pledged to donate the proceeds from the sale to help fight Connecticut’s unconstitutional gun laws.

The gun is the first ever Model 629 to be produced by Smith & Wesson. It was originally donated to help raise money for the 1980 Olympic Shooters. This gun sold in a closed auction in 1979 for $80,000. It is now being offered for $100,000, with the proceeds to help fight the unconstitutional gun laws in Connecticut, the birthplace of the firearms industry.

Check out the listing on Gunbroker for more info on the history of this gun, and lots more photos of this work of art. And if you happen to have an extra $100,000 for a good cause………….

click image for full size

Pig Roast Fundraiser – Oct. 26

The Pachaug Outdoor Club will be hosting a Pig Roast on Saturday October 26, 2013 starting at 3:30pm.
There will be food, entertainment, door prizes and raffles.
All proceeds to benefit the CCDL Litigation Fund.
Admission is $20.00 per person, and you may bring your own beer (soft drinks are included in the admission)
For tickets call Paul Scungio at 860-376-9740 or Greg Gardella at 860-376-0816. Tickets can also be purchased at the trap house during club hours.
The club is Located at:
178 Banjo Sullivan Rd
Griswold, Plainfield, CT
(860) 564-5227

You may also download a pdf of the above flyer here.

Preban “Assault Weapons”

One of the biggest questions we’ve seen about the new CT gun laws concerns so-called pre-ban assault weapons. These are firearms that were manufactured before September 13, 1994. The new law appears to specifically exempt them from the new ban/registration, as long as they were legal under the previous Connecticut Assault Weapon Ban. This was the topic of much discussion at this month’s presentation on the new firearm laws. Many discussions have also been had among gun owners and even FFLs about this, with some dealers refusing to touch prebans, and others openly advertising them for sale.

A few weeks ago I emailed the CT DESPP Special Licensing and Firearms unit about this, and the reply was these preban firearms are in fact currently exempt from registration and are legal to buy/sell. Since an email doesn’t carry much weight, a CCDL member who owns such a preban paid an attorney to get this in writing from the CT Commissioner of Public Safety. Remember, this is not legal advice, and if you own or are considering buying one of these firearms I would recommend you discuss this with your own lawyer. I also suggest you have good written proof as to the date of manufacture. Also remember that the Commissioner doesn’t write the laws, nor is he a judge or jury. He only tells the State Police how to interpret the law. That can always change, and has changed in the past. For now, here is the letter from Attorney David Clough to Commissioner of Public Safety Reuben Bradford. Following that is the reply
letter from Commissioner Bradford that states these preban firearms are exempt from registration and transfer restrictions.

You may also download pdf files of the two letters here:

Halloween Fun

OK, something just for fun for a change. Here’s a Halloween Jack O’ Lantern carved by CCDL member Dave O. Is this cool or what?

I decided to run a little contest, just for fun. Let’s see YOUR CCDL or pro 2nd Amendment jack o’ lantern or carved pumpkin. Best one, as determined by me will win a prize.
Prize to be determined by me (since I’m paying for it), depending on how many entries we get. More entries = better prize.

Email a photo of your pumpkin to blog@CCDL.us with the subject: PUMPKIN. I’ll take entries up until October 30, 2013 and then post them all here for Halloween.

UPDATE: A CCDL member has offered a brick of .22 ammo as a prize to the winner if we get enough entries. So get carving!

Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment

Litigation Update:
In CCDL’s continuing effort to keep our members informed of the progress of our lawsuit, here is the latest information we have.
If you’ve missed anything, you can read previous updates here.

As expected, the defendants in our lawsuit against the State of Connecticut have filed a motion for summary judgment to dismiss our case. All told, there are over 150 pages, and that doesn’t include all the various document exhibits that were also submitted. We’ll post those when we get them.

Remember, CCDL is an all volunteer, FREE organization. We rely 100% on the generosity of our members to fund this lawsuit as well as everything else we do to fight for rights of Connecticut gun owners. Please, take some time to read the documents above and see what we’re up against.
We’re committed to fighting this, but it takes time and money. If you can afford it, please donate to our Litigation Fund. Every penny goes straight into the battle to regain your rights.

Presentation on the New Gun Laws

At the October general meeting we had a special presentation from Attorneys Greg Miller, Doug Dubitsky, and Jeffery Crown on the new laws. The presentation focused on a number of frequently asked questions and some of the more confusing aspects of the new gun laws.

Here is the the latest version (updated 10/17/2013) of the presentation Attorney Miller put together. As promised it includes some additional information he received from Det. Barbara Matson of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection during a presentation she gave on Wednesday.

If you need a copy of any of the forms or affidavits mentioned in the presentation, please see the previous post on forms.

Additionally, you can find OLR reports on both PA 13-3 and the modifications made in PA 13-220:

What did Governor Malloy say?

Governor Malloy was on the Chaz and A.J. show this morning where he took a call on the new Gun law.

Hey governor. I’m just curious about this new gun bill that came out especially with pistols with high capacity mags. Right now I’ve got two 14-round mags that are only loaded to 10 as required, but it’s unclear, can I carry both of them if they’re loaded to 10 or can I only carry one?

First of all what you have to do is disclose – there’s a way to disclose that you have them and you’re grandfathered in. So, that’s how our law works in Connecticut. You don’t lose the right to have them, you just have to say that you have them. “Hey, I’m Joe. I’ve got two of these.” and that’s it. So the limitations that you’re fearing aren’t necessarily in our bill. They are – I think you’re referring to New York’s law, quite frankly, and New York has a different set of laws than we do.

The Governor is mistaken. The law he signed into law back in April does indeed prevent someone from carrying a so-called ‘Large Capacity Magazine’ even if it is properly declared, and absolutely limits the number of bullets to 10.

Section 25(f)(7) of Public Act 13-3:

“Pursuant to a valid permit to carry a pistol or revolver, provided such large capacity magazine (A) is within a pistol or revolver that was lawfully possessed by the person prior to the effective date of this section, (B) does not extend beyond the bottom of the pistol grip, and (C) contains not more than ten bullets.”

By requiring the magazine be “within” a pistol or revolver you are limiting the number of declared ‘large capacity magazine’ one is able to carry, along with the number of bullets it can contain. For the governor’s statement to be true you would need to carry multiple guns or find a gun the holds 2 or more magazines.

The Governor and Legislators were in such a rush to pass SB1160 they did not even hold public hearings, denying citizens their due process. Maybe if Governor Malloy had given the people, you know, those of us he called the “fringe of the fringe” a chance to speak about the bill, we could have pointed out issues such as this. Maybe if Governor Malloy had listened to those of us he labeled as the “fringe” he would understand the points of these new laws that are so confusing to us, the ones that actually try to obey the law. But, apparently, he doesn’t know what he signed into law.

This legislation is so convoluted that lawyers and elected officials are not sure what’s legal and what’s not. Donate to the CCDL’s Litigation Fund
 as we work to overturn this nonsense.


Lots of people are asking about all the various new forms that they need to fill out and submit, so here they are in one place. All are in pdf format.

Firearms Record Request

Assault Weapon Registration

Assault Weapon Sworn Affidavit

Large Capacity Magazine Declaration (with affidavit)

Ammunition Certificate Application (can not be mailed in; must be submitted in person at DESPP, Middletown, CT)

Pistol Permit/Eligibility Certificate Application