New Ammo Laws Take Effect Tomorrow

Reminder, the ammunition permit requirements of SB1160/Public Act 13-3 go into effect tomorrow, October 1, 2013. After today you will be required to show a permit to purchase ammunition or magazines (10 round or lower, of course) in the state of Connecticut. If you already have your Pistol Permit, Certificate of Eligibility, or the new Long Gun Permit, you will be able to use those to purchase ammunition or magazines. If you don’t have one of those, you must obtain one of them or you may apply for an Ammunition Permit. The cost is $35 for 5yrs, and you may download the application from the state website here (pdf).
Even though the application implies it can be mailed in, you MUST submit the initial application in person at the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit located at 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, Connecticut
06457-2389. Your photo for the permit will be taken at that time. I was also told you are not supposed to sign the application until you are in their presence (which is not mentioned anywhere on the application).

You will not be able to legally purchase ammunition or magazines in CT until you have one of the above permits.

CCDL is working hard to overturn this and all the other unconstitutional CT gun laws. You can help us by donating to our Litigation Fund.

Updated on 10/1/2013 to add that you must apply for the initial permit in person.

8 thoughts on “New Ammo Laws Take Effect Tomorrow

  1. If you haven’t seen they are already planning for the next session, register all handguns yearly, microstamping and some database nonsense.

    It never ends…..

  2. reloading .. a wonderful thing … I’m not paying $35 for permission.

    This is likely just the first step in acquiring a list of gun owners (not that they have not gotten much form DPS 3 form).

    Stop playing the game is my advice.

  3. just a derivative of the UN small arms ban,(in local form) Obama’s initiative filtered through our CT. legislature and Obama-wanna-be-in-your-administration-guy: Dannel P. Malloy. it can be used as yet another database tool against firearms owners. They,[anti-gun ownership groups] would like nothing more than a trail of up to date information of: who buy’s what & when to add to their skewed polling declarations.
    the “Ammunition certificate”- has your photo,physical description,DOB,Home address,signature and anti-counterfeiting/tampering state seal holograms.
    My question is: when a criminals purchase illegal ammunition to use in their illegal firearms before committing heinous acts of crime, who is keeping track of them?

  4. We have all heard about the Feds going after free states about IDs to vote. I was talking to some friends in TEXAS about if they loose their case passing a law that makes it illegal to require an ID to vote and making it illegal to require an ID to buy a gun in the same law. They are after all both fundamental rights. They should be treated the same. Pas it with a clause that states if any part of the law is overturned the entire law is invalid.

  5. My permit renewal form does say, “Please sign within the box in presence of official.” This statement is under the signature box. And the directions for the mail in method step 2 states, “Sign the corrected form in the presence of a notary prior to mailing.” Knowing the politics of ambiguity, this should lead someone to conclude a verified signature is necessary.

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