Litigation Update – Expert Testimony

Here is the latest update on the pending lawsuit.
Several of our expert witnesses have submitted their testimony to the courts. You will find the documents linked below.

One thing I’ll point out before someone else does…. you might notice Dr Gary Kleck’s testimony makes mention of NY’s SAFE Act in places. This is a typo that sneaked through because Dr Kleck has also submitted testimony in the lawsuit against NY’s new gun control law. Don’t worry, the legal team is aware of it.

11 thoughts on “Litigation Update – Expert Testimony

  1. Keep up the great work you on the Executive team are accomplishing. I believe all members of CCDL are ready to assist in any way possible.


  2. Kleck page 10 Typo Section IV Declaration Date Jan 1, 2013. Should be 2014. Dont know if it matters

    • does not matter .. typo … wonder why he did not mention the 1911 v. 92 GAO study concluding that more rds in mag = higher survivability ; oh well, all this information is needed for the case

    • I don’t know for certain, but I’ll point out the majority of Kates work on guns has been done with Dr Kleck.
      Personally, I’d love to see Marshall Robinson brought in as an expert too, since he’s from CT.

    • We need a stay. They would issue one if there was a high likelihood we would win. I’m afraid the judge has been offered something.

  3. David, I’ve followed all your posts, and you act like you’re a better lawyer then the ones on this case. If you are such a sucessful attorney, why haven’t you brought your own federal lawsuit, or at least offered your legal services to CCDL pro bono?

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