Carry On, Legally

Tuesday, July 30th, come ask your questions about the new laws. This is not a CCDL sponsored forum, but the legislators themselves put this together. Remember, these are the good guys who voted against the new laws. They don’t like them any more than you do, they’re just trying to help us understand them.
If Southington is not near you, please contact your legislators and see if they can schedule something similar.
Carry On!

Southington Municipal Center – Public Assembly Room
200 North Main St, Southington, CT
July 30, 2013 6:00pm – 7:00pm

3 thoughts on “Carry On, Legally

  1. I would rather have these legislators host this in my area, with the exception of one representative everyone elected out of my city is either a democrat or a traitor.

  2. David, as I explained at the forum. If you have a specific question, please forward it to my email at the capitol, I apologize that we did not have all of the answers. I am afraid there are no answers to many of the questions and we really are doing the best we can. Remember that Senator Markley and I have been fighting AGAINST these foolish gun control laws so we are not exactly welcome at the table to discuss how they will be enforced – Rob Sampson, State Rep Dist. 80

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