Litigation Schedule

A lot of people have asked about our lawsuit, and when/what is happening. I said we would let you know as soon as we knew. Well, now we know something.
It’s not much, just a schedule of when all the various briefs by both sides must be submitted.
Here ya go: Shew-v–Malloy amended scheduling order (pdf)

8 thoughts on “Litigation Schedule

  1. Starting to think the federal system is rigged too. Holder is screwing with States rights again. They had a war over something like this, didn’t they? God Bless TEXAS.

    • David,

      That is very interesting. Would you mind sharing more details on that? I am extremely curious about all disclosures at this point.

      Thanks in advance.

  2. What about the Injunction? If the injunction is awarded then the law cannot go into affect, yes?

    • Don’t hold your breath. You know judges are being “talked to” . Obaholder, by their other actions, (non recess, recess appointments, attempting to crush TEXAS’s new CONSTITUTIONAL voter rights laws with their iron fist, IRS abuse etc) have shown they have no respect for the Constitution, law or tradition in shoving their agenda down our throats. I wonder what offers (appointments) have been made to these judges.

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