Press Release On Senator McKinney Gubernatorial Run

Groton, CT July 23rd, 2013

The President for the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass roots gun rights group) offers comments on a gubernatorial run by Senate minority leader John McKinney.

CCDL President Scott Wilson: “Senator McKinney was instrumental in implementing a historic gun control law with zero consideration for the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners. With his deliberate act of siding with gun control supporters, there will be no support from CCDL for his run”.

The CCDL President also stated that other elected officials who went along with the Senate leader and voted in favor of the gun control law, could expect the same from the organization.

5 thoughts on “Press Release On Senator McKinney Gubernatorial Run

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  2. Amen Scott my feelings exactly he did the law abiding citizens of this great state of Ct a grave injustice

  3. It is so vital that we (Second Amendment Supporters) get out the vote for this election; it is crucial to the survival of the Second Amendment and our freedom.

  4. I’m a libertarian … (given the showing of the GOP in Apr., folks may wish to re-reg. as a libertarian ~ I left GOP many years ago). But any American could not vote for his total dillwad. Have a link to the press release?

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