John McKinney for Governor?

UPDATE: There is an official statement from CCDL President Scott Wilson posted here.

So it seems it’s official; Senator John McKinney will be running for governor of CT in 2014.

McKinney lives in his own little dreamworld where gun owners don’t mind the new gun control laws that he helped write (those same laws that CCDL and other gun rights groups are working hard to overturn), and we don’t vote.

If you are a registered Republican, contact the CT state GOP chairman. Contact your 2 State Central Committee reps. Tell them gun owners are not happy with McKinney. Tell them if there is a primary we will vote for his opponent. If he still wins the primary or there is no primary, we will not vote for him in the election.
Tell them we want a governor who will uphold our rights and the State Constitution.
Tell them we want them to put forward a candidate who will uphold the party platform.

Remember, last election Republican Tom Foley lost to Malloy by only 5,637 votes. There are over 8500 CCDL members, 200,000 people with a carry permit, and upwards of 500,000 gun owners total in this state. If the CTGOP wants 4 more years of Malloy, go ahead and put up McKinney because gun owners would rather keep Malloy in office than reward McKinney.
We’re that mad.

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  1. I carry a grudge and he is toast.
    I consider it my highest duty to see him loose. I could even vote democrat to end his career. So I would sugest giving Foley another shot.

    • I could be wrong Bob but I don’t think Tom Foley even wanted a pay check from the tax payers of this state in the last election I’ll give him a shot myself,

  2. Yes, CCDL stands for something. That something is our Constitutional Rights and Liberties. Politics and our Legislatures in both CT and Washington have been taken over by corrupt, self-serving and anti –American ideologues. We are done with blindly supporting anyone just because of party affiliation. It is very simple. Politics are to be put aside. If you are not a supporter and defender of our constitutionally enumerated rights and liberties you are the enemy to all citizens and we will work tirelessly within the system to remove you from office.
    Nuff Said!

    • Maybe we should make an offer to Mark Loretti. His performance is something we can all get behind!

  3. Apparently CCDL members are dumb.
    McKinney is obviously superior to Malloy
    Decisions made out of spite are stupid and counterproductive

    • Obviously how, Kevin? He went directly against the Republican Party Platform. He votes with the Democrats. We already have a Democrat governor. If you want a Democrat, just stick with the one you have.

      • He has gotta be drunk writing that … maybe he meant :superior democrat” lol I’ll be filing a notice of trespass with McKenny … he comes on my land after that he’ll feel my wrath when I arrest him.

    • How is out of spite to vote against someone directly opposed to your viewpoints, you imbecile?

    • yes kevin. Knee jerk decions are counterproductive.. Excatly what mckinney did. dummy.

  4. The bastard will not get my vote! I will select none of the above it there is not a viable third option. This state can rot in hell! Semper Fi!

  5. I join the group. Under no circumstances will I ever vote for John McKinney. This SB 1160 bill is the worst thing in memory. It harasses law abiding owners and does nothing to solve the real problems.

  6. Republicans need to spend more time getting other Republicans out to the polls.
    Spend less time blogging and complaining and more time finding a candidate to put up
    against the Dumbocrats.

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  8. You are all the embodiment of the right wing lunatic stereotype. The gun lobby should be kissing Mckinneys feet. Without his intervention you would be looking at stricter laws than on the books. From your postings I assume you have trouble with math as well as English so ill help you a bit. The GOP was vastly outnumbered and you could have been looking at a complete ban without McKinney and Cafaro. Grow up.

    • Complete ban???????????? I don’t think so. How is a complete ban a reasonable restriction? That was a question asked by Anton Scalia.

    • Harvey…wasn’t that a six foot rabbit that only Jimmy Stewart saw?

      • Man have you seen those six footed rabbits too? They sure hop away quickly. Have you seen the tap dancing skunk? He comes on just after with top hat, tails and cane.

    • Sorry Harvey. We’re about as nonpartisan a group you will find anywhere. We’re hardly right wing lunatics. Our 2013 legislator of the year is a Democrat. Sure, there are right wingers in our group; there are also plenty of liberal gun owners here as well. One point the Democrat Party keeps missing: New pistol permits and new gun ownership levels have been at record rates since Sandy Hook. All those “right wingers” you’re worried about already had their permits. These new gun owners for the most part are not fat old white dudes. These new gun owners are young, educated, liberal, and many are women and minorities. Your typical Democrat base. They voted for Obama. They voted for Malloy. Now they are gun owners and they are going to vote for their rights.

      As far as stricter gun laws without McKinney’s help: I kinda doubt they could have got much worse to pass if the Republicans had held firn to their oath of office as well as the party platform. If anything, they were emboldened to go further by the bi-partisan support. McKinney and Cafero and the others completely went against what a Republican is supposed to stand for ( there is a link to the party platform in the original post if you dont believe me). The Republican base would have had more respect for them if they had stood firm. Besides, the worse the ban would have been, the easier it would have been to overturn in federal court; and it WILL eventually be overturned.

      As far as the math goes, again if you read my original post you will see that McKinney is the one with the math problem if he thinks he can win a statewide election. There are certainly enough gun owners in CT to sway a primary, and there are certainly enough to ensure McKinney loses a general election.

  9. Do you propose to support instead? Tom Foley (who hasn’t decided what his position is) or, maybe Dan Malloy.

  10. McKinney can dream about getting my vote…. Because he wont get one from me or my entire gun owning family.

  11. John McKinney is worse than any Democrat for one reason, and that is that at least the Democrats can fall back on an honest belief in their harebrained schemes. John McKinney just wanted to trash the constitution because he felt he had to do something. I am tired of the Republicans who crawl around taking whatever scraps are thrown at them by their Democrat masters who then come and tell us how much worse it would have been if they hadn’t been their to save us.

    • At this point it is more important to me to destroy the political careers of those who sold us out. Make it be know if you push the button for gun control it is the same as putting the gun to your political aspirations and pulling the trigger. Also, if the democrats get to have their gun free state it would actually be easier to overturn. They WILL go way to far and make a undeniable case for a Second Amendment violation. Let alone how bad they would screw up everything else. Now your average Connecticut voter is less intelligent and honorable than the average American voter, it will take more of a disaster to get their attention. But malloy’s trained monkeys will destroy the state so badly it could not be denied. The other target should be that lying moron from NY, meyer.

  12. Wow, you will vote for Malloy over McKinney, I suppose the great champions of conservatives you are never listened to Reagan when he said 80% of your ally is not 20% your enemy….I do not think I will be supporting CCDL going into the future anymore, this press release does not speak for all of us gun owners.

    • Andrew, where does it say anything about voting for Malloy? I for one will never again pull the lever (ok, fill in the circle now) for an antigun candidate. Plain and simple.

      • Also this is not a press release; this is a blog. It’s generally someone’s personal opinion. Might help you understand if you click the ABOUT button near the top of the page.

  13. Republicans like McKinney are the reason the republican party in CT maintains a super-minority in the house and senate. This campaign was over on April 4!
    If he was a true fiscal conservative he wouldn’t waste taxpayer’s money on this failed campaign.

    Come on republicans give me some to vote for in 2014!

  14. I wrote letters and emails to several Republican leaders,
    About my displeasure regarding McKinney’s candidacy and involvement
    In 1160.

  15. Ah the L word. It brings me back 25-30 years or so (has it really been that long?) when I use to hang out with Pete. M, the head of the CT Libertarian Party. A good man, gone way too soon. He ran a tavern and use to write letters to the editor about governmental abuse, police roadblocks and other infringements on our liberty. I wish he was here for this, he would really have something to say. He was a big target and actively hunted by the local police. Regulars would give him rides when the stakeout would go on patrol. You would never guess to look at him but his writing had the fire of Sam Adams and the reason of Thomas Paine and he could really rattle their cage. They did not like it………..As in the taverns of the 1770s, we had hours of ale fueled debate over the most effective way to wrestle the reigns of government from the clutches of the privileged power elite. The Libertarian Party is a fine concept but years from being able to win elections in a number even close to having a majority. Voting Libertarian simply hands more power to the party farther away from your position. It is far more effective to take over a party from within. If you can get enough like minded folks to show up and join your local town committee, you can have an immediate influence on choosing a State Rep candidate for the next election. You may even be able to run yourself. Lots of times they are searching for candidates and unlike a third party you will automatically get a certain percentage of the vote. It probably is not enough to win but is a far better than starting out with only your friends and family for support. If you are successful you get the added pleasure of pushing the turn coats out of their own party. V for Victory….V for Vengeance.

  16. The same horrible Democrat has won every election for state rep from my district for something like 34 years. Her average margin of victory is around 25% – exactly what the Republican candidate lost by in 2012. He was a decent guy and ran a very active campaign. I voted for him.

    Running as a Libertarian in a district like that takes away nothing from the Republican candidate. They’ve demonstrated for more than three decades that they can’t win even without a Libertarian candidate in the race. And there hasn’t been one this whole time. I checked. On five occasions the Republican party also didn’t bother to put up a candidate.

    But what a Libertarian candidate can do in a situation like that is run to the left of the Democratic candidate on certain issues. For example, a Libertarian candidate might attack the Democratic incumbent’s record on civil liberties – an issue with which the Republican Party has exactly zero credibility. So no one predisposed to vote for the Republican Party does so on that issue and they wouldn’t lose any votes over it. In other words, the Libertarian could help clear a path for a decent Republican by lowering the Democratic candidate’s vote total.

    Or help a decent Democrat. My state senator, Republican Len Fasano, also voted for the stupid gun law. In that case, the Libertarian could attack Fasano’s record on that and on his economic record, which is also problematic.

    So in a district that’s close, or one which has a good enough representative already, no Libertarian should run. But there really isn’t anything to lose in all other cases except the effort put into the campaign. And at the level of state rep, Libertarians have come close. Federal or statewide races are always a blow out, but state rep and local they have a better shot.

  17. Where to put this? Everyone remembers the Cheshire Home Invasion Case. I guess there is no other way to look at than the Connecticut Legislature wants to make sure in a situation like that, there is no firearm available. Not only that he failed to retreat. He recklessly gunned down the two young men. Sometimes things turn out differently in a free state. McKinney would surly disapprove.

    Texas man shoots duo that abducted him, his wife

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