Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of Litigation

In support of the current litigation that CCDL is involved in with other groups and individuals, a number of interested parties have filed Briefs in the Connecticut District Federal Court that compliment our claim. The Amicus Briefs claim that public act 13-3 ‘AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDREN’S SAFETY’ is unconstitutional, and that the law makes people less safe. CCDL Welcome’s the support from these organizations and individuals!!
Here Are the Briefs:

SHEW v. MALLOY Amicus Brief for Pink Pistols (pdf)
SHEW v. MALLOY Amicus Brief filed for Various Retired Police (pdf)
SHEW v. MALLOY Amicus Brief filed by the NRA (pdf)

Names of Organizations Which Filed Briefs:

Pink Pistols
Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund
Law Enforcement Action Network
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers
A number of Active and Retired Connecticut Peace officers
The National Rifle Association

11 thoughts on “Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of Litigation

  1. This is great!

    However let me ask again, any idea on time frame for decision on injuction(s)? Not facts or merits just a rough idea of how long it usually takes a judge to decide. I can’t make the monthly meetings due to other obligations but I do contribute each month and spent a lot of time fighting for our rights last winter.

    A reply would be greatly appreciated so I can weigh my options.


  2. The court system has 2 speeds; slow and slower. I have no idea when it will be heard, but when I do, it will be posted here, as well as go out in a member update email. Sorry I cant help more, I’d love to know myself.

    • Just call the judge up and ask.. they love those questions (NOT) … I waited 9 mos. for a judge to hear a simple discovery motion .. and 4 mos after the hearing for a written decision. Is federal court slower than state courts? Sometimes yes and sometimes no … with a large amt. of discovery then federal court is usually faster (because fed. judges don’t let litigants play the hide and seek game for years and they hammer parties with sanctions much more often and more forcefully than state courts do) …

      • As a layman it sounds to me like a decision is unlikely until after the Dec 31 deadline. Doesn’t it then make the injunction useless because those who choose to comply have already jumped the hoops and given the information.

        I suppose we would be able to purchase standard mags, “assault weapons” etc again but it is likely many companies won’t risk the sales.

        Somehow I doubt Malloy and Williams ET AL will be at my door returning my information with an apology because they violated my rights…

  3. Has anyone tried sending in the magazine or assault rifle registration forms yet? Interested to know if anyone in the state has bothered yet.

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  5. The forms say you need a receipt or a sworn affadavit on when you purchased the gun in order to get a certificate of possession what if no paperwork was done and you don’t have anyway to contact the seller you bought it from

  6. I’m going to start my own political organization and call it YO’ MOMMA .. then I can file briefs .. from YO’ MOMMA …

    It will take a min of 3-6 months before a federal court rules on if the sun is hot or not.

    So, figure on 3-6 more months…

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