Pro 2A Legislator of the Year Award

The CCDL Executive committee has selected the legislator for the “Legislator of the Year” award. This award was first presented last year to state rep Rob Sampson (District 80).

This year, CCDL is proud to honor state rep. Steve Mikutel from the 45th district.

Steve’s strong statements in opposition to gun control during public hearings and floor votes, as well as his willingness to break ranks from the overwhelming viewpoint of his party regarding gun rights showed tremendous conviction.

Steve will be joining us to receive this award at our August meeting on August 13th. Please join us for this occasion as we honor him for his hard work in defense of the 2nd Amendment.
Congratulations and Thank You Steve!!

16 thoughts on “Pro 2A Legislator of the Year Award

  1. I don’t know much about this man but it seems strange to me. I know their must be some democrats that are pro gun but as whip what does he do? Did he whip the vote? Did they vote in those numbers without encouragement?

  2. He opposed both the original bill, and the amendment. He met with numerous people at gun clubs including myself and told us exactly what we were facing and what we needed to do. He condemned his own party over how they were using the Sandy Hook tragedy to claw at everything under the sun.

    He attacked SB1160 on the floor and attacked HB6656 and other repeatedly during the smaller lesser known Public Safety hearing that contained a lot of bills. Lastly, he stood up against the popular sentiment of his party and has for years when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. He voted better that too many republicans. And since CCDL is non-partisan, we feel Steve is extremely worthy of this award.

    Come meet him Bob!

  3. Is this a joke? He’s the Majority Whip in the State House?!!? This is the guy who cajoles, threatens and/or coerces Democrats to vote for Bills. It also means he compelled Democrats (as if the leftists radicals needed any spurring) to pass SB 506. Why not have him share the honor with Toni Harp, Martin Looney, George Jepson and Daniel Malloy? Understand, members of CCDL, there is no quarter to be given in this fight. We receive none, so we offer none. Learn that lesson now or lose on the slippery slope.

    • Steve’s voting record in support of our gun rights is better then any of the Republican leadership. Sorry Bruce, but CCDL is not pro-Democrat, or pro-Republican, we are pro-gun.
      That’s it.
      We don’t care about what letter you put in parenthesis after your name, we care about how you vote.

      • Clearly, I have to concede Mr. Mikutel’s support of 2nd Amendment rights surpasses that of any Republican, but that is hardly saying much, given Connecticut Republicans. Unless you were in this fight twenty years ago, do not attempt to lecture me on party politics. In all honesty, I have little to no use for either party and I am a one issue voter. I would rather the recognition had gone to a long and consistent supported of Second Amendment (and Constitutional) Rights. You will not win any friends from the radicals by this gesture.

    • I guess I’m not done. Bruce, did you watch the 1160 vote? He wasnt encouraging his party to support SB1160, he argued long and hard that they should NOT support it. Which is far better then Cafero did.

  4. He has been nothing but a stand up guy when it comes to 2A rights and that is the only concern that CCDL deals with. In my opinion we could use a bunch more like him in Hartford fighting for our 2A rights. We are a SINGLE ISSUE organization and he has earned our respect on numerous occasions!

  5. Quite Frankly, (not that we aimed for this) Maybe some Republicans should wake up to the fact that there are some better Dems than there are some Repubs for gun rights. IMO, The Republican Party have taken the gun vote for granted in CT. It is an honor to award Steve Mikutel…

    • Unfortunately he belongs to a sick and demented party. In Ct we have 2 parties not worth a sh**..I guess its just a problem with the north east and the best way to change is an attack from within. So If he can move up so he can control what comes up for a vote that would be good but I fear that there is not much further they can go with gun control in CT. Personally I don’t see much reason for the State of Connecticut to exist. The great experiment has failed.

      • I think we need to support guys (and gals) like him. Face it, in most of the state people automatically just vote D every election. So, which is easier to get elected in most of CT?
        Which is better for our gun rights? A bunch of pro-gun, conservative Democrats like Mikutel, or a bunch of anti-gun, liberal Republicans like Mckinney?

        We really need to look past party lines on this one, because our right to bear arms is not just for Republicans. I don’t know how many times I need to point this out, but the number of new gun owners in CT is increasing at a staggering rate. And guess what? All those middle-aged white Republicans already owned guns. These new owners are younger people, minorities, people who live in urban areas…… in other words, traditionally Democrats. Rather then try and convince them to switch parties, how about we just give them better Democrats to vote for? As long as they vote the right way, who cares what letter goes after their name?

  6. Understood Bob, but this award goes to an individual, not a party. I am so happy that Steve stood up to his party with all that went on. Look at what the Republican leadership has done, and how many of them supported the original bill, and the amendments.

  7. I filed a FOIA request with Mr. Mikutel specifically asking for records in respect to bill 1076’s subject matter, precursor to PA13-202/PA 13-3….filed it in early MARCH … got my answer in JULY, this month, full of redactions and completely-incomplete (new phrase?). … so he’s not a superstar in my book. You are never going to please everyone…I just happen to be a dis-pleased opinionator. Now the Freedom of Information Commission has a case pending before it. He withheld records until after the session was over for political gain of his party IMO..a party that is anti.

  8. OH, AND he voted YES for PA13-311 … limiting access to records under our FOI act .. just to hide government actions and not allowing us to review statements from public officials — now we just have to “believe” whatever the state tells us… so one has to look beyond just gun laws and bills … to his total record. He also voted YES to PA13-1 …

    If a guy voted pro-gun on every vote but also voted to allow child molestation, you would not give him an award, right? So, looking at his other votes is certainly acceptable and almost required.

  9. The Democrat leadership (state and Fed) don’t mind pro-gun Dems, as long as there aren’t too many of them. They are allowed to vote pro-gun to fool the rubes (us), so long as there are enough votes to pass the anti-gun bills. It only gets interesting when the Dems need every vote, as in the US Senate.

    Of course, as noted above, the CT GOP is no prize on gun rights issues. Maybe CCDL should have abstained from giving the award this year, since it was an abysmal year for gun rights in CT and no legislator was effective in advancing or even defending our rights. Tilting at windmills doesn’t mean much.

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