Go Watch Them Vote Away Your Rights

CCDL-NRA-NSSF-CCS at the Capitol 04/03/13

The legislators have a gun bill. We’ll post the actual bill as soon as it’s public, but it’s not good. Assault Weapon ban/registration. Magazine ban/registration. Background checks to buy ammo. Pretty much everything they can think of.

They will be voting on this bill tomorrow.
CCDL, the NRA, the NSSF, and the Coalition Of Connecticut Sportsmen are all asking you for one more trip to Hartford. If they are going to take away our rights, they are going to do it to our faces. We are going to be there; watching.

Please help us fill buses to the Capitol in Hartford as we assemble in the gallery above the floor where critical votes will take place. This is a last stand to show our legislators that we will not go away and accept the proposal as our fate.
Senate session begins at 10:00am.

Pick Up Location:
475 East Hartford Blvd. North
East Hartford, CT 06118

Buses will be running to the Capitol and back approximately every 1/2 hour to every hour in between peak times.

Hours of operation for buses:
8:30am-5:00pm Please come join us!

Be civil and and help us have a much needed presence.

CCDL wishes to thank the NRA for running these buses throughout the day!

Proposal to be voted on tomorrow:

Also, just a reminder. CCDL is free to join. We run everything on donations. I know the economy is bad, but legal challenges are expensive, even if the lawyers work pro bono. If you can afford it, please help us fight for YOUR rights.

24 thoughts on “Go Watch Them Vote Away Your Rights

  1. My husband and I have been calling and e-mailing, but it feels like its falling on deaf ears! Talked to aide in Rep. Joe Aresimowicz this morning, and he had an answer for everything and NOT in our favor!!! “They are taking away the tool that causes all the carnage”. Just not listening! Getting very discouraged….

  2. you may bring signs, but i believe that the capitol police have the final say on if anything is too big. also, if you have a flag or some other item that is in a display box, the capitol police have the authority to open it and search it. just use your head. they are generally pretty good with people having signs as long as it is not bigger than your torso.

  3. Its nice that the “proposals” list voluntary mental health treatments will get you booted from you being able to own a gun … I’m sure many who need medical attn will no longer seek it & the result will be many more sandy hooks. Good job legislative morons.

  4. I just wrote my legislators and told them that I would be bringing my guns and mags to them so that THEY can count out 10 rds … so I would not be a convicted felon due to a miscount of 10 rds into my standard mags ….

  5. Please, all go and tell the legislators that human lives count more than the arms industry’s profits. Register all guns and gun owners, better yet, ban all guns. No healthy, peaceful person needs a gun.

    • But I enjoy the sport of target shooting, and I feel more comfortable knowing that I can protect myself in my own home if need be , and I can’t really do that without my guns.Just because you don’t think you have a need for owning a firearm, that doesn’t mean that no one else needs to own any either.

    • If only violent criminals were healthy, peaceful people too. *eyeroll*

      You people will just never get it, will you.

    • I live in a town with NO police. We decided we couldn’t afford a resident trooper. If something happens to my family & I can’t protect them, how long will it be before an officer WITH a gun can get to my home, assuming I can call for one? I am a law abiding citizen and a MOM. I will do whatever is necessary to protect my family.

  6. Going for sure. They’ll not do this behind closed doors. They’re going to have to look at the people they’re doing this to.

  7. I will be watching the legislative website to see which of our legislators vote yes on this piece of trash. Come November I make this promise to them. I will not forget and they will not get my vote for re-election or for higher office nor will I ever vote Democrat again. Total disregard for our 2nd/A
    rights just to court favor with Obama.

  8. Why exactly are registering to purchase a gun and having a background check considered “taking people’s rights away?”

    • Amy, we will no longer be allowed to buy the single most popular firearm in the country (and the one that even our police and government say is best for self defense), along with hundreds of others. Hundreds more wont be banned per se, but will be unavailable to CT residents because they are not made with low capacity magazines. We will no longer have the right to choose the firearm or magazine we need to defend our families. If the only legitimate need for these things is to kill mass amounts of people as is claimed; why will police be exempt? Do our police need to be able to murder 26 people in 5 minutes?
      You will also now be required to have a permit to excercise a right guaranteed in both the state and federal constitution. Would you like to have a permit to post on the internet?

      • And none of these things would not have prevented the mentally disturbed son of a rich woman from doing what he did.

  9. [link removed for now]
    a link to a link with the bill’s text … nice, very unconstitutional stuff here

  10. David, I’ve removed your link for now at least, because that copy has been making the rounds all night, and CCDL has not been able to verify that it’s legit. All the legislators we’ve heard from say they have not seen that yet.

  11. Secret meetings…emergency certification to bypass public comment…Welcome to one of the darkest days in Connecticut’s history. Register your guns and magazines so the state knows where to go to excessively tax, and eventually confiscate them. Get fingerprinted and re-checked so you can exercise your basic human rights. You are now guilty until proven innocent. None of this makes anyone safer, the politicians are stomping on the Constitution. Liberals and other criminals are laughing because these public hearings were a sham, the fix was in from day one. See you all (again) in Hartford today.

  12. I just printed out a simple 8.5″ x 11″ sign which says NO (arial text, 530 font). I will hold this in front of me in the gallery so the legislators see it. I encourage everyone else to print a NO sign on a sheet of paper (use a magic marker if no printer). If I can find a copy place open this morning, I’ll try to make more copies.

    I figure the YES people will be wearing green. We might as well all be identifiable on which way we think the vote should go.

    • I might not be able to make it to a copy place so I’m making more on my home printer (ink limitations). If everyone makes 2 or 3 NO signs and brings them for other folks, we’ll make a better show of it.

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  14. I wouldn’t register anything until you absolutely have to. Reason, Litigation may change some of this or overturn what they have done, not to mention, let them sweat !

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