Stop E-CERT!

We may be in the final push to STOP the leaders in our legislature from ramming through a massive gun bill without our voices being heard.
CCDL and many gun owners have fought extremely hard to slow down this process. We have called for full hearings throughout, and we must continue to do so.
According to sources there may be No Hearing on the E-Cert Bill. There is a strong possibility it will be voted on next week.
Our rights are too important for us to simply sit quietly on our hands, while lawmakers pass laws that determine what we may or may not own, or if we may use what we own. It is time for 4,500 CCDL Members to give one last push to call for: 
Full Public Hearings and The Full Sandy Hook Investigation Report before a vote
Call and email The following people:
Speaker Rep. Brendan Sharkey
House Minority Leader Rep. Larry Cafero
860-240-0028 , 
House Majority Leader Rep. Joe Aresimowicz
860-240-8581 , 
Senate Minority Leader Senator John McKinney
860-240-8846 , 
President of the Senate Don Williams
Majority Leader of the Senate Martin Looney
860-240-0375 ,

Your own State Senator and Representative
Call and email with this simple message:
We want full public hearings on any final E-Cert bill before it gets a floor vote! 

We want the Full Sandy Hook Investigation Report. How can we pass any bill without all of the facts!

We know many have done this already, but we are asking again. Right now the Task force and Leadership are preparing a bill that will water down your rights, and may categorize you as a criminal for what you currently own. 
Even if they Grandfather certain firearms or components, there is always next year or the year after. They will simply keep passing laws one after another. The Executive Committee of CCDL is taking a stand against any further laws that would effect the guns themselves, or how we lawfully use them.

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    • Just erase The” Mail To: ” Part on your Recipient Line Before you send…It will work fine!!

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  2. Got a message back from Rep. Cafero, my take on his response is that the e-cert process is affording us equal representation (dem vs. rep) where as if a bill wen to the floor, we are out numbered 2to1….maybe because they are trying the e-cert process, that is good for us??

    Good Afternoon,

    I have heard from hundreds of concerned Connecticut residents regarding the process for voting on the gun safety legislation. Please know that we are still negotiating the language and as you may have heard, I was adamant about receiving any available information from the police report from the Newtown shooting. It is imperative that we obtain as much information as possible prior to changing laws that will have a severe impact on our Constitution and law abiding citizens.

    That said, I wanted to let you all know that while it may seem as if the legislature is trying to sneak new laws through, the e-cert process in this instance, is actually allowing equal representation at the negotiating table and a voice that represents 2nd amendment rights and law abiding gun owners. If we were to allow these gun proposals to proceed through the regular legislative process, we would be at a 2 to 1 disadvantage and just about all of the outlandish, far reaching, anti-gun proposals, would prevail. We simply would not have the votes to keep these proposals at bay.

    It is also important to note that all of the issues discussed in negotiations have been heard in a public hearing this year through various proposals that are in committees.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Larry Cafero

    House Republican Leader

    • I am not certain that I buy that. If that were true, and the E-Cert was to the benefit of gun owners, then the Democrats would not be pressing it in that manner.

    • This email is proof that they are having illegal secret meetings.
      All meetings must be performed in the public’s eye. Who, what, when, where are these “negotiations” taking place? It’s outrageous that they are having back door negotiations and it’s against the law. Negotiate my rights away illegally? Homey don’t play that.

  3. I understand what Cafero is saying here, through the normal process, democrats have a supermajority. The task force itself has a more equal division of GOP to DEM. Does our President have an opinion on this?

  4. why should the GOP do anything further…they seem to be talking about “compromise” .. which is equal to “sellout” IMO

    • It doesn’t have a bill number yet. It’s being written behind closed doors, and then it will presumably go right to the House and Senate for a vote.

  5. It is good to see Rep. Cafero’s reply above. Below is the email reply I received from Rep. Aresimowicz. Since he’s not my rep, I’m not familiar with him. But considering he’s house majority leader, should I be optimistic based on his reply? Guess it depends on his definition of “infringed.”

    “We are currently in the process of reviewing the proposals from the bi-partisan task force on gun violence. As a sportsman, I believe in our Second Amendment Right to bear arms and will work with my colleagues—both Democrats and Republicans—to ensure those rights are not infringed upon. It is important that we remember those who have been lost, and it is imperative that we as public servants have a deliberative conversation.

    Your input is very important to me and helps me focus on what is important for our community.


  6. FWIW, I was at Sen. Witkos’ public forum the other night on gun control legislation. He said he expects something will be coming out within the week. He took down email addresses of those in attendance who offered them and said he’d email out the bill for us to see as soon as he gets it. The audience at the forum was overwhelmingly against further gun control. He also said that it’s possible the “public” hearing for an e-cert bill would be “by invitation.” He imagined they’d have various opposing groups like CAGV and CCDL give testimony about the bill. But he’s not running the show, so these are his personal thoughts.

  7. Well, SB 1076 appears to be dead as the deadline for the PSS committee is 3-28 and they would need to notice a meeting to move it further, which they have not.

    So, all that is left is the e-cert bill procedure. And if the legislature thinks that they can have only an “invitation only” public hearing, they are sadly mistaken. Our open meetings requirements do not allow this. They can let certain groups speak first but they cannot outright deny oral testimony from any citizen.

    And there have been so many open meetings violations regarding the task force (not noticing meetings, having secret meetings, only allowing Newtown residents to give oral testimony, etc.) then consideration of filing a restraining order, injunction, and request for declaratory relief should be seriously considered to prevent the legislature from even voting on such a bill.

    CAGV and CCDL can only highlight so much in 3 minutes …

    I don’t apologize or mention the Sandy Hook murders. I was not involved, I have nothing to say “I’m sorry” for … the more the murders are mentioned, the more emotional legislators get.

    I read the legislators’ emails in this thread and see secret meetings taking place. Our open meetings laws require that they do these “negotiations” in a public forum/meeting.

    These politicians who say getting an e-cert bill is best because of the 50/50 nature of Democrats/GOP members must think we cannot read. The GOP task force proposal is unacceptable. Any “negotiated” proposals between the democrat and GOP task force proposals can only be worse.

    The legislature has been playing us for fools. They have not fooled me.

    I hope the GOP does nothing and the task force proposals stay the same. GOP sounds like Chamberlain … when I want them to sound like Churchill.

    • Witkos said the other evening that SB1076 died in committee. Someone in the audience asked about Dargan’s proposal on making permit holder info public and Witkos said that proposal died as well.

      • Some of the procedural issues will hinge on how a e-cert bill may be produced .. if it comes out of the task force then they’ll have issues I think …

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