Testimony For Monday’s Hearing Now Online

Some of testimony already submitted for Monday’s Task Force Hearing on gun violence is now online. You may read it here. There are only about 170 there so far, and it’s a mix of pro and anti gun control. Unless every other gun owner in the state plans on attending the hearing Monday in person, there should be several hundred thousand more in support of our rights then I see there, Again I remind you to “Stand Up! Step Up! Speak Up, Dammit!”.

This might be the only chance you get to make your voice heard. Just to remind you, there are already over 60 bills working their way through Hartford, and all but a handful will restrict your rights to own and shoot your gun. Even if the only gun you own is a revolver, or a double barrel shotgun, you WILL be effected as well. Here’s a reminder of just some of the proposed laws:

  • A ban on virtually all semiauto rifles classifying them as “Assault Weapons.”
  • Restricting magazine size to 10 rounds, 6 rounds, 5 rounds or even just 1 round.
  • Confiscating all magazines holding more than 10, 6, 5 or 1 rounds, pistols included.
  • Statewide gun registration for all firearms.
  • Re-registration every 2 years with ever increasing fees.
  • Requiring permits for any rifle with a pistol grip.
  • Limits on how much ammunition you can purchase and possess.
  • Registration and background checks on all ammo purchases.
  • Banning of internet sales of ammo.
  • Mandatory gun storage laws, like the one the U.S. Supreme Court struck down in the Heller decision.

If you can’t attend the hearing Monday, at least email your thoughts to the Task Force. If you need help or suggestions with your testimony, see our tip sheet for some helpful hints.

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