CT Gun Grabbers True Agenda Revealed!

“They” say they don’t want to take away your guns.

“They” say they just want common sense restrictions on your rights.

Well, don’t you believe it! Sure, that’s what they tell you. That’s what they tell the press. But the truth be told, they do indeed want to take away your guns. Just see what they say behind your backs:

That’s right, they want your lawfully purchased property confiscated and DESTROYED!
Are you going to let them take away the tools you use to protect yourself and your loved ones? As a great patriot said last Saturday on the steps of the Capitol building; “Get involved! Stand Up! Step Up! Speak Up….Dammit!”
EVERY person who believes in our Constitution needs to do just that. Call. Write. Show up and testify! Show these gun grabbers that we will not go quietly.

The first gun hearing is January 28th, at 10am in Hartford. The info about that was posted here.
There will also be another hearing in Newtown on January 30th at 6pm. Info about that can be found here.

The time is now. If we do not act, our rights, our heritage, will be lost. It’s much harder to get a right back after it’s been taken then it is to prevent it in the first place. We need to prevent this.
You need to prevent this.

One thought on “CT Gun Grabbers True Agenda Revealed!

  1. what do you think these laws are gonna prevent.Do you think that a person like adam lanza care if those guns were leagal in any way shape or form NOOOOOOOOOO… all the laws in the world is not gonna stop a Newtown, or a movie theaeter or another school no it wont. they will get the hands on those guns of the street so think of that you your(talk force) make new laws

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