Hartford 2A Rally – Photos and Video

The Progun rally held January 19th was a HUGE success! Well over 1000 people braved the cold to show their support for their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I’ll share a few photos and videos from the event, then there will be a link for the rest at the end. Make sure to check them out. All the speeches were inspirational, and if you were not there you need to have a listen. As far as the photos go, all I can say is most of the media originally claimed only a few hundred people turned out. Once ordinary citizens started calling them out on it and posting pictures, then they revised the numbers to over a thousand. 

I want to personally thank Dave Ouimette who deserves all the credit for the Connecticut rally. Dave really stepped up, without him this rally would probably have been 2 dozen people standing around for 20 minutes and going home.


John Beidler

Scott Wilson & Lenny Benedetto

Jonathan Hardy

Cheryl Lemos

More pics in the CCDL Photo Gallery
More Videos by Palin Smith

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