ALERT! CT Plans To Bypass Public Hearings!

According to recently published news accounts, your elected representatives in Hartford are planning to enact gun control laws without giving the people a chance to be heard. The CT Mirror reports:

Legislative leaders of both parties say their goal is to agree on proposals involving gun control, mental health and school safety that can go into an emergency-certified bill, a process that bypasses normal public hearing and committee processes. (emphasis mine)

The Norwich Bulletin thinks we have 6 weeks or less.

Legislative leaders, however, want to move quicker. They announced this week the formation of their own bipartisan group of committee chairmen and ranking members to study those same issues, but with a deadline of late February to produce a bipartisan “emergency certified bill.”

By the way, the Bulletin is apparently ok with shutting out the public; they just wish it would happen quicker.

Remember, the legislators work for us. We vote them into office to represent our views. We are supposed to have a say in what laws govern us.
The legislative task force that is to put forth this emergency-certified bill is made up of 4 senior lawmakers, Senate President Pro Tem Donald E. Williams Jr.(D-Brooklyn), House Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey(D-Hamden), House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr.(R-Norwalk) and Senate Minority Leader John McKinney(R-Fairfield). It is vitally important to contact these 4 people (if you click on the names above, it will take you to their respective websites with contact info), especially if you live in their district. Explain to them not only do you oppose more gun control, but you oppose bypassing the chance for the public to speak directly to the legislators at a public hearing. The public hearing dates back to the beginnings of this nation, and is one of America’s founding principles. Our elected officials must NOT sidestep this process.

UPDATE: CCDL President Scott Wilson has issued a formal statement. You may read it here.

UPDATE 2: The task force will be having hearings BEFORE they submit a bill. More info here.

9 thoughts on “ALERT! CT Plans To Bypass Public Hearings!

    • an oligarchy…get me some tea!!! Funny, the Revolutionary War began in New England because of over taxation and lack of representation. Apparently the “leaders” have forgotten!

  1. I know a lot of people leaving CA because of all their liberal policies and government over reach. RI and CA are 2 states with a population loss. My husband and I were planning on moving to CT to get away from the BS of CA….now we will have to take our money and leave CT too!! BTW, didn’t CT notice that RI is way under water and losing money and people? We already go across state lines to buy gas in the cheaper state. It’s not too hard to leave CT either. KNOCK IT OFF CT!!! The US is being run to the ground and so are the other liberal states like CA, RI, and CT….

  2. Public hearings are scheduled in Hartford for the 25th, 28th, and the 29th. There is also a public hearing in Newtown on the 30th.

  3. Yes, there will be hearings, which were only listed after complaints. However, only after the hearings will they write the actual bill/law and submit it as an emergency bill that is sooooo important there isn’t time to go through any committees or public hearings. It will go right to the floor for a vote, then signed into law.

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