Gun Appreciation Day – January 19th

All across the nation, January 19th will be celebrated as Gun Appreciation Day.

 It’s being sponsored and promoted by a whole bunch of pro liberty organizations and companies. Check out their website at

Some other people thought that was a good idea, but not good enough. They’ve decided to rally at the various state capitol buildings. There will be people doing so in Hartford on the North steps at 12 noon. This is not a CCDL sponsored event, but we encourage as many people as possible to take part in one or the other. We would like to thank those CCDL members who stepped up and on their own got the permits and permissions needed for this.

Remember, follow all state and local laws. Firearms are allowed on the Capitol grounds, but are not allowed inside the building. Firearms are not permitted in Bushnell Park, which runs right up to the Capitol. Guns should remain holstered at all times. Capitol police will be on scene. Remember you are representing all gun owners, please be respectful of the police, the Capitol grounds, and each other. There will most likely be counter-protesters there, do not allow them to goad you.

3 thoughts on “Gun Appreciation Day – January 19th

  1. Well done, outstanding! I wish I could be there.

    However, don’t count on the Police respecting the law. The law doesn’t mean much any more?


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