Free Legislative Testimony Workshop – December 9th

CCDL will be presenting a FREE training seminar to help gun owners and liberty-minded people prepare for the likely event that anti-gun legislation will be introduced in the 2013 legislative session. The 2013 session begins January 9th.

We invite all CCDL members and anyone that is interested in playing a vital role in defense of their liberty and preserving our Constitutional rights in CT to attend this FREE event.
We suggest you bring a notepad and a pen so you can take notes.

Some topics that will be covered include:

  • How to prepare testimony
  • How to submit testimony
  • How to testify effectively
  • How to coordinate public testimony with others
  • Tips on watching legislation and communicating with legislators
  • How to become and remain proactive and vigilant

Price: FREE and open to the public
Date: December 9, 2012
Time: 12 noon to 2pm
Location: Metacon Gun Club                
                 106 Nod Rd
                  Weatogue, CT 06089

If you would like a flyer to print out and hang up in your favorite gun store or club, you can find one here.
CCDL would like to thank Metacon Gun Club and it’s members for hosting this important event. We hope to see everyone there.
Carry On!

How We Did

These are unofficial results on how CCDL made out on our endorsed candidates. Winners in green, losers in red. Some races are close, and may change as the day goes on.

CCDL Endorsed Candidates 2012

Connecticut State Government:
Robert Sampson – 80th House District
Joe Markley – 16th Senate District
Penny Bacchiochi – 52nd House District
Tony Guglielmo – 35th Senate District
John Kissel – 7th Senate District
Pam Sawyer – 55th House District
Al Adinolfi – 103rd House District
Rosa Rebimbas – 70th House District
Kevin Witkos – 8th Senate District
Chris Coutu – 19th Senate District
David Labriola – 131st House District
Craig Miner – 66th House District
Andrew Lavery – 40th House District
Greg Bachand – 85th House District
Lezlye Zupkus – 89th House District
Len Greene – 105th House District
Tony Szewczyk – 17th Senate District
Len Suzio – 13th Senate District
Harry Watson – 41st House District

U.S. Congressional Offices:
John Henry Decker – 1st Congressional District –
Wayne Winsley – 3rd Congressional District
Dan Reale – 2nd Congressional District

Vote Today!

Go out and vote today. Your gun rights depend on it!
Remember, in the next 4yrs there is a good chance the President will appoint 1-3 new Supreme Court justices. Also remember that the DC and Chicago court cases that were so important to your gun rights were both won by only one vote. Which president would YOU like deciding the next challenge to our rights?

On a state level, legislators like Rob Sampson have worked hard to protect and expand our rights. We need to elect more people like him.

Even on a local level, CCDL needs pro gun rights people in office, on committees, and sitting on local boards.

There is a surprising amount of gun owners here in CT, 10s of thousands more just in the last year. If all of us voted for candidates on every level that support our gun rights, we’d be able to easily restore all our gun rights.

Remember to check our list of CCDL endorsed candidates before you vote, and if you don’t know where to vote you can check the CT Secretary Of State’s website. If you were in an area hit hard by the recent hurricane, you might even want to double check with your town’s registrar of voters to make sure your polling place hasn’t been temporarily moved. I know Bridgeport and New London both have had to move polling places, other towns may have as well.