Tonight: Channel 8 TV Story About Increased Gun Ownership

Tonight during the 10pm news and then continued at 11pm TV channel 8 WTNH (check your cable or dish tv guide to see what channel WTNH actually is on your system) will be doing a special report on the “Increasing number of gun owners in Connecticut“.

According to the teaser:

“In the past five years the number of Connecticut gun owners has shot up 57%.
News 8 Anchor Darren Kramer has your back by examining this new trigger trend. He’ll investigate the driving forces behind the massive increase in legal guns in the hands of Connecticut residents.”

I urge everyone to watch, DVR, or video tape this to see just how factual the story is. After the story airs, be sure to go to the WTNH website and/or Facebook page and offer your feedback on the story. If you think it was wrong, or biased, or whatever; tell them.
If you think the story was fair, balanced and accurate make sure to tell them that too. Either way be polite, factual, and mention you’re a CCDL member.

Chances are they will post the video online in a day or 2, if they do I’ll update with a link.

UPDATE: Here it is.

Increasing number of gun owners in Connecticut

Craig Fishbein Appointed to BFPE

CCDL would like to congratulate Wallingford Attorney Craig C. Fishbein, Esquire on becoming the newest member of the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners (BFPE).

Craig was appointed to the position today by Governor Dannel Malloy to replace the seat held by Art Carr for 37 years after Art passed away in March.

Craig is very knowledgeable on CT firearms laws, and is perhaps most famous for being the attorney that saved Blue Trail Range from being shut down. He will be an asset to both the Board and Connecticut gun owners.

Craig is also CCDL’s attorney and will continue to serve in that capacity as well.

Craig Fishbein Speaking at CCDL rally in Hartford

Metacon Gun Club

Tonight CCDL president Scott Wilson and members of the executive board presented Metacon Gun Club with a plaque showing our appreciation of their continued support of CCDL.
Thank you Metacon, and Carry On!

Metacon Gun Club

(L-R CCDL members Kevin Borgnis, Virginia Benedetto, Chris Duffy, Scott Wilson, John Beidler, Lenny Benedetto, Jonathan Hardy and Metacon board member Dom Basile)


Connecticut Citizens Defense League Releases Fall 2012 Political Endorsements

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL)’s Executive Committee has released a comprehensive list of endorsed candidates for the fall 2012 elections, as a service to their members and voters interested in their second amendment rights statewide. Each of these candidates has demonstrated, through their voting record or current actions and mindset, that they are the best pro-second-amendment choice in their respective race. More candidates may be endorsed as election day approaches, so please watch the CCDL website at for further information.

The CCDL would like to remind its members that the only way to ensure we continue to live in a just and free society is to make every effort to vote for representatives that support personal liberty. Please contact your town’s registrar of voters to ensure that you will be able to cast your vote come November.

CCDL Endorsed Candidates 2012

Connecticut State Government:
Robert Sampson – 80th District –
Joe Markley – 16th Senate District –
Penny Bacchiochi – 57th District –
Tony Guglielmo – 35th Senate District –
John Kissel – 7th Senate District –
Pam Sawyer – 55th District –
Al Adinolfi – 103rd District –
Rosa Rebimbas – 70th District –
Kevin Witkos – 17th Senate District –
Chris Coutu – 19th Senate District –
David Labriola – 131st District –
Craig Miner – 66th District –
Andrew Lavery – 40th District –
Greg Bachand – 85th District –
Lezlye Zupkis – 89th District –
Len Greene – 105th District –
Tony Szewczyk – 17th Senate District –
Len Suzio – 13th Senate District –
Harry Watson – 41st House District –

U.S. Congressional Offices:
John Henry Decker – 1st Congressional District –
Wayne Winsley – 3rd Congressional District –
Dan Reale – 2nd Congressional District –