CCDL Endorses Wayne Winsley for U.S. Congress

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL), the state’s largest grassroots second amendment advocacy group, has officially endorsed Wayne Winsley in his run for the U.S. Congress representing Connecticut’s 3rd district. Scott Wilson, president of the organization, had this to say: “Wayne is an exceptional candidate that we can count on to uphold our constitutional right to keep and bear arms when he heads to Washington. The Executive Committee of CCDL is proud to endorse Wayne Winsley for Congress.” It is the organization’s hope that its members evaluate Mr. Winsley for themselves and consider supporting as well as voting for this new candidate. With his excellent history of support of our universal right to bear arms Mr. Winsley would certainly be a beacon of hope in Washington for the citizens of Connecticut.

Wayne has spoken before CCDL members on many occasions, and his support for our rights has been consistent. Here’s Wayne last year at one of CCDL’s monthly meetings:

Wayne was also a speaker at the Second Amendment rally we held at the State Capitol on April, 28, 2012:

Finally, Wayne Winsley attended our last CCDL Family Picnic:

So far, CCDL members have done an outstanding job protecting the rights we have. Not one antigun bill has been signed into law since we were founded. Sure that’s something to be proud of, but we’re only keeping the status quo. We aren’t getting progun laws passed. To do that we need more progun legislators in Hartford and Washington. We need to elect more people like Wayne Winsley and Rob Sampson to represent and support the interests of gun owners.

In the coming weeks and months leading up to the November election, CCDL will be recommending other pro-gun candidates for you to support. Since we are a nonpartisan single issue organization, they may be Democrats, they may be Republicans, they may even belong to a 3rd party. They may not agree on other issues. To the best of our knowledge they WILL support our rights when it comes to the Second Amendment and Article 1, Sec. 15 of our State Constitution.

These people need our help so they can get elected, and in turn can help us. If you can afford it, donate money. For local candidates, even a few dollars toward postage can be a huge help. If you can’t spare the money, perhaps you can spare some time. Campaigns always need help, and it doesn’t have to just be making phone calls or knocking on doors. If you want to help most likely there is a job you can do.

For example, I happen to drive a pickup truck. In the past I’ve helped by using my truck to move large items, like picking lawn signs from the printer. Just identify a candidate you like and ask what you can do to help. If we want to move forward, we must elect gun friendly candidates, and they can’t get elected without help.

Wayne Winsley’s campaign website can be found at

CCDL Picnic a great success! Photos posted.

The 4th Annual CCDL Family Picnic was last weekend, and a great time was had by all! Hundreds of hamburgers and hotdogs were consumed. Hundreds of dollars worth of prizes were given away. Games were played. Puppies were petted. Despite the fact there were probably 50-100 loaded firearms present (many carried openly), not a single man, woman, child or pet was injured there.

Special thanks go to CCDL Events Coordinator Cheryl Lemos for once again organizing everything, and all the other CCDL members who helped make the day the great success that it was. Many people donated food, money, raffle items and their time to make it all come together. Oh, and cake! Can’t forgot the amazing CCDL cake donated by Bob and Jennifer W. If you think having a picnic for your family and friends is work, just imagine how much work is involved when the CCDL “family” is thousands strong and growing every day.

Pictures are now posted in the CCDL photo gallery. These pictures and many more can also be found in CCDL’s Facebook group.

Family Picnic Today!

Who’s ready for a burger? Today’s the day for CCDL’s annual family picnic, and unlike last year, there is no hurricane bearing down on us. Right now it is blue sky and a sunny 60° in Stratford, with the high temp expected to be 80°. Perfect picnic weather! See ya there!

Join Us For Our 4th Annual Family Picnic

Sunday August 19th Boothe Memorial Park

5800 Main St On Putney, Stratford, CT Site#2  (map)


This event is open to the public and is free of charge

Everyone is encouraged to attend this event to celebrate their right to Keep and Bear Arms. Come join us, and get to know us. Remember, Connecticut is a small state and come join us from wherever you are. We look forward to meeting new members and older ones alike!

Burgers, Hotdogs, salads and desserts will be served. This will be an alcohol free event.

Lawful carry of firearms is permitted.

Raffle Prizes, Games and Family Fun will all be happening!

Please RSVP to, or the event page on Facebook to let us know you are coming, and how many so we can provide adequate amount of food!

Here is the Link to our flyer:

Carry On!

Open Carry Poll

The Hartford Courant has a poll up today on their website. They want to know if you think open carry of firearms should be made illegal. You can vote on the poll here. After you vote in the poll and see the results, make sure you hit the back button on your web browser and then scroll down to the bottom of the article and leave a comment. Tell the Hartford Courant what YOU think about the idea of further infringement of your rights. Remember, even if you personally only carry concealed, legal open carry still matters to you. Without legal open carry, you would be committing a crime if you print, or accidentally flash while reaching for the top shelf in the supermarket, or the wind blows your jacket open.


Occasionally you will get an email from CCDL asking you to call or write some legislator about the latest attack on our rights. Once or twice a year we might even ask you to go to Hartford and testify about pending legislation. Thank you for doing that.
However, there is more we can do.
We can educate others.

Many non-gun owners are not really “anti-gun” per se; they just believe what they hear on TV or read in the newspaper.

The last few weeks there have been several high profile events involving guns. You have the shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, and closer to home the incident with the lawyer who legally carried a gun into a movie theater in New Haven, CT. The gun control types are using these as excuses for more restrictive gun laws. In some cases even outright bans. There have already been bills proposed on a federal level to ban magazines that hold over 10 rounds, limit and regulate ammunition purchases, and even calls to reinstate the so-called assault weapon ban. Locally we have all that plus a call to ban the lawful carry of firearms in undefined “sensitive areas” such as movie theaters and to allow each city/town to write their own firearm laws.

On the surface, these can sound reasonable to someone not familiar with guns or gun laws. Even some gun owners may get on board. The guy who shoots 5 rounds a year out of his turkey gun may not see a use for a standard 30rnd AR magazine, or even a use for the AR-15 itself. The guy who’s carried a snubby revolver concealed for the last 20yrs may not understand the need for a Glock that holds 13 rounds; or why someone might want to openly carry it instead of concealed.

We, as CCDL members, are generally more aware of/better educated on many of these issues. Here’s another way YOU can help protect your rights. These days, virtually every media outlet is online. Even your small, weekly free paper is probably online. There are also hyperlocal online only sites like,, and many others that may have a section dedicated just to your town. Most of these are also on social websites like Facebook, twitter, or Google+.

You’re reading this, so you know how to use a computer. Next time you see a piece on the TV news about how AR15s spray hundreds of bullets every time you pull the trigger, go to that station’s website or Facebook page. Chances are good that news piece is already posted online, or will be shortly. 99.9% of the time there will be a place there for comments. Use that comment section to explain the truth. To use the above example, explain how civilian ARs really only shoot 1 bullet when you pull the trigger, just like grandpa’s hunting rifle. How they look like military weapons but are functionally the same as a hunting rifle. Maybe use an example they can relate to. I’m a car guy too, so I like to explain it’s like A Honda Civic with big spoilers and a 5 inch tailpipe. It looks a lot like a race car, but really it’s still just the same as all the other Honda Civic’s on the road. You don’t know how many times someone has told me they thought all AR15s were machine guns, and/or they shoot some kind of special highpowered ammo. As soon as you calmly and accurately explain that they still only shoot 1 bullet per pull of the trigger like any hunting gun, and that the bullet they shoot is actually much smaller and less powerful then is often used for hunting, you have the reasonable people thinking. You’re not likely to convert someone who is rabidly anti-gun; but you don’t have to. Those people are a very small percentage of the population. The average person is not stupid. Treat them with respect and give them real facts that you can back up, and you can get through to them.

You can do the same thing, no matter if the issue is assault weapon bans, magazine bans, open or concealed carry, whatever. Just stay calm and stick to the facts. When the antis don’t have the facts to back them up, they often resort to name calling. Don’t get pulled into that trap. Don’t let the gun control types control the narrative. They are entitled to their own opinion; they aren’t entitled to their own made up “facts”. If it’s a Connecticut issue, feel free to point people to CCDL for more info or to hear the other side of the story. Also, if you need some help, you can always post in the CCDL Facebook group or contact us through the website.

Here are a few links you can use as recent examples.
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